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Just now, Kamikaze said:

"imagine being a rat" how nice I was to you even thought I hated all your retarded friends. Thought u were a cool guy turns out your a TEN TOES RAT cya don't come back.

Lmao I totally forgot about that, honestly I really started to like you after that. It's a pretty old spreadsheet, but thats fine lmao.

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 @gaz Literally the only reason I came back to this community. I had absolutely no intentions in coming back but you pushed me into doing it. Going to miss talking for hours and going through every single PO's times when we were grinding for cpl. Going to be tough grinding and doing this thing without you , but I know you couldn't stand these past few months of Olympus. 

Thanks for everything and keeping me sane at times when I wanted to say some very very stupid things. You are the GOAT for that and are basically the only reason I am not permed lets be honest. Hopefully I can do this shit in your honor and hold it down for you. Thanks for literally making Senior Support team happen for me. Maybe one day you'll see a different tag in front of my name. 

Until then, o7 homie. 

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o7 to one of the real boys... I gotta say, I Thought giving you senior would come back to bite me in the ass, as I did with @maxg... luckily it turned out fine and you were a great senior for a long time. I’ll never forget all the times we played cop until the early morning hours, and I truly think Olympus lost a real one today. (Other then towards then end when you turned full retard)... Don't be a stranger Harry, come back and see us after camp you nerd :P

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24 minutes ago, gaz said:

Lmao I totally forgot about that, honestly I really started to like you after that. It's a pretty old spreadsheet, but thats fine lmao.

if its old then i retract my statement I honestly thought u were a chill guy and seen that and it kinda boiled by blood

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@gaz, you are probably the most real person on this server. Thanks for pushing for me to get senior support. o7 victor test :FeelsBad:

forgot to add this: it was fun as fuck doing sketch ass shit on cop with you ex: spawn island :Kappa:


@Hoonter timestamp: 12:20

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