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  1. As has been said with the previous creator dlc (paid mods), we will not be including the mod on our server, as it would require every person to have it downloaded and purchased, just like a mod. There is no "free content" coming with it like contact did with the promet or other dlc like marksman etc. So we will not have a chance to utilize any of this in the server.
  2. stop banning everyone u fuckin ape

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      forgot a server sided anticheat can scan your files through a script guys

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      ahk users banned

  3. We have decided to attempt to increase our update frequency, while lowering the amount of content each update. Due to this, it should be the start of what we hope to be a step forward for Olympus, allowing for faster deployment of content and fixes. Anyways, to the actual change log! Added: Additional 2.5% increase in arrest price per 100 arrests after achieving T5 vigi Restrained players names now display as Orange Terrain & view distance toggle (Custom action 7) Cartel & Conquest custom flags Restored Silla & Plague's gang unifo
  4. The first part isn't true. Initially, it seemed we had lower pop because there weren't 2 servers up constantly, but we have gained MANY more new players, almost akin to the days of old to be honest. I've personally been putting every minute possible of mine into trying to fix the performance of both server and clients. I can also say that the rest of the development team has been working their asses off to fix certain aspects of the server. In the end, outdated code is very bad for performance, and it take a long time to revise and rewrite it. It's also why you've been seeing bugs
  5. Would take too much dev time for what needs to be done for it. Also, Tanoa was disliked by the majority, not to mention worse frames for the majority of players. Kinda why it was shut down in the first place. That's not to say things have changed and people want it again. It's possible to be done, I'm just a -1 to the idea.
  6. Quite a few people abused it in the past few weeks. Was gonna let it stay in, but it was actually causing problems.
  7. Added: S.W.A.T. A team of competitive APD members who attend Conquests & help balance the disparity between gangs Adaptive vehicle & weapon shops There is a maximum of 10 SWAT Members allowed at Conquest. SWAT spawn at conquest rebel like civilians When the Capture Point is captured by the SWAT Team it will be set to APD but APD will gain no points. Example - Capture Point Bravo - SFA would change to Capture Point Bravo - APD SWAT receive $50,000 for resetting a capture point SWAT pay $15,000 per d
  8. The people that were banned due the error are now unbanned.

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      Pulling a dezree ayy

  9. There are a few things in the works that will be designed to appeal more to people and try to make the game more fun for everyone. I can't say this will "bring back the server", but it should alleviate some concerns about population
  10. Added: Gang Bases A single gang base has been placed near Lakka This gang base will go up for grabs in a Gang Skirmish once a week Every time a Gang Skirmish occurs, the Gang Bases' perk will be randomly swapped to one of the following: 15% reduction on weapons in the rebel shop (Does not stack with owning Arms Cartel) 15% reduction on all vehicle purchases 15% increase in all illegal run sales Mousing over the map marker will display the current perk Gangs who own a Cartel now ea
  11. Seems like the remodeling of Kavala is going nicely


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      Did Ryan figure out he can move buildings again? Gosh what a silly guy!

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      Construction worker DuneDune reporting for duty


  12. The idea in itself is just a single, easy step, that anyone can take with a bit of self restraint. It probably wouldn't be that difficult, but would get useless code being made for something people can do themselves. As of right now, I personally, do have other priorities such as performance and severe bug fixing but if some civ council peeps really deem this to be something that should be put in, one of our devs would probably do it
  13. I really shouldn't have given him the power lmfao

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