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  1. I understand as to why Support members aren't allowed to give opinions. Most of the situations we deal with are more into the grey area of the rules. But most of these cases aren't clear cut, or easy to explain/give an opinion on when it's just a verbal explanation and it makes the rules we give not as accurate. 99% of the time these will go to admins anyway, however support seems to be an in-between to cut down on player reports and give people an explanation on why they may or may not get banned or comped. As long as we give the explanation that our opinions mean nothing, and everything is up to the admins who deal with the situation, we should be able to assist people easier that way. At the very least, a few support members who have been around in the community and have been in/witnessed near every situation would be able to give an informed opinion on situations, even better if there were video. As it stands, we are just a "I can't look at your video, but it sounds like this rule. Submit a player report if you feel like you were wronged" and it doesn't help 90% of people coming into support.
  2. Happy gobble gobble people!

  3. When you're on the website it shows on the left side of the main page.
  4. The amount of problems there would be without a rollback, make it the best option to have one. If we don't, it will take - as admins have stated - days, weeks, if not months to fix all of the problems caused by the money and such.
  5. The good ol' days when arma got 20 FPS and the desync was arguably worse than it is now.
  6. I've been a vigi for a long time and though the script seems slightly broken in terms of damage output, as well as maybe a bit too high payout, it isn't the easiest to take down a group of 5 or 6 as a vigi. Even with the spar, the most I can get at a time is 3-4 and wont be able to restrain the people I downed without getting shot. With say an AKM, those last 2 kills wouldn't be as difficult as I wouldn't need to get close to them. Basically when you play smarter, its difficult if not impossible to take you down. When you are singled out it makes it fairly easy, depending on how you go about it. My suggestion is to focus on fixing the taze script/damage handler, and possibly lowering the max payout to %75 or so. If the script is fixed, people can't complain about tasers having more damage and it also makes it marginally harder to take people down. Though you'll always get people who just want to remove it outright, this should make it more manageable.
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