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    By Jesse,

    Development Changelog

    Added Features:

    • Escort Mission (This will be added at a later time) wanted to get the holiday stuff out and this was holding up the update.
    • Arms Cartel
      • Always at church location on warzone island
      • Offers a 15% discount on weapons
      • Owning gang gets money for purchases at rebel locations
    • RnR Buddy System
      • Windows key on a fellow medic to "Buddy Up"
      • Only groups of 2 are currently allowed
      • You'll get split pay for all revives, dopamine administers, invoices given, and kidney replacements
      • If the other medic is over 2,000m away you will no longer be buddied when you perform your next paying action
    • Gear Stripping System
      • You can now strip off gear and virtual inventory from players via the windows key menu when you have a player in civilian restraints.
      • Gear and inventory will be placed in a radius around the player
      • When in buildings try to not do it near walls, you run the risk of the virtual inventory being spawned outside the wall if this is the case.
      • You will get wanted charges for robbing items from players
    • Handheld Teargas added
      • Revamped the teargas system to be more effective and efficient at disrupting activities
    • Deposit All option added to ATMs
    • APD now has access to unarmed Qilins
    • Christmas trees added to all spawn towns. Possibly will have presents at a later date...


    • Epipens are back in all rebel locations around the map
    • AK12 Price has been lowered to $135,000
    • Khaki Spar 16 added to the WPL shop
    • Castle Ruins on warzone island will always be a cartel location
      • The location will always have various types
    • Admins can now compensate Jets
    • Cost for clothing at war point shop has been increased slightly
    • Added additional logging to APD related features
    • Cops can temporarily re-enter .50 cals & Ifrits


    • You cannot kill friendly gang members for "zone kills"
    • Extra RnR hummingbird texture will not show in list anymore


    • Removed apple supply from cop virtual shop
    • Removed APD Prowler from cop shop

    Design Changelog

    Added Features:

    • A second car spawn has been added to every HQ (except Neochori)
    • APD Qilin added
    • Gang wars winner billboard in Kavala
    • Athira Rebel big tower returned
    • Numerous new items added to civilian shops
      • Ear protectors x5
      • Cap x5
      • Hard hat x5
      • Headset x5
      • Safari hat x2
      • Wireless earpiece
      • Aid worker clothes x5
      • Construction coveralls x3
      • Guerilla garment
      • Mechanic clothes
      • Deck crew vests x7
      • Leg strap (vest) x3
      • Multi-pocket vest x3
      • EOD vest x2
      • Safety vest x3
      • Leg strap (backpack) x3
      • Messenger bag x4
    • 6 new Civilian textures
      • Olympus themed shirt
      • Plaid Shirt 
      • Supreme Shirt
      • Black/grey rebel fatigues
      • Christmas suit
      • Vigilante outfit


    • New location for Pyrgos hospital
    • All hospitals completely re-designed
    • Athira HQ completely re-designed
    • Reworked Blackwater outpost
    • Turtle dealers moved location
    • Staff uniform
    • Medicinal lollipop changed to a Candy Cane for December


    • Reduced item count by roughly 3000 (cereal boxes etc.) 4931/7700-ish
    • APD Prowler textures

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