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Requiem for a nightmare

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19 minutes ago, Lime said:

@ thor  and @ i chop hatchbacks  Shoutout to the two mfs who were simultaneously the most dedicated and pain-in-the-ass people to deal with, while simultaneously being cancerously hilarious. Kids College Enterprises no longer holds any say in the R&R now that I'm gone 🥲

i am honored does this mean i am unblacklisted from the rnr 

good luck with your future endeavors don't you worry about the rnr buddy I got it covered finna make me tear up 

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10 minutes ago, Lime said:

The one person that managed to break every fucking rule on Medic and know how to get away with it.

Art of the trade baby

11 minutes ago, Lime said:

I genuinely don't know how you actually went the SAPD route and didn't just kick ass alongside me,

You literally barred me from being promoted and also pogo and pegger praying on the downfall of bomos...@ Mudiwa

13 minutes ago, Lime said:

you were always unofficial Supervisor and Senior anyways :

Will be putting in my form for official application of "Senior Advisor to the Director and Senior R&R"

14 minutes ago, Lime said:

Would not pick another shooter and shitter by my side ANY day of the week.

Ill come out and trap sometime, or HML if you pull through town again, always down to spin it through DTLA in the hellcats..

Peace brotha, one of the realest ones on here

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10 minutes ago, anti said:

Yeah, from what I'm hearing half this server about to o7.

It's literally theft to take all the perks people paid for and then remove them.


Yeah sov you should consider o7 your self, especially if you feel like you have been stolen from

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1 minute ago, anti said:

Talk shit in my posts kid.  Don't tread on this man's o7.

It's literally theft to take all the perks people paid for and then remove them. Kinda like you were already doing that 🤨

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Jesus H christ, minister carb went full sicko mode.

Mang, I guess those 50+ hours on the RnR redesign are down the shitter now. Either way it's been fun and congrats on making it out.

When I started to get the ball rolling on quitting I thought it was too late to make e-friends, you and the windows key enthusiasts proved me wrong and I'm happier for it.

Go treat yourself to some coloring books and two juice boxes mr business major lime, you've earned it. And deadass best of luck on your new adventures, even if they involve the IRS in a capacity outside of tax evasion.

also, Hell yeah we're gonna bring the shitposts to Nexus.

government agents GIF by South Park


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@ Lime  It has been an honor to have an amazing friend like you in my life. No matter what we will always remain friends and there more games out there where we can hang. Just want to say love you buddy for everything you have done for me in the Rnr and I will never forget what you have done. Love you my asian brotha ❤️ Asian Food Vietnam GIF

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