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  1. Intel still holds the cake when it comes to most gaming tasks, however AMD wins hands down in content creation and other tasks. Although it'll be very intriguing when the Ryzen 5000 series comes out as Intel is sleeping right now
  2. ~60 fps in Kavala at 1440p Full Ultra on the 3080. Not bad.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Monks


      Yeah same I used to run full ultra for almost everything before I decided I dont like slide shows lol. I usually got like 45 to 60 on 1k view distance in the middle of no where lmao

    3. Coochie Man

      Coochie Man

      I get the same on 1440p Ultra with a 1070

    4. Dab


      Kavala ain’t poppin no more that’s why goof

  3. Just got myself a 3080 🥳

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    2. Iceman


      Where did you get it at?!?!?! Preorder or actually bought? Everywhere I look says out of stock and it was never in stock

    3. PoptartRex


      @Iceman I managed to be on the Newegg mobile app right at their big drop at 8 CST and I clicked on the EVGA Ultra XC3 and I added to cart and checked out, and then it froze and went out of stock. Went back and tried with the EVGA Gaming XC3 and boom, order went through. As of now card is charged and shipping label created.

    4. Claysive


      Lucky bastard. I tried, but they sold out in literal seconds. 

  4. American politics now days are EXTREMELY polarized. It's literally a pissing match between red and blue and few/no one in government will cross party lines for policies and same goes for the entire country during the elections.
  5. Do you have it overclocked at all? or by that, do you know what motherboard you have? Some manufacturers like to do custom OCs on a CPU.
  6. Just you saying this has put your political wits over 70% of all Americans. 90% for Olympus.
  7. I had low expectations for Gurren Laggan but damn that’s a top 10 right there.

  8. Better TLDR: Dev team is a good of a group as it ever has been Everything else is slowly dying and only sees more action based on what said dev team does ^_^ Oh and @Grandma Gary is still head admin because he keeps his seniors active so they don’t attempt to coup him 200 IQ if you ask me
  9. Seananners is back - there is still hope for 2020

    1. snipeZ


      Haven't heard that name in years.

  10. 1 mil on black 2x then 1 mil on red your gonna have another 3 mil when done
  11. More Arma 3 Tonight then maybe some Valorant



  12. Dealer should only hit on soft 17 and lower. If you don't know what a soft 17 is then stick to peach runs kiddo. Also if you think its when you have erectile dysfunction at 17 years old then that's just a personal problem @Decimus
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