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  • Please continue supporting Olympus, we cannot continue to expand and add new servers without your support.

    April 2021 Rewards

    Server optimization month


    March 2021 Rewards

    Conquest Pot 17.5M>25M for active month

    15% increased drug sell price

    Fullscreen NVGs for all NVGs



    Donation Rewards

    Please be aware that donations are non-refundable.


    Disclaimer: Rewards are subject to change/removal/addition at anytime by the discretion of server owner or by request of Bohemia Interactive to be compliant with their Monetization Policy. Donation tiers are not transferable from one player to another.


April 2021

Goal starts 04/01/2021 and ends 05/02/2021

100% of the goal has been met

Game Server #1 Game Server #2 Game Server #3 Website Teamspeak Services

IP.Board Donations by DevFuse

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