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Admins we need more events

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I feel if we are to bring back the community to 2 servers an have more people joining everyday is events since we dont do enough of them and there isnt much variety when it comes to the events there are usually 3 to chose from ( Demo derby, Russian Roulette and Last man standing) I feel we should have more gang based events and different types of events which aint as boring since weve done the same ones 100s of times. Im sure your admin team or developers can figure out what would be fun for us all but im just asking for some more fun things to do whilst playing the server making it more welcoming to new players.


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As to bringing the community back to 2 servers permanently I don't really think this is possible, not due to Olympus or anything they have done but ArmA as a whole has been relatively undeveloped since 2016 and people are getting burnt out of playing it so they don't want to even load the game let alone log into Olympus.

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  • Admin

A lot of admins try to initiate events when they have the time to do a good few in succession but just bear in mind they are volunteers and might now be able to do that all the time. 

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The development team has been swamped, with currently only 2 active developers and @Venommas a contributor. There is only so much that we can implement with the limited time that we volunteer to the server. As it is I spend most of my time these days trying to fix old code or rewriting things to be more efficient or making it easier to add things that people ask for.

New content that gets made needs to be exploit free, because we all know from experience that someone WILL find it and they will exploit it. This makes it incredibly difficult, or atleast takes a significant amount of time just to make it work right.

Despite all that, @Docwas working with @Techto create some dope content for you guys in the coming updates. Hopefully we are able to test it all with no issues cause I think they went overboard 😅

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3 minutes ago, Millennium said:

He doesn’t know how to do events lol.

wdym he knows how to wear a t5 with mk200s and get protected by monkey JrAPD for like an hour and a half im sure thats something

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