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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Added: Radioactive Fallout - Map Design:@ ZeRo Radioactive fallout occurs randomly around the map depending on player population The Radioactive Fallout zone can last for up to 30 minutes or until 500 Radioactive Material is gathered Beware the fallout zone as the incoming missiles will destroy the surrounding area Radioactive Material can be harvested from nearby broken barrels in the "Fallout Zone" Radioactive Material can be sold to a legal trader or processed illegally into Uranium to be sold to an illegal trader Harvesting a barrel can give you 2-5 Radioactive Materials Radioactive Material sells for $7,500 + WPL bonuses. Illegal Uranium sells for $20,000. Radioactive Material and Uranium is toxic, ensure you are wearing a Hazmat suit! The radioactive fallout zone and illegal areas are also filled with radiation so beware! Hazmat suit price increased to 50K Vermin (Staff Sergeant+) RnR Quadbike (Basic Paramedic+) Suits to Olympus Plus Casino Uses Titles Slightly Addicted - 250 Uses Family Issues - 500 Uses I Need Rehab - 1000 Uses Divorced - 2500 Uses Sold The Kids - 5000 Uses The Gambler - Most Uses 2021 Conquest Loading Screen - @ Peterr Ability to change the map marker group players icon color Along with this the hex color picker is removed from the Y Menu and combined with the color picker menu New GUI, color picker in the Y-Menu settings tab Modifying Vehicle Colors now show you a preview of the color or the material, so you can see what it looks like Safari hats to Rebel Clothing Shops Ability to sit on chairs and benches using the action key Texture Additions Dark Grey Tempest Iron Manners Gang Uniform - @ sploding Water Elemental SUV - O+ - @ Ajame Nitro Gang Uniform Redesign - @ Mason Harrison The Weebs Gang Uniform - @ Mason Harrison Noops Gang Uniform - @ Mason Harrison ACRE Gang Uniform - @ Mason Harrison ACRE Gang Ifrit - @ sploding Prime Rib Gang Ifrit - @ Mason Harrison Changed: Black Rebel Uniform adjusted Reworked dynamic map system for a performance boost Ghillie Suit prices to reflect the name bonus Adjusted Gang War titles to reflect recent winners (Congratulations Teamplayers!) Staff intro (new Staff and promoted Staff) @ Winters @ King @ Hurricane @ Doc @ ZeRo Discord, Teamspeak and Website map marker at the top of the map Airdrop player count accounts for all factions now Reduced Material prices for donor/O+ rvmats All Material are now 1% of vehicle price VRGold, Gold and Bullion retained their respective prices Adjusted item purchase messages to be more consistent Kidney removal now forces player to walk instead of forced limping Blackwater bomb timer 20M ➡ 25M Organization of the Rebel Clothing Shops APD Van from Corporal ➡ Patrol Officer APD Escort error message from 'players' ➡ 'civilians' Redesigned Air Hospital - Map Design: @ Maddox Redesigned and moved Gang Base from Lakka to Zaros - Map Design: @ Maddox Redesigned and moved Bank from Pyrgos to Neochori - Map Design: @ Maddox Fixed: Houses able to be bought by multiple people due to a bug Lowered network throughput Gangs mysteriously getting disbanded APD Escort deleting bodies when completed Killstreak bonus chat issue Y-Menu giving money not updating after usage Stolen vehicle menu not showing display names of the vehicles Conquest capture bar flickering while on a cartel in Warzone New Federal Reserve back doors not opened when the bomb is blown Hexs showing on Debug Island Client side charges not adding properly Aiding in Evidence Lockup Robbery ($112,500) Attp. Evidence Lockup Robbery ($82,500) Grand Larceny ($75,000) Qilin Minigun Price $150,000 ➡ $1,500,000 Terminating Escort Issue FAK+ animation exploit Spam capturing flags on conquest Adjusted vehicle variables to improve performance RGB Ifrit textures Being able to get Pharma termination reward after the vehicle has already spawned in All Ghillie Suits now reduce visibility of player names As always, miscellaneous bugs Significant general optimization Removed: Armor Stacking (Server 3 Only) Can only use Tier 1 and 2 Vest unless you manage to get a tier 4+ vest at an airdrop As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  3. You've been banned for scripting, then ban evaded 4+ times within a week? Of course it's going to stick.
  4. I never thought to do that before! I'll get right on it! On a real note though, I'm working on it.
  5. Seems like you've been forced to quit already ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. You know @ Ryan 's been on the server with your menu when...

    1. Ryan


      o-o We dont talk about it

      What happens in Kavala... stays in kavala...

      @ Metro Boomin  👀

    2. Metro Boomin
  7. Few things. "Better servers" is completely subjective. I personally, despite the current issues we are trying to combat and even if I were not staff here, prefer Olympus to any other Altis Life server. Maybe that's due to me playing here forever or what-not, but I digress. For the banning people because we *think* they're going to cheat or whatever... That just doesn't happen. When someone is suspected of scripting, they will ask around about it and the situation surrounding it. I go through and investigate to determine what our course of action should be and either find they were, or not. The ONLY time someone is banned for cheating and stays banned is when we have proof that they were. Even if people don't think they were, chances are if they stay banned, they were in fact cheating. In response to your complaints about "firing my employees" and the girlfriend thing... What are you even on about? Staff don't get removed very often, and players definitely aren't comparable to an employee or girlfriend. If you're trying to say that people get banned for no reason for "unfair" reasons as you put it, that's quite untrue. Someone breaks a rule, they get banned and if they didn't, they don't get banned. Sure there may be mistakes, but everyone is human and are capable of mistakes. These also usually get resolved quite quickly. To end this off, if you have general implements for the server that aren't "get rid of staff" or similar, and may actually have a constructive impact on issues, we do encourage these ideas. However, if it's some content that you're trying to get added, the developers are overwhelmed as it is so it may take time to implement.
  8. This was reverted almost immediately
  9. Little bit late to the party, but I'll give my 2 cents anyway. The staff team works in the best interest of the server and its community. There can be people who are swayed by personal interests and bias, but those few cases are monitored by other staff and we internally discuss those issues to rectify them. Power hungry isnt really what I would call any of our staff either, more along the lines of getting tired of dealing with toxic people all-day every-day, which results in our standards of what we constructively respond to, to be lower. I don't see anything inherently worse with Ryan's time as owner, as opposed to say Ares or any previous owners time. The staff team way back when had really no idea what they were doing minus Gary and select others, where as Ryan has worked with our Senior staff to weed out the toxic/biased staff in order to make the server a better place. Most people don't see how much effort really goes into this community, or into attempting to make sure people have as seamless an experience as we can provide. All in all, if you think there is an issue with staff or some staff member is giving you an issue, instead of publicly posting about it, make a general inquiry for it and ask for an admin or senior admin. The reported person will be evaluated based on what you provide as well as any evidence we may find, and will be talked to accordingly.
  10. Vermin Suppressed. Gotta have the tracers though, or you never know how high to aim
  11. Who gave this guy admin? I woke up without a kidney in a bath full of ice yesterday. Probably Jay

  12. Fraali


    o7 anti. You changed the cartel meta for a while, and I gotta respect it. Good luck with the new job!
  13. The development team has been swamped, with currently only 2 active developers and @Venommas a contributor. There is only so much that we can implement with the limited time that we volunteer to the server. As it is I spend most of my time these days trying to fix old code or rewriting things to be more efficient or making it easier to add things that people ask for. New content that gets made needs to be exploit free, because we all know from experience that someone WILL find it and they will exploit it. This makes it incredibly difficult, or atleast takes a significant amount of time just to make it work right. Despite all that, @Docwas working with @Techto create some dope content for you guys in the coming updates. Hopefully we are able to test it all with no issues cause I think they went overboard
  14. I will not say that it has NEVER happened, however it's definitely not happening NEARLY as much as you say it is. If staff see someone break a rule, they can talk to you if they think it was an accident, or ban you outright if it wasn't. Like Millenium said about staff in gangs being biased toward them, it's not true. If the situation was that a member in their gang broke a rule, they will not get banned by that staff member, but it WILL be brought up to any other staff that was not a part of that situation in order to avoid any kind of bias. If you get banned by a staff member and you think it was biased or wrong, you can always submit a ban appeal (if you first get denied by the banning staff member) requesting an admin, and then a senior admin if that still didnt work. If none of that works, you can probably gather that it wasnt biased at all, but your own misconception. We do look into that kind of thing, contarary to belief.

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