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Gunhand's guide to being a Bounty Hunter.

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22 hours ago, Gunhand said:

Being a good Bounty Hunter (Vigilante) is more of a science or art form than simply saying "Hands up or be Tased."

Most people see Bounty Hunters as bad because people in Kavala can't run around and shoot each other without the possibility of being arrested.

Let's go into some of the ingredients of what I think makes a good Bounty Hunter.

1. Patience: The situation is ever changing take your time. Running straight at them yelling about how your going to take them doesn't always or often work.

2. Flexibility: if your Modus Operendi isn't working really look at your strategies and reassess them. Small tweaks can make a huge difference.

3. Initiative: seize the initiative. Have them reacting to you not the other way around.

4. Be friendly: often folks will give themselves up without a fight if you build a rapport with them.

5. Work together: fellow Bounty Hunters are often looking for help. Make a group and start getting things done.

6. Be respectful: being opposing forces doesn't mean you can respect your quarry this is a game of cat and mouse, chess, or any other that pits two or more forces against each other. You won't always win and neither will they.

7. Murphy's Law: what can go wrong will, everything takes longer than you think, and nothing is ever easy.

8. Have a plan: a bad plan executed well is better than no plan at all.

9. Always be prepared: the boy scout motto. Carry the gear you need.

10. Assumptions get you killed. Assuming the guy sitting alone in kavala is an easy mark is just time you will be waiting on a medic.

11. Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are folks out there willing to show you and help you utilize it.

12. Be unpredictable. Habits can get you killed.

13. Stay within the rules. Your a Bounty Hunter. People aren't going to like you, so expect if they get footage on you it's going in a report.

14. Go where the money is: people are going to criticize you staying in towns a lot. Your making money do what's in your best interests.

15. Have fun: this is a difficult role, but can be highly rewarding. Have fun out there this isn't for everyone.



If you are needing any other tips or would like to talk strategy, stories, etc. Feel free to message me.


Idk man I camped therisa for a month, got tier 5, bought 10 prowlers, turned in my license. Not that complex

53 minutes ago, Tarquanda said:

Idk man I camped therisa for a month, got tier 5, bought 10 prowlers, turned in my license. Not that complex

ALSO, I fucking hated being a vigi, I just wanted the prowlers, I don't pay for shit from other people, I'm stingy

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7 hours ago, Chase- said:

I have never seen Gunhand take his anger out on anybody directly. He is a friendly guy in-game, a dying breed of Olympus roleplayers. 7.62 on the rocks!

Shut your mouth, scourge.

My man watch the videos up above and you will see nothing but anger. the first video posted says it all. a little ball of anger.

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On 9/2/2021 at 7:27 PM, Jeffery said:

Learn from a vigi who knows what their doing. wouldnt recommend learning from this ball of anger.

you smell like shit dont you ever disrespect gunhand like this again or it will be your last fucking forum post 

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