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Gang Idea's

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I was thinking of ways to make being in a gang better and more beneficial in some ways, like making it to where gang leaders can set there relationship with other gangs like whether there gang is friendly with another gang or whether there at war or something like that. I mean it would add a lot more RP to the game gang wars and alliances. I have also heard a lot of people wanting a ranking system set up within gangs which will also bring a enormous amount of RP to the game. So what does everyone else think about this, i would like to here the feedback o all and especially admins.

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I like it the only thing is Idk how the Ranks will work, but right now the Gangs are extremely buggy so that would have to be fixed first 


The ranks would be ranks like leader, Second in Command ect.. but yeah all o those bugs would need to be fixed first.

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