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State Of Olympus [4/15/18]

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1 hour ago, Jesse said:

Ah shocking. I don't understand how they didn't have each other test them or something and be like holy fuck this is different and ass.

I like the fact that its harder. In a way its better because if you master it, you can win every chase youre in. But its also stupid to be driving a car that handles like a wet bar of soap...

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4/18/18 @ 0330 - We have determined that the issue with performance actually appears to be an us thing. We did performance monitoring of the 3 servers throughout the entirety of the day and didn't notice any massive performance drops. We've spent combined a few hours or so looking through code and discussing possibilities. While we're not sure exactly where our issue is, we at least have a plan of attack. I just put in another update that has a lot of our "simple" code in it. Several client side things like the target locking, couple bug fixes, some player tag stuff. This update also will bring back the new map changes too. If this proves to work out fine, we will be adding the lottery system back in as well as the player stats updating. We will let you know as we know more...

I've locked this thread since it's going no where decent. Just the typical idiots comparing cock sizes and saying the server is dead, etc. Some of you which have "left" the game yet for some reason still linger...

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