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  1. Not crossfire unless the exact one that killed the guys killed someone else... other collateral damage would be RDM... sorry hoss, cant pepper kav square with explosives and engage one guy on the opposite side and muder everyone there....
  2. Lobby your civ reps to bring it up.. cant imagine the code for that would be too hard for the devs...
  3. Sounds like shitty map design... EZ fix, code it so you cant contest if youre wearing a rebreather...(like it will say contested but not pause the bar this way it cant be exploited to hide on cap)
  4. we all know you hired some lackey to control your forums account in exchange for olympus cash... its like a politicians twitter account... controlled by some normy...
  5. i mean i forums update isnt just a 'style' or 'theme' update... basically there are security features and updates that need to be applied... old themes/styles may not be supported on the newer version, thus resulting in a different look... As if @Ryanwill see it... pffft
  6. MAV


    imagine pretending like toggling is not a thing...
  7. I'd say add more weapons to a BW... lets get a lynx in this bishhhh
  8. to what? shit's a joke... ill never suck a dick for a rank like half these twats.. servers not what it used to be my dude..
  9. surely if Kami can get mod back just a few months after being removed in 10 days for multiple acts of mod abuse and little big man ego syndrome I'm sure you will be able to get it back too. However, I didn't think it was possible to be removed from mod anymore, you must've pissed on someone's cheerios in the inner circle.
  10. MAV

    R&R Change?

    For once, I agree with GOAT.. if your a CPL + and fart in the wrong direction the mongs are out for your rank...Medic's no one cares... (or at least they didn't used to)
  11. 3 to 6 months if you did something realllll bad.. it used to be like 2 months ish but come back on thin ice!
  12. I guess i forgot the average IQ for Olympus is a bit left of the bell curve....
  13. casino odds 101, house always has odds, but gambler should win enough so they keep coming back... if odds are too unproportionate, sure itll be a temp money sink, but people will just stop using it and it'll be wasted mission file space.

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