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Question Guidelines

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Welcome to the Olympus General Questions Center.

With all appreciation of your interest in the Olympus General Questions Center, please follow the guideline and requirements for the application.


Failure to follow the guidelines may result in post / ticket removal.




This board is here in-case you have any questions you may have regarding the game / server / Teamspeak and/or the website.


When posting your questions be sure to be as descriptive as possible so that way it is easier to answer your questions. We ask players to put there questions in this board as so others that might have the same question can easily find it instead of having to wait for a response from a moderator / admin. Some questions can be easily answered by other members of the community and do not require the admins to get involved. If you have a very direct question that can not be answered on the forum board you may then submit a ticket for a response from an admin. Doing this may have some delay as we do receive various tickets regarding all matters, this is why we ask you to try an post it here first.


Steps for posting

1. Simply make a new post with your question(s) in the correct forum

2. Be descriptive when asking for help.

3. If someone answered your question(s) and it resolved the issue make sure to come back and post that it works. This allows other to see a fix for the problem / issue


Submitting a ticket

1. Make sure you have tried posting first. 90% of the time you will get a faster response here on the forums area.

2. If unable to get a response on the forum head to http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/index.php?a=add&catid=1

3. Type your name and email in the appropriate slots

4. Type you Arma ID and Player name in the appropriate slots

5. In the subject write "Your IGN" + "General Questions"

6. In the message, write the following

    A. IGN [in-game Name]:
    B. Your question?:

    C. Add any attachments, if any

7. Press "Submit Ticket" 

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