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Player Started Event: Elimination/TDM

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Based on the staff TDM but a much smaller scale.

Three points across the map can be accessed.  

Initiating players starts it.  Two options:  Team Size (2v2, 3v3, 5v5) and Bet Amount (3 mil, 6 mil, 9 mil) (with a 5% rake).

Team A begins it by driving a player to a TDM NPC and paying the bet, which prompts all members in their current group to join. First 3 to accept are the team.  Put them in queue and notifies the server a team is requesting a TDM match.  

Team B can access the event at this point from their phone after team A has started it, and the player who accepts pays the bet, and the prompt is given to all players in their group to join.

Participants are given a 1 minute warning prompt, and then teleported into a smaller Arena than the standard TDM Arena.  

  • Participants spawn in with the gear they are currently wearing and NOT provided kits. 
  • Participants are not 'killed' in the arena until the match is over.  Only 'tazed' and cannot be epi penned.
  • After a victor is determined, the losers are force respawned, and the victors are all 'revived' and teleported out to the NPC that began the event with their kits.
  • Event can be done by ANY civilian faction, including vigilantes (taze from tazer counts as 'death taze'), and no bounty is added.
  • Event can be joined by APD (with UI tweaked so the buyer can actually choose who to invite).
  • NO GEAR LIMITATIONS:  If they want to double down and bring a bunch of expensive gear, let them.   APD are free to use tear gas and stones, but lose their kits upon loss.
  • Cannot be started within 30 mins of a server restart.  If not accepted within 30 minutes, money refunded to player who started it, and they have to start it again.  

  • Pulls some of the sharks out of the water during higher pop times to make runs less patrolled and more balanced, and will encourage more people to do runs and end up, in my belief, ultimately creating more run engagements.
  • Great money sink with the server, as every fight would eliminate 3 kits and a 5% rake.
  • Great incentive with how much money a group could potentially win.

  • Intensely hard to code even with the staff TDM event to base it off of.
  • Would probably be quite buggy at the start and cause a lot of comp tickets.
  • Would take a lot of community support to actually make it happen because it's labor intensive.


Optional:  Customizable Server-Wide Victory Message (With colors and other options to Oly+ subs) (Based off starting/accepting player)

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There was a wager type team based thing that was approved on the roundtables back in the day. Where two groups would go to like salt flats and basically play "paint ball". I think it fell through the cracks tho after it got approved, can't recall exactly why, but this was back when Tech was a dev and stuff so a hot minute ago.

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22 minutes ago, Decimus said:

i like the idea but I honestly don't see it getting used enough for it to be worth the development time as well as we would need a good way to prevent people from being cancer and interrupting the event

I honestly believe if it were around we'd see the weekend warrior conquest players on S1 far more just for it. 

I couldn't see it going an entire server cycle without being used once imo.  

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