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Welp  I'm kinda new (Only been here for a couple months) and I realized I never made an introduction so fuck it I said, I'll just make one. Hi, I'm Ducky, usually known as the usually tipsy/drunk idiot that's always crashing into walls and needs a revive, or the other non stop gas station robber! I'm usually under the influence if I play, not too bad just enough to make it more enjoyable because honesltly it can get mad boring when you're playing by yourself. So if you like to play drunk arma as well, def let me know because there needs to be an army of drunk people just rolling around. I'm always down to play most the time, unless of course I am sleeping, had a drink too many the previous day, or sick. Bottom line if I'm on steam I'll be playing something. But if you see me around feel free to say hi or message me, I love to make new friends and just chill out. 






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