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  1. MAV


    imagine getting scammed for buying a house when there is a housing sale system which would make scamming impossible
  2. Lol people are complaining about rule changes actually reflect how the game is actually being played lmao: 1. APD constantly trolls rnr and has for years (it's the literal reason APD/medic sidechat was removed) 2. APD calls medic for dope, medic more often then not answers calls first then goes to give dope. 3. Other stuff is clarifications around how long you have to wait... Also why should you be able to deny a group when your not there to enforce it? (Civs can't) These comments sound like the typical Olympus complain just to complain instead of actually using your brains to see how this update functionally changes nothing
  3. So comprehensive video evidence can mean a lot of things. How to get comps answered quickly: 1. Does it involve a player breaking a rule? If yes, enter a player report first, if it's accepted, submit the comp and reference player report tkt #. 2. Evidence is great, lots of evidence is better... But lots of evidence with no context or timestamps is the worst. If your going to post long video or multiple clips and expect an admin to take the time to review it, you should at least take the time to paint the picture and provide time stamps (same goes for player reports. At the end of the day my ~10 months of being a staff member ~6 as admin, the easy tkts are answered first and the more difficult or comprehensive tkts linger. Reason being, to be blunt, most do minimums and the tkt grinders look for easy tkts and move on. Reason for this is staff is ultimately judged on 2 metrics, first is ticket volume and second is in game activity (which isn't even important) mainly because Sr. Staff isn't active. So when the primary metric is closing out tickets and not quality of service or time spent doing administrative duties, people will opt for quantity over quality, which is why tough tickets without proper timestamps and context will back burnered until someone grinds the tough ones which could be weeks (used to be me and Hadi)
  4. Lol 18.5 yikes the other way
  5. Yee I mean it's not even an argument... Communism has never worked and has almost always resulted in the citizens oppressed by their governments.. communism is a society killer plain and simple..
  6. Piner

    Are you ready? https://source.android.com/

    I will have my own built ready by the time I get the device.

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Stream it, I would watch 100%

    2. Piner


      I cannot think of anything more boring to stream

  7. queef

    1. Ryan
    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      do my comp you fatass

  8. And how is that his fault? Your going to blame Jeff Bezos for not giving away money or for the govt to let him earn money tax free? Why should he offer to pay taxes when hes being allowed not to. Amazon already is ahead of the curve nationally when it comes to wages, employee benefits, etc.
  9. This will be my only reply on the topic, but food for thought... They became wealthy from engineering an idea or working business model and HIRING people to work for them (not exploiting) Those people can quit or look for another job or educate themselves to put themselves in a position for another job at any time they want without fear or backlash from their organization or the government... But if they quit and decide to sit on their ass and be lazy, ya they're not going to have a fun go at it...it's call life Funny you speak about fear, look at Communist nation's like China and tell me how their people are not hungry and live without fear... Simple answer is you cannot... Try again... As for the taxation piece, "some" of them are in a position to change it... Not even close to the majority... Can't group the many with the few, that type of unconscious bias is what causes a lot of the profiling issues we face today... Also why can't I fault them? If anyone reading this thread had a financial advisor say, hey you should buy a ranch or farmland because if you do so you can get a huge tax write off and end up saving millions of dollars a year...if anyone says "nah, I like losing money" you are a flat out liar... So why isn't their fault? Because if you think intelligently and realistically, it would be a poor financial decision not to exploit a loophole where there is not law preventing them to do so.
  10. Why do you believe you are entitled to someone else's wealth is the real question... Sure the tax/etc loopholes the 1% leverage to save money is BS... But hardly their fault...
  11. Was waiting for this question to be brought up because I've heard this arguement circulate for the last few days... There is a fine line on this topic and when you make it too complicated people are going to get confused and as a result get banned because of the loose guidelines.. ie. I don't know every impenetrable wall/surface vs the caliber/type of gun... So if I peak a corner and see a foot poking through a wall... My first reaction may be to wall bang him... Even if I tap his foot which kills him... This simply shouldn't be bannable plain and simple, especially since I didn't "abuse" anything, not my fault his foot was poking through the wall.. In a game of kill or be killed, it's unfortunate they were glitched... in no other game where this is a problem (ie battlefield / cod) is it bannable... what happens if someone is caught floating through a wall or sand bags.. am I not allowed to kill him because he is glitching through? I certainly hope not..
  12. Welcome to retirement buddy... Known you for a long time and always like picking your brain or working with you... You were always a real one and used your brain when making decisions.. though some of the new devs are promising, oly certainly took a hit because your leadership and community respect is irreplaceable... Good luck with college buddy and have fun enjoying the game now!
  13. Yes I do and I love it... I have this monitor: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0777RY75V/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_xuOMDb5N3P4J8 Now one thing I'll say is not all games support ultra wide, so you may get black bars or need to change res of you play any games that don't support it. (most games however do support it) I would totally recent going for it if you have the capital.
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