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Locked Wiki Contributor Applications [CLOSED]

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Olympus Wiki Contributor Applications

We're currently looking to fill some wiki contributor positions for Olympus. If you're interested in applying for this role, please read below and submit an application in the support section of the forums for "Developer/Designer Application" then select the "Contributor" position. I highly suggest putting good effort into your application for the best results. We would rather have quality vs quantity. Work examples need only establish that you have a decent grasp of grammar and the English language as well as anything else you feel would make you out to be a better candidate. 


  • The ability to write clear and concise English.
  • A few hours of your time, especially around server updates.
  • A good standing with the Olympus staff and community.
  • The ability to play on the Olympus servers (you must not be banned).


  • Test and gather information about new or existing features on the server.
  • Capture images and videos of server mechanics and game play.
  • Regularly update information in the wiki as server updates are released.
  • Check over existing information in the wiki to ensure its accuracy.
  • Create ideas for new wiki material.
  • Offer feedback about existing wiki material.

Applications should be submitted as a "Developer/Designer Application" under the support tab. (Ex: Rafa - Wiki Contributor Application) 

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