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APD Handbook Update 5/5/2019 V2.0

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So since there were some issues with my last handbook update we have a new version! SDARs will no longer be used at Federal Events



Chapter III - Use of Force

  1. Your First Weapon

    1. Your first weapon is always your voice. Always attempt to defuse a situation without firing a shot.

    2. If the situation calls for it, you may restrain a suspect or civilian if your verbal attempts to resolve the situation have failed.
  2. Non-Lethal Force

    1. The use of taser rounds are permitted when a suspect attempts to flee on foot or in a vehicle, or presents any weapon.
  3. Lethal Force

    1. Lethal force is authorized only when non-lethal force has failed or is inadequate to resolve the situation.

               1. Exception - Lethal force is always authorized in Warzone, Cartels and any Rebel Outpost.

               2. If you have loaded lethals during a situation against a single group and another group joins that situation, lethals are still authorized against all opposing forces.

    2. Failure of a non-lethal solution is defined by 2 failed waves with a non-lethal option by an individual officer.

               1. Lethal force may not be used until an individual officer has died twice.

    3. Lethal force may also be authorized when the officers are outnumbered by a ratio of 3:1.

    4. If an officer is taken hostage or tased during an active engagement lethal force is authorized against the group that tased or kidnapped the officer regardless of wave.

    5. If a server reset occurs during an active situation and lethal force was authorized prior to restart, officers may return to the situation with lethals loaded on rebels still at and/or fleeing the situation.

               1. If lethals were loaded solely due to server restart happening in 5 minutes then lethals must be unloaded after the restart

    6. Lethal force is authorized if it is 5 minutes or less until server restart and the highest rank feels that there is not sufficient time to resolve a situation.

         7. Lethal force is authorized against any party the ghosthawk is guns-hot against.

         8. Patrol Officers may be authorized to use lethal force by a senior APD member during "Any Means Necessary" or during a Federal event at a seniors discretion.

  1. Vehicle Shooting

    1. The officers may only fire back when they have a positive location of the unit(s) that have fired

    2. If the officers are starting the engagement APD must send a text to a member of the criminal unit from an officer before firing letting them know they will be fired upon by the APD if they do not surrender.

              1. Exception - All APD ground vehicles in active pursuit.

              2. Once it has been determined that the suspect is clearly evading, they are cleared to open fire upon the fleeing assailant.

Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles

  1. APD Tools

    1. Weapons are to be carried in low-ready position when not engaged in a situation that warrants the use of the weapons.

    2. Tear gas, smoke grenades and flashbangs are to be used in tactical situations only

    3. Spike strips may be deployed on suspects utilizing ground vehicles who are attempting to evade the APD. Spike strips may be used in any situation provided they disable only suspects that the APD is actively engaged with.

    4. GPS Trackers may be used anytime, anywhere, for anything.

    5. Bolt Cutters are ONLY to be used by Patrol Officers or higher when the owner of a house is NOT online.

    6. The SDAR can be used by POs+ without approval of a Sergeant as long as the suspect is in the water or there is no other way of dealing with him (I.E. Suspect is on an unreachable roof). In other words, use it as a last resort.

              1. In all other cases, a Sergeant or higher will need to approve the use of an SDAR.
                          1. SDARs may not be used at the Federal Reserve or Blackwater

                          2. This does not mean you will be able to store an SDAR in your backpack. After you have used the SDAR, seize it.

                                          1. Exception: Exception: You may have an SDAR in your backpack during Boat Patrols and must be seized after the patrol is over.

    7. APD Officers are only authorized to use equipment available to them at their rank in the APD Shop.

    8. Bait Appliances may only be used on bait cars not intended for unmarked patrol. (No civilian or standard police vehicles) 

    9. Civilians will only be pardoned for being blindfolded during processing if they inform the officer they are blindfolded and the officer chooses to ignore them                                                                                                                                                                            
  2. Vehicles

    1. Police vehicles must be secured at all times. If an officer is expected to be away from their vehicle for a prolonged period of time, the vehicle should be impounded to prevent theft.

             1. This does not apply to active engagements or situations.

    2. Impounding any vehicle before a situation is clear is prohibited.

    3. Lights and sirens are to be used only in fulfillment of one’s duties as an officer.
  3. The Armed Jeep

    1. Armed Jeep Patrol - Armed Jeep patrols are conducted by Corporals and higher. These patrols are utilized for a heavy APD response to large gang actions or high risk rebel activity. (Generally don't use for patrol against low risk interaction)

             1. Armed Jeeps will follow armed plane engagement rules.











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Just now, Zahzi said:

... This is actually worse than the last one.

I was told there was an issue with gray areas and that people didn't want cops to have SDARs. Problem solved.

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uhh how about make it a rule that vehicle spawns cant be blocked by the group doing the fed/ bw/ jail

no sdars will be needed and only lethals will be corps+

like all this sdar bs is stupid, just make a rule so vehicle spawns cant be blocked for apd

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