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  1. When you don't know how to do a headless client that's what happens. We tried headless clients back in the day when we were struggling to even run 90 players. But now that we've optimized our mission further and got rid of some bottlenecks we may actually see a noticeable improvement with a headless client. We run 111 players better than we ran 80 players back then. It may provide a difference to the server, but clients won't really notice much. The big reason 64bit is good for clients is the increased ram availability and any changes they did the render engine.
  2. The olympus server has nothing to do with clients running 64 bit. We could be running 156465bit.
  3. hope you get all the presents you wanted for your bday :) 

  4. Happy BDAY!

  5. Happy Birthday 

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  8. Happy B-day! For your birthday you should add cake to the markets for a day.

  9. 80% of hackers use vpns, as well as ban evaders. It gets rid of the shitters.
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  11. Switching servers to 64 bit will have 'most likely' no noticeable impact to clients.
  12. If you continue to spam about a topic you're not fully educated about you will be moderated. If you have good playtime on our servers and got autobanned you've got a solid 99% chance of getting unbanned. Put in an appeal. In a few days you'll hardly notice the system is in place.

  13. There was already a topic on this, please refer any questions to that thread.