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Server Performance Feedback

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11 minutes ago, Augustus said:

I got 3 FPS bugs in one fight at the new Sofia HQ, when I haven't got one before in the past month. Could be just the HQ.

Pretty sure this bohemia update is what's causing the increase in texture bugs tbh. The server really hasn't changed much in regards to objects. Any concentration of objects will surely bring the bug out sooner I'd imagine, but methinks the cause for the actual bug itself being more frequent is Bohemia's side of things.

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Well i would say that the FPS is similar i dont think it was as good for me i used to get a solid 80 or so now like 50-70. also I've never gotten the texture bug or 3 frame glitch until this update came out and now my games crashing during large cartel fights.


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On 12/3/2016 at 1:48 AM, Poseidon said:

Makes it slightly easier to get in at peak times, and i thought 111 look cool. Maybe we'll try 123 or 222 next ;)

Did Fallout 4 just pop in your head when making the server have more slots? :Kappa:

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