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  1. image.jpeg

    1. Monks


      Ahhhhh yes, join the hunt.

    2. Linka


      @Monks is this a hunt because we found out he's not actually white?

  2. Fraali

    new hud

    Can confirm, big aids
  3. Fraali

    new hud

    -1 for it all. Current UI is good.
  4. Fraali


    o7 man, sad to see you go as you're one of the OG's that I remember. Good luck with what you gotta do!
  5. @SecTranLive Really sad to see you go, one of my favorite people to play and talk with. Hope you stick around and pop in once in a while! Hope you do well with what you need to, good luck man!

  6. Fraali


    HEY, no one else was doing it
  7. I'll miss the times blindly arguing with you about stupid shit like what a color was. o7 buddy, dont be a stranger.
  8. Both Meemoo and Millenium are right. The WW2 "dlc" is actually a paid mod. It would require every person who plays on the server to own and be using that DLC otherwise it wouldnt let them play.
  9. Definitely working now
  10. I didnt know you could get wiped in 2 different 1v9s and still talk trash @EN
  11. Gonna really miss the days playing medic screwing around man, loved those moments. o7 bro, hate to see you go, but you better keep in touch!
  12. Instead of removing it entirely, possibly make a low limit of say 1-2m at a time, and increase the delay on each bet. That way people can still bet if they want, but it creates a longer time of sitting and waiting. Might create more incentive to actually do something other than sitting in one spot betting.
  13. Was good to have you around man, good luck with whatever you gotta do
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