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Best Olympus Servers

Best Olympus Servers   

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  1. 1. Best Olympus Servers

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11 minutes ago, 07cole said:

I like server 1 personally becuase there isint a bunch of hard asses or try hard homos:)

i've always enjoyed the term, "Try Hard". I mean, idk about you.. but when i play...i try not to die (and have fun while doing it)... so like, if i am rolling with my gang and wreck you, does that make me a try hard...or just better then you? Or does try hard just mean anyone that is better then you...

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S1 Is cancer full of Hobos and kav scats, 2 imo is prob the best but i accidently voted 1, but its the best because its where the good players are and not many hobos, S3 is a runs server so like not much action unless you are the one running around in an orca with 8 people robbing nerds

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