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  1. The idea in itself is just a single, easy step, that anyone can take with a bit of self restraint. It probably wouldn't be that difficult, but would get useless code being made for something people can do themselves. As of right now, I personally, do have other priorities such as performance and severe bug fixing but if some civ council peeps really deem this to be something that should be put in, one of our devs would probably do it
  2. I really shouldn't have given him the power lmfao
  3. o7 man, not gonna be the same without you always around
  4. Fraali


    Then you have bad info. Regardless of who it is, they will get the appropriate punishment if they break a rule. I can't speak for Ryan, but all staff would ban for a rule break if they are able.
  5. Fraali


    I mean if you report it, they will get banned if they broke a rule. I don't see the issue?
  6. Added: New Notification System Gold, chrome, and fade materials for every vehicle ~ key now displays group members' names below hexes Bandanas to clothing shop Y menu market now shows max price of all items Texture Additions Saints Row Ifrit Louis Vuitton Qilin Electric Wetsuit Prison Jumpsuit Redesign Abibas Clothing Redesign Altis Racer RnR Supervisor Uniform Redesign Changed: Stone Flash Rework AT Offroad can no longer be slung Corporal+ can now start APD escorts Once started a Corporal may authorize lethals via the weapon shop NPC Neochori HQ redesigned Pyrgos Hospital moved and redesigned Rain replaced with mild fog Walls at church cartel now indestructible All terror towers moved closer to their respective cities City markets moved closer to town center APD Hellcat moved to Corporal+ APD Orca moved to Sergeant+ Fixed: Server restart issues Airdrops not starting Various Bugs Removed: Texture Removals All Christmas skins Red Wetsuit Roach Green Qilin Hotfix #1 Fix gokart material bug Fix cpl hellcat lights Fix taru lights Fix cpl lethals Fix broken gang uniform Fix more hints Add materials for more vehicles Add staff KOS APD & RNR can now use materials "Dingle" hatchback now public, no longer a gang vehicle
  7. Conquest will be moved from S2 to S3 on Malden for 8 EST

  8. O7 to a real one tonight @Hylos

    Stick around bud, we'll all miss ya

  9. As with all games, the community changes as the game gets older and starts dying. No real other explanation.
  10. Fraali


    The more I see these posts, the less I want to make it. I like watching people suffer.
  11. As Millennium has stated, there is currently no cap on how many gold bags can spawn. If you get over 100, the cops are doing something very wrong.
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