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Question about running then shooting

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So when I am running I have to let go of shift before I start shooting. Is there anyway to make my gun just shoot when I click instead of having to let go of shift first? I notice in a lot of peoples montages they are really quick to shoot when they are running. This might be a botty question and I should know this but I am loosing so many fights cause they can shoot quicker then I can.

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18 minutes ago, Hazardous said:

just let go of shift.

& i hope ur using combat stance

Oh ok gotcha. Ill just get better then. And yes im not a bot, I use combat stance

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5 hours ago, Doof said:

If you are holding right mouse button your scope will immediately come up when you stop pressing shift 


3 hours ago, evannnn said:

right click when ur running once and ur scope will come up when u stop running


alright thank yall ill try this 

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