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o7 to civ rep

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Since today is my last day as an Olympus Civ Rep, I thought I might a  make o7 post to my tenure in the past 8 months. No I am not quiting just making a o7 to civ rep.





@Corporal Moob and @Orgondo Thank you so much for helping me start as a civ rep in January for my first term. You both not only helped me and guided me in the right direction but yall have also mentored me.


@Matt The Savage and @ThatNerdyGuy Good Luck on yalls next term.


@Mako you were a tremendous help to me at the start of my civ rep term thank you for that.


So Im just gonna make a list of everything I had involvement in implementing with the amazing help from the community and staff. A special thanks to @Jesse and @Kurt for all their hard dedicated work to making this community the best it can be. @cokeYeTi Thank you for helping me with all this to get completed. Anther big Thanks to @McDili for allowing civ reps to be a thing and helping the community grow especially the civs in almost every way. Thanks to @Peter Long . You have helped me more ways in the past 8 months than you know.


  • Ability to see group/gang members on map while Processing/Picking: Quite simple and to the point, whenever you are processing or picking an item and you open the map you can not see any of your group/gang members until that Action has finished. *Passed*
  • Remove Compact NVG from Blackwater Loot Pool/Add to Shops. *Passed*
  • Add Titans to Blackwater Loot Pool *Passed*
  • Ability to turn off Flashing Cop Lights *Passed*: The way to do this is still not completely set in stone but at least we'll have the ability to now, as we all know doing a Fed or a BW at night is a straight headache with all the mass amounts of cop cars and all their flashing lights. 
  • Confirmation Box for Purchasing a Gun while already having a gun equiped. *Passed*
  • arious Earplug Volumes *Passed*
  • Cartel Cap Not Showing Contested at 100% *Fixed*
  • Add pill hunt on warzone rebel for cover while using the NPC for cars
  • Increase gold bar value to 55k on next update with market changes
  • New civ vest added - Ga GL
  • MK200 mag price decrease and gun price decrease
  • Personal GPS upgrade in vehicle shop under Security
  • Vehicle upgrades come into effect when selling a car. For example, if you sell a hatchback with Full insurance, Full Security and Tier 4, when you sell the car it gives you X% of the total value of all.
  • Blackfish price reduce 
  • Type 115 added to warpoint shop
  • HQ Take Overs
  • A way to transfer warpoints to another player like an ATM/ War terminal
  • Remove Spawning at gang sheds
  • Add Titan Launchers and Rockets to warpoint shops
  • Ifirt pricing - The price of ifrits were dropped from 750k down to 650k
  • Quillin Changes - price buffed
  • add tesmpest trans to truck shop
  • t4 on civ ghosthawks 
  • berets added to civs
  • Gang shed realtor
  • 50 cal price drop from 1.5 mil to 750k
  • Civ Rep Debates 
  • Robbery charges can no longer be paid off at courthouses
  • New De-mag feature instead of taking firing pin
  • Got the new Vigi Tiered system implemented with huge help from @Peter Long
  • Fed Bars buffed to 69k
  • Gold bar traders
  • Zafir added to BW
  • Guarnteed Pilot Coveralls added to BW
  • AT offraod
  • Got RnR to be more Faction Neutral with the help of @Isaac Newton and @Mercury

There are several other things I got accomplished during my terms that it is hard to keep track of it all.

I just want to says its been a sweet and sour time as a civ rep.



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1 minute ago, prob on fortnite said:

Well for next civ rep @ThatNerdyGuy and @Matt The Savage can we get this rain removed

o7 btw

I already tried

They cant remove rain because it is attached to night time. In other words removing rain removes night and that aint gonn happen - staff.

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  • Admin

Thanks for everything you’ve done these last 8 months. When someone’s term is finished they should be able to say that they made Olympus a better place than what it was when they started. I would venture to say you’ve accomplished that. 

Thank you for the best wishes towards my term. I want to make everyone happy with what I am hopeful to accomplish and to push this community forward. 

o7 to one of the best Civ Rep’s we’ve had.

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