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  1. MAV


  2. MAV

    Unfortunately this report has been closed because it was determined that no rules were broken here. If you think that this is incorrect, please review the server rules for clarification then submit a new player report requesting a Senior Admin. Thank you for playing on Olympus servers.
  3. MAV

    at work rn... will be on tonight if you want... otherwise another staff will have to do :/
  4. MAV

    Sure - i will get my sui vest and hopefully i won't be interrupted this time @rabeed @Headless @Cyanide @Mako Rules are simple, if i smell any fuckery, I go boom, the winner gets revived, then when money is stored, everyone else is revived
  5. MAV

    2019 and asking questions where google has 10000000 answers for.... life is going to be hard for you if you don't google before you ask... jus sayin..
  6. MAV

    Wants justice, but @'s deadpool ... Hadi you fucked now civ council after you!!!
  7. MAV

    Whelp now I've seen it all, someone cheating on medic. Lul...
  8. Better start practicing your group processing PS. I can see cops being reported of there are 2 cops that get 4 guys and the first 2 want to RP, so the other 2 are stuck waiting... (Which is why I mentioned group processing)
  9. Civ rep approved APD titans... you heard it here first
  10. ghosthawk / armed plane is a legit APD play, but with multiple titans in play, they hardly get enough shots off before getting ripped outta the sky to make it relevant
  11. ah gotcha, well i seriously doubt he was bartering 'apd buffs' with blacklist appeal since DP has no power to approve anything... and we all know he can't contain you guys anyhow :-P
  12. ^^ you heard it hear first boys... no more balance needed... just "get good" When we have 12-15 people to do one. Used to do them all the time with 10-15 man and won maybe ~50-60% of the time... and not even the gay gate1 or dome strat either.
  13. blocking towers is not even a close comparison to using a rule to your advantage by milking a deputy to prolong a wave.. cmon now... blocking roadways, entry points, etc with cars is a legitimate tactical strat... milking a deputy is an exploitation of the rules.. very different things.

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