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Hello streamers, my brother has a streaming community that all work together to gain new followers, you can also become an affiliate with him and make money when people use your code to buy his product.

His Instagram is Austinnorman_

First off, here's the link to get 50% off your first shirt/tank order!! We gotta get you in that GetFitGaming gear! Once you get it send us a picture and we will shout you out across all of our social media platforms!

REQUIRED - Here is the link to our discord, all affiliates and sponsored gamers must join. In here we will post some good content for you to share on your social media pages as well as keep you updated with important updates and other information about our affiliate program!
Once you get in just say hey and i'll promote you to the affiliate role SO EVERYONE KNOWS YOU MEAN BUSINESS!!

Here is the link to get the GetFitGaming logos to add to your page or stream!

FINALLY here is the link to the GetFitGaming Twitch community, please add yourself to it if you are a streamer and just follow it if you aren't! That way we can continue supporting each other!
Thanks again -Austin


Welcome to the first step in becoming sponsored by GetFitGaming!
-When filing out the form please include all social media usernames

First off lets talk business: MONEY
ALL affiliates earn 10% of the sales using their link.
Affiliates also get 50% off their first shirt/tank order!

Once you register you will have access to your own affiliate dashboard
Here you can get your link, track your link clicks and sales

Becoming a GetFitGaming affiliate is just the very first step...
Once you are an affiliate you will start moving towards being SPONSORED!
All you have to do is be active on your social media and post good content!

Once a month we choose one awesome gamer to become sponsored!
Being an affiliate already makes you part of our amazing community
BUT being sponsored gets you even better perks, such as:
-Shoutouts across all social media platforms
-FREE GetFitGaming gear
-Your own GetFitGaming sponsored business cards
-Recognition on our website and social media
-Free Travel/Tickets to important gaming events


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7 minutes ago, Creighton said:

Pyramid scheme


Edit: oh and to top it off the community that this guy is trying to push has 13 followers.... what fantastic exposure!

It's litteratly just a community of streamers with about 150 people, his product is getfitgameing he sells gaming and workout equipment. He also sells shirts and you can get money just by recommending the shirts to people and them using your code. There is also not one person in here that streams arma3.

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It's likely that anyone who streams would be a bigger benefit to this company than the company could possibly be to the streamer. 

Like you get sponsored and get a fuckin business card? Your reach is smaller than the average high school girl's Facebook friends list. The company offers nothing but rakes in 90% of whatever a streamer shills from his audience. 

Anyways this wouldn't be for me. Good luck!

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