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Locked [OPEN] Map Designer Applications

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Olympus Map Designer Applications

We're currently looking to fill some Map Designer positions for Olympus. These positions will be starting at the role of "Contributor." If you're interested in applying for the role please read below and submit an application in the support section of the forums under "Developer/Designer Applications" and select the desired position. Those who have applied previously are welcome to re-apply. We highly suggest putting good effort into your application. Please remember if work examples are not presented, then your application will be denied.

Contributors: Introductory role to the team so that new members can get acclimated to the workflow, develop and display their skills. Contributors are not seen as staff. They are not invited to staff meetings and do not see rewards to the degree that staff do. However, they do receive rewards for their work and are expected to maintain a level of activity. Basic concepts of Eden Editor should be understood to a moderate degree. They are not expected to act as staff, however, they are expected to act with maturity.

Designers: Introduce new ideas for map design to improve and balance gameplay and accommodate events or features added by the development team. Designers are seen as staff members. They are invited to staff meetings, seen as staff on the directory and within the game, have staff perks, generous rewards, and significant payouts. However, Designers are expected to create and contribute more to the map. They should be well versed in Eden Editor and basic concepts should be understood fully. They are also expected to act as staff. 


  • 17+ Years of Age (exemptions can be made, however, there is a level of maturity expected) 
  • Basic knowledge of Eden Editor
  • Must be creative
  • Must be able to complete monthly tasks assigned to them and worthy of being implemented into the server


  • A competitive player that understands ArmA combat, especially on Olympus
  • Experience with the Olympus Community
  • Experience with the Olympus ArmA servers
  • Good Reputation on Olympus including ban history
  • An active member of the Olympus Community (ex: in-game and on the forums)

Applications should be submitted as a "Developer/Designer Application" under the support tab. Ensure that you include as many work examples as you can in your application as they are heavily used to gauge your skills and knowledge. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any Senior Design Member. 

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