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  1. Blitzking

    Bets on how many days this will last? I say minimum of 5
  2. Blitzking

    me win now
  3. Blitzking

  4. Blitzking

    Whew, thank god we removed catching fish in restraints, that was one of my biggest complaints.
  5. Blitzking

  6. - rep This guy is a pathetic lozer, NEVER Trade with him he scammed me, and he bully people online cause he get bullied irl, idk how this idiot got support team, on thing he support is bofa 

    1. Africa


      I agree stupid mans like him no support team support loser I think he get

    2. Ang3l


      Dont talk about my father like that

    3. Blitzking


      Ya I've never traded with you or talked to you in over a month lol. 

  7. Blitzking

    Why are you still able to post?
  8. -rep toxic dislikes all my post for no reason 

  9. Blitzking

    4.2. Thought you reset after that mb
  10. Blitzking

    I'll do 4mil
  11. Blitzking

    You got permed for that? Were you banned previously? Hope you can get unbanned.
  12. Blitzking

    Why the removal of the M900 from APD? I'd say its fairly necessary for transport to federal events in the case that no corporal+ are on the server.
  13. Blitzking

    It wouldn't be too bad, you would effectively have each cartel take 10% of income from the closest chop shop and drug dealer as well as the north east having moonshine dealer and south east having the turtle dealer. Would be hella interesting

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