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6 hours ago, Edmunds.Z said:

I would only want the server to have either no mods, or everyone have mods. I also feel like using mods instead of a mp mission file may also ease the texture bug that everyone gets as it is loaded better. Yes the server is easier to access without the mods but I could see an overall performance increase if there were mods in place of the mission file

Uh. Yeah.. it doesnt work like that.. this has a lot more to do with memory and the fact its a 32 bit client. The 64bit client should help.

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love the ideas here 


pay per upload 

government would be cool 

maybe a stock market that players could invest in ??? @Jesse

Or a player run economy ?


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2 hours ago, DANGUSDEAN said:

I would just like to know how we pay? Would every vehicle with that available texture be textured that way, or would we go to a mod shop and have to buy it?

You would pay with PayPal to get your skin on the addon, then you could buy the skin in the mod shop.

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Yes this sounds really cool.
pay per upload and add it to the donations goal per month then everyone gets it.
Take the fee per upload and buy hardware as needed , extra harddrive...etc
Gangs would be the one funding this addition though lets be honest. 
If the people are having issuses playing the game i can relate to laggie frame rates and this possibly adding to the data bottle neck.
However, i reccommend upgrading your rig then i did and no regrets. you should upgrade your rig regularly aswell, like changing the oil in your car,  especcially for a game like arma3, parts are cheap to set up a rig to run the game good.

I do remember trying to use a gang 'logo' and it messed up every here and there.
 If you can't afford it, well then you can't afford it, but should be able to see others using it.
Because you know thats half the point, look how cool i look, why else pay to upload.
I could see rp issues with things like.... team call outs if one person has the add on and others dont one would see a dark purple purple heli while others would see a green hulk heli.
Rp could be walnky. 
As long as its not a pay to play, or pay to have an tactical advantage.
I dont see anyone but the hardcore players paying any subscription type deal and even then idk.
I guess it would also depend on how its going to be implimented.
Short term, long term.

I just thought of something, let me skin my house some bad ass way like 'christmas lights' or big pot leaf,....something random id prob donate.

Honestly this server is great, new features might draw in new people and i could see it attracting enough people to swamp down the servers with newbies.

keep up the good work

Mr, Theak Over and Out

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