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Olympus Monopoly Plus Tournament

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Monopoly Tournament


Event Description

Olympus will be hosting a Monopoly Tournament with in-game prizes for the winners. Anyone with Monopoly Plus can participate, you can buy it on Steam. Participants will be randomly put into games. There will be a maximum of 36 participants so that we only play two rounds to decide a winner. The winners of each game in the first round will play in a Championship game to decide the Monopoly Champion of Olympus. 



  • Intentionally throwing a trade/ bankrupting to help your friend win will result in a forfeit/ rematch
  • If a player disconnects, you may not trade with the AI, wait until the player reconnects or AI bankrupts
  • Each game will be played on the Classic board and with Free Parking Cash enabled
  • No intentionally stalling the game to force someone into a trade



  1. First Round
    • Each winner of the first round of Monopoly games will receive 5 mil in-game money on Olympus
  2. Championship
    • The winner of the Championship game will receive 10 mil in-game money on Olympus
    • 2nd place will receive 5m
    • 3rd will receive 2.5m


Signup Sheet




The event will take place on (7/11/2020) 2:00 PM EST 


shout out to @swervy for planning this event.


(We are making the post a little early because the game is on sale, if you dont own it now is a good time to buy it)



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5 hours ago, Strafe said:

Can i play for a unban?

If you are ban you can not play because if you decide to derail a game we cant do anything to you because you are already ban.

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