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Support Team Apps [OPEN]

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Support Team applications are OPEN. The Support Team's goal is to help facilitate growth in the Olympus community by assisting newer members and staff. We are searching for applicants that are experienced, hard-working, and willing to help. Once on the Support Team, members are expected to help other members of the community on the forums, in the TeamSpeak, and in-game.

To submit an application, complete a new request here and fill out the required fields. In the last field, you should write a brief and meaningful essay/paragraph as to why you would make a good support member. This is the part of your application that will have the biggest influence on our decision. If you have any questions about completing the application join the support room in the TeamSpeak and talk to us!

If your application is put on hold, we ask you to remain patient as we look over your app and decide whether or not to accept you. We look forward to reading your applications and thank all applicants for their interest.

Even if in the past your application has been denied, do not hesitate to submit another application.

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