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Altis Life Update - 2024-07-05 - July Update




updater logo.webp


  • Evidence Locker Database
    • Items seized by the APD will now be stored in a database until 2 AM EST
      • Upon completion of the Evidence Locker Escort event items seized throughout the day will be placed in the evidence locker truck
      • Blacklisted items (mainly Blackwater obtained items) still remain blacklisted and still have a 15 percent chance of being added to the evidence locker database
      • The Evidence Locker database will be viewable on the Olympus Stats page
  • Property Lockdown Kit
    • Players are now able to lockdown their properties upon the completion of a 10 minute timer for the duration of a restart
      • All group members of the person locking down their property will have a timer on their screen and will be notified of the completion or failure of the lockdown kit
      • Upon starting the property lockdown kit a terminal will spawn outside of the property allowing the APD to defuse the property lockdown kit after completing a 30 second animation
      • APD will not be notified of the property lockdown kit being used other than being able to see the terminal outside of the property
    • Actions following the completion of the 10 minute timer
      • All doors will be unlocked and opened and can no longer be controlled by all players
      • The inventory will become inaccessible by all players
    • Can only be used on houses and garages
    • Price: 2 million only purchasable at rebel outposts
  • MH-9 Hummingbird (Flare)
    • Civilians will now be able to obtain a flare version of the Hummingbird
      • Spawns in weekend vehicle airdrops and normal vehicle airdrops
      • 60 flares
      • Illegal
      • Claimable
      • Scrap Value: 20400
  • Gang XP
    • Cartel Flag Refills
      • Will be able to refill magazines directly from the cartel flag for $5000/$3000 (1/2 tokens)
        • .50BW and PrometSG Shotgun magazines do not refill
  • House Storing  QOL
    • Players can now store or take items even if they request more than they have for example entering 40 when only 20 gold bars are available will store or retrieve the 20 gold bars
  • Stamina Effects Display
  • Spray
    • I'm with Stupid


  • APD members can now send to jail within the area of an HQ instead of a radius to the flag marker
  • Qilin (Light) from Corporal to Patrol Officer+
    • Only usable for Federal Events (Blackwater, Federal Reserve, Evidence Locker Escort, Jail)
  • Events on cooldown show the shield icon similar to not enough cops online
  • Cooldown timers now display in MM:SS instead of seconds
    • Ex: 630s -> 10:30m
  • Horns are now distributed to Founder's Circle members automatically
  • Group count is now displayed on the respawn screen
  • Updated some Anti-Air status'


  • Players can now GPS jam Blackwater vehicles
  • Getting forced to buy scopes you did not want in the weapon shop
  • Firefighter gear in events
  • Dead player bodies deleting on vehicle store
  • Purchasing new items in rebel due to confirmation dialogue registering input on lower layers
  • Prevent unsealing while processing
  • Players exceeding max lottery tickets
  • Quests breaking due to players storing vehicle
  • Fix HEMTT (Device) displayed name
  • Dead group member hexes not properly following the deceased player if they are in water
  • Players with tasers in a Ghosthawk gun being able to tase
  • Dead players not being able to be revived because the server believes they are already being revived
  • Script error on storing vehicle post-restart
  • Items generated through gear related events no longer spawn attachments (Bipod, IR laser, etc. allows for more Client Mod Weapons)
  • Player already being revived not allowing medics to revive players


  • Nothing

Hotfix #1

  • Fixed claiming vehicles
  • Fixed Tempest/HEMTT (Device) running out of gas giving %1 instead of vehicle name
  • Lots of potential fixes for server performance issues introduced in the latest update (O2407)
  • Gathering
    • Displays a progress bar per gather
    • Optimized gathering script performance
  • HUD
    • Makes it so you can disable "priority item hud"
    • Cop lethal display removed
    • Cop lethal will now show where "On Duty" was
    • Fix issue with redgull timer always appearing on login
    • Timer will hide when no timer active
    • Move priority item hud next to inventory count
    • When gathering priority item will automatically switch to item gathered and the count
  • Optimization of backend scripts


Recommended Comments

  • Community Manager

Moving forward we'll try and additional regularized updates with content so that there isn't such a gap between patches when things are ready to go.

This is a pretty mild update with some good QoL and fixes and we'll have more to show soon. 🙂

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Ok the clarifying details I was missing.  Starting the property lockdown doesn't require a player to be occupied doing it.  You can move around and fight after you've started it.  If cops get pc on a gear house, you just gotta stall for 10 while it works its magic.  Kinda sick ngl.  

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Also the new timers for coffee/red gull are cool. But when you have lethals loaded you can’t see the coffee timer. Smh… just giving you guys some shit lol. All and all everything else seems to be running as intended. Nothing is broken 😄

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1 hour ago, Wong said:

Also the new timers for coffee/red gull are cool. But when you have lethals loaded you can’t see the coffee timer. Smh… just giving you guys some shit lol. All and all everything else seems to be running as intended. Nothing is broken 😄

Like it covers it?

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1 hour ago, nicole said:

Like it covers it?

Yes, the lethal icon covers the timer for the coffee so you can’t see it.

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POV: Evidence Locker 

(Click to sort ascending)
(Click to sort ascending)
7.62 mm 20Rnd Mag 43
6.5 mm 30Rnd Caseless Mag 13
9 mm 30Rnd Mag 6
6.5 mm 100Rnd Sand Mag 3
Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm (Camo) 2
ARCO (Black) 2
Rook-40 9mm 1
Bipod (Sand) [NATO] 1
MXM 6.5 mm 1
Type 115 6.5 mm (Hex) 1
Mk-I EMR 7.62 mm (Woodland) 1
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29 minutes ago, Saul Goodman said:

What’s the radar situation on the Hummingbird (flare) ? Not sure if the heli has one by default. 

I assume the same as the armed caesars, just doesn’t exist but will announce when a Titan is shot at you

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  • Developer II
13 hours ago, Element_ said:

Players exceeding max lottery tickets

Why wouldn't you want people to waste more money for someone else to win?

Funny you say that because in the bug report that is actually exactly what happened 😂

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  • Developer II
3 hours ago, Big Boss Fredo said:

@ Milo  ???? Dog u been lying to me? 

It was included but got missed during Changelog 🙂

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  • Community Manager
4 hours ago, Horten-229 said:

Why was the change to the Cow Manure field included in the update yet excluded from the change logs?
Like, you removed a whole mushroom farming meta all because some dumb bitch can't figure out how to line up a truck.


The exclusion of map changes wasn't intentional, it's just an oversight since the map team didn't include what they did. I'll make sure that this is amended shortly to properly document what was changed on the map side.

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The hummingbird flare is finally here!!  It’s been in development since 2022.  Thank you dev team for the thousands of hours of work to make this miracle possible.  

To however flares their first titan coming at it, please post it to shame the titan user:)


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