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  1. congrats weeb

  2. Your name is awfully similar to that one guy who made a start up video. Almost got you confused!
  3. Inb4 I just say "If you don't wanna seize it, up to you"
  4. Shouldn't the offline times be the opposite? On at peak hours and off at non-peak? I might just be cracked tho
  5. I mean 30 on s1 and 50 on s2 doesnt mean they're both not relatively dead compared to 100-120 with 1 server. Vigi's will always be a thing, but they generally stay in kav anyhow. Personally I prefer s1 being high pop without my houses, than playing on s2 and never seeing a damn soul.
  6. 80 civs to 10 cops, 10 medics. Seems about what it used to be other than the 10 medics.
  7. The bank base price is quite a bit more than 750k for all 3 vaults. "Each bank vault will spawn with somewhere between 25 and 75 money bags". https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Bank_of_Altis
  8. Welcome back man, good job in getting into that stuff early!
  9. He says shit devs, yet he's still here after 3 months of spouting it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ TL;DR Pretty much what tayte said along with conquests, gang wars, reworks of some systems and more performance/bug fixes.
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