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  1. I'll just link this. https://olympus-entertainment.com/olympus-policy/
  2. o7 man, hope to see you around
  3. Looks a bit interesting to be honest.
  4. Fraali


    Never really did get to know you, but o7 bud
  5. o7 was a good time when you were around. Hope to see you around bro
  6. I understand as to why Support members aren't allowed to give opinions. Most of the situations we deal with are more into the grey area of the rules. But most of these cases aren't clear cut, or easy to explain/give an opinion on when it's just a verbal explanation and it makes the rules we give not as accurate. 99% of the time these will go to admins anyway, however support seems to be an in-between to cut down on player reports and give people an explanation on why they may or may not get banned or comped. As long as we give the explanation that our opinions mean nothing, and everything is up to the admins who deal with the situation, we should be able to assist people easier that way. At the very least, a few support members who have been around in the community and have been in/witnessed near every situation would be able to give an informed opinion on situations, even better if there were video. As it stands, we are just a "I can't look at your video, but it sounds like this rule. Submit a player report if you feel like you were wronged" and it doesn't help 90% of people coming into support.
  7. Happy gobble gobble people!

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