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so ive noticed an issue. Ive been checking olympus stats page for the last couple months, and have noticed my stats personally have been frozen, besides, revives, times, and money, wps, etc. But like stuff sold is not getting updated at all, like ive sold at least 2k oil, and ive sold weed, cocaine, Ive sold at least 200 of everything. So seeing this not updating is upsetting. Is anyone else having this issue? and is it supposed to updated automatically and its just bugged?

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32 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

Comparing is updates often. 

Personal is updated over 15 days or longer.

Some stats take longer for meta game reasons

Comparing updates basically instantly I remember after they said they’ll change the update timer to reduce Meta gaming potential and then I tested that and saw it updated instantly just kept it to myself ever since now. Hopefully they don’t make it take time to update to.

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