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Hello everyone, 

Recently I have been thinking about the server 1 and server 2 argument. Just for reference almost all my time on Olympus, which is close to 600 hours, is almost all on server 2. With the exceptions of the time I played cop or medic, I always stayed on server 2 when I had the option. As much as I prefer it, I think we can all agree it's time for it to go. It was okay when server 2 was up for 5PM-5AM, but have it up for 5:30PM-1:30AM is almost pointless. The amount of players that stay on from the minute it opens to the minute it closes is slim. The average player hops on server 2 for a few hours just to farm, because of the low populations. No events can be done because there aren't very many cops that log onto server 2, it's a slim chance you get a revive because medics don't log with 20-30 players in a server, and you rarely get into fights anywhere but on cartels. If there was a way to allow server 2 players to use their houses and gang sheds on server 1 and close server 2 for good, it could help with the server a lot. I know this is a big issue that has been discussed a lot on other forum posts so I won't go into that. I'm just wondering what you all we're thinking about it. I'm not suggesting anything with this post FYI, just laying my thoughts out. 

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