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  1. Mighty

    I wish I still had my dirt bike :’(
  2. Mighty

  3. Mighty

    "Stop the ASMR, My dick is going crazy" xD
  4. Mighty

    This Is only my corner of our media room. To the right is my brother's setup but it's not finished yet. On the opposite wall, we have an awesome couch. Full room pictures will come soon! (Been working on this room since Christmas. Started it by gutting all the walls)
  5. @MAAAAXXXX why you gotta post my ip like that... @Ryan get your ass in ts and set him straight!

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    2. communistjosh
    3. sped


      @Mighty dont fuck with josh he made my router look like an IED in iraq

    4. communistjosh
  6. Two easy feds today :)

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    2. maxg



    3. Toasty


      @NokiaStrong all future @federalevents should take into effect a cut for the @gangfund for @theboys

    4. Mighty


      It twas a time when the BW and Carnage called a truce to make some good money :)

  7. Mighty

    You can change your name once every 30 days i believe
  8. Mighty

    How many comments did we get to? @DashTonic
  9. Mighty

    Theses bitches must not understand what “dm offers” mean lol
  10. Mighty

    Shhh don’t tell him
  11. Mighty

    I’ll take the game now @DashTonic
  12. Mighty

    How many comments are we at?
  13. Mighty

  14. Ok fess up.. Who is hitting the ts off?

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    2. RDyer216


      1 minute ago, Google said:

      Please not this again.

      Sorry I had to.  Too easy. Welcome back lol

    3. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Hmm Interesting... @Google gets unbanned and this happens

    4. Trident | HenderX
  15. Mighty


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