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  • July Rewards

    20% discount on Explosives. (Temporary)

    20% discount on Vehicles. (Temporary)

    We still intend to keep the donation goal light on Development as we near the launch of our Malden server. Thanks for your support.

    June Rewards

    Increased spawn rate of vehicle/items at Blackwaters excluding DMS/Thermal NVG/Zafir
    Increased Federal Reserve gold by 25%
    Increased amount of Jail Contraband collected by 1 or 2 per collect
    2x paychecks.
    10% bonus for APD when tickets are paid.


    Note: Donation rewards are given to all players if the goal is met.

    Please continue supporting Olympus, we cannot continue to expand and add new servers without your support.

July 2018

Goal starts 07/01/2018 and ends 08/01/2018

45% of the goal has been met

Game Server #1 Game Server #2 Game Server #3 Website Teamspeak Services

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