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Why is Malden so trash

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Malden failed because money didn't carry over. If this were the case there would be appoint of playing whereas having to start new is quite a frustration. Some say it would be like Tanoa and a money grind, possibly but highly unlikely as there was many factors contributing to the Tanoa money grind. Other than that I believe the removable of the rnr and attempt for more rp was great but the money carry over is a huge factor.

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6 hours ago, SPBojo said:

Because yall want to kill shit 24/7 and not RP like Malden was initially focused on.

Oh wait roleplay for my bounty I had so much fun getting and it making no difference because I just get sent to jail anyway without getting a reduced ticket? Nice roleplay server

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The map layout sucks, nobody wants to grind on something that may go down, majority of friends are still on Altis, cops are money hungry just as much as civs.

If anything it should’ve been a rich server, start with a mil or two, easy to get money, cheap load outs. All of which promotes someone to go there and play. 

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