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  1. FML BF2042 Delayed almost a month. New release date: Nov 19th 😢


    1. Strafe


      Seeing EA plastered on the bottom doesnt have my hopes high but i hope they suprise me.

  2. Why tf am I getting large ass add pop ups when browsing the forums. I’m on my iPad at work and this shit is aids. Never had this problem before and its only happening on the Olympus website.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MawerSTGedzgnfj


      It seems to only occur on certain browsers. It happens on google chrome, I'm not sure about any others. I believe there is no way to disable it without turning off the rest of the ads (the small box at the bottom of birthdays). Also you probably have ad blocker on for the rest of websites but disabled it for Olympus right?

    3. SPBojo


      Ryan is a sellout thats why



    4. Mighty


      @ MawerSTGedzgnfj i don’t have ad blocker on anything. I use google chrome and have never had these pop ups happening. Only that little box under the birthdays. It just started today and isn’t terrible but pops every few pages I load.

  3. Shang-Chi solid 9/10

    Post credit scene 10/10

    1. Diamond_drop


      That shit is chinese propaganda.


    1. Rafa


      @ Venomm lego Star Wars gamers rise up 

    2. FrankieTwinkletoes
    3. Mighty


      @ Venomm  @ Rafa  yea lego star wars is the shit. This new game looks big. 

  5. Anyone else having an issue where youtube keeps defaulting to the the lowest quality possible on every video? I'm on my pc.

  6. I just want bf2042 to be out already 😢

    1. MAV


      hopefully they dont let us down like the last 3 games

    2. Mighty


      @ MAV for real. Bf1 and Bf5 were shit in my opinion. I am a little worried for the launch. Bf4 was one of the best battlefields to date, but it had a very rough launch.

  7. Battlefield 2042 Hazard zone = Tarkov style?


  8. wow @ King already slacking on the job. There are 41 player reports pending... what a shit moderator.



    jk congrats ❤️

    1. destruct


      he dindo nuffin

  9. I’m at work and couldn’t watch gang wars. Someone fill me in on what was so bad.

  10. Video is gonna get taken down soon but this is some heli gameplay for the new battlefield 2042 game.

  11. I9-9900k OC to 5ghz 1080ti 64gb ram 500mg m.2 (boot drive) X2 1tb ssd 30tb NAS for all them player reports Been trying to update gpu for a long time but have not been able to find one local. Not gonna be a retard like @ DeadPool and overpay
  12. Uh that changes a lot of things lol. Lead with that next time xD Do as daddy rossco stated
  13. Was there a terror? Did you have tagged gang members in kav in an active gun fight? Did you break NLR? If non of these are true you can always resubmit the report asking for a admin+ to review it.

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