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wow event disruption...

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guy literally  is wanted we are vigis  that stay in therisa to get easy arrest from people going to wz.  guy never said he was in event and he filed a dispute that said "one" this shouldnt be allowed to be an event disruption. considering he didnt even properly dispute!! @ Claysive  @ Rafa

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@ Tarquanda badger was doing it too lol

the thing is he didnt even try and resolve it with us. if he would have said it was event disruption i would have second guessed. it and how he puts "one" in the dispute just to have a dispute id shouldnt be allowed

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4 hours ago, Rafa said:



I don't disagree that this was technically a rule break, but the rule is scuffed as hell. 

As you can see, in the entire server rules gang base is tucked away in a subsection of a subsection at the bottom of the server rules, the rules themselves don't even go as far as stating the time it happens or the restriction you brought up of it falling under conquest rules, it just says "warzone rules" which the vigi in this case didn't break. If the dispute was also just the word "one" it was clearly in bad faith and in my (non-staff) opinion should've been rendered worthless just by that fact.

The vigis were scummy, but expecting them to follow a rule that's not in the actual rules, and only found in a year old post on the 3rd page of the announcements sections is unreasonable. In my opinion, this ban shouldn't have happened due to the posted rules not reflecting the existence of this restriction, the bad faith dispute and in the future gang base skirmishes should warrant a recurring notification every 10 minutes or so explaining to stay away from the area and city.

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