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ok well do to recent events i have decided to say good bye i feel its for the better some things arent meant to be me being in the server is one any was goodbye to the people that i played with but it is for the better me leaving but its been a fun couple of years ups and downs 1.1k on the server GL to all that is here but good bye @Headless I want to give you a apology you gave me a shot and well i fucked you over @ThatNerdyGuy football talk was fun. but good bye all

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1 minute ago, Snort 2 said:

Dude stop just stop I know I argued with you yesterday but you are seriously going to look back at this one day and think you are a huge idiot just stop. Like I said if you stop replying they will to do not reply anymore.

dude he is saying that am doxing him and that am getting banned when i even put evidence of those pictures being in our discord

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oh ya he sus 


1 minute ago, Tarquanda said:

Some of you might not like Owen but just remember you are fucking adults bullying and commenting on a 14 year old.  Grow the fuck up and act your age. Jesus christ. 

im 16

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