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    December Rewards

    Underglow Lighting for Select Vehicles

    Supporter - Offroad (APD and R&R as well)

    MVP - SUV (APD and R&R as well)

    VIP - Sports Hatchback (APD and R&R as well)

    Elite - Striders/Ifrits/Hunters (APD and R&R as well)



    Colored Titles (based on Donation Tier)


    November Rewards

    Community Voted Staff Member KOS for the Month

    Completely Automated/Revamped Terror System

    Daily Events for December, Final Day of the Year is a PURGE event


    Please continue supporting Olympus, we cannot continue to expand and add new servers without your support.

     Donation rewards can be found HERE

    Please be aware that donations are non-refundable.

December 2018

Goal starts 11/30/2018 and ends 01/01/2019

100% of the goal has been met

Game Server #1 Game Server #2 Game Server #3 Website Teamspeak Services

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