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  • Olympus Public Policy

  • Due to Bohemia's monetization policy, Olympus has a very strict rule set towards the buying/selling of various virtual assets that effects quality of life on our servers. We will be taking much more aggressive measures in order to sustain and enforce this policy to the best of our ability.

    Olympus Entertainment does not condone the following:

    Buying or selling Olympus money

    Advertising or promoting the sale of any virtual items within Arma for real world currency.  This applies to in game and on Olympus forums, Discord and Teamspeak.

    The discussion of exchanging any virtual items for real world currency.

    Player sanctioned giveaway prizes pools.  While Olympus has been granted Bohemia's approval for monetization this does not appear to extend to regular players.


    Anyone found to be breaking these policies will face administrative action not limited to but potentially a permanent ban from our servers, forums, form of communication (teamspeak, discord, etc), in game and an additional account wipe from both the buyer and seller. Olympus takes this policy very seriously and will not think twice about administering the proper action to deal with it. Any tangable evidence against any member in this community should be sent to the staff immediately so the proper action can be put in place.


    Thank you for the support!


    Olympus Administration


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