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  1. police

    For right now we're monitoring how and when they're being used. We will not regulate the use of them unless we have too, hopefully (and I know i'm probably going to eat these words) common sense is employed and we don't need to.
  2. Naming Policy Update

    Chapter 5: Naming Policy
  3. Played for 18 years... I'm old
  4. Watching hockey...go Sens!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday UVF!

  6. If anybody see's any apd officers flying without collision lights at night please send @Corporal_moob a pm

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    2. Doc


      You are grounded

    3. Pledge


      I will keep my eyes open :)

    4. Tman15tmb


      Lmao. Rip moobs inbox.

  7. Damn @Tman15tmb

    1. Tman15tmb


      I'm going to start bumping up the moderation times until people get a clue. I'm sick of hiding posts in recruitment threads. -___-

  8. Keep in mind if you have 10 crates all in one house and you sell one of your other houses you don't know which crates will disappear.
  9. It's a Spar 16, some Apex weapon PO's have access too.
  10. @Grandma Gary is always up for a one night kinda thing