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  1. MAV

    ill never forget being in tree when i first got staff and bojo would say to me and childish 'MAV, Childish, ear muffs', then we'd have to be like c'mon Bojo now we HAVE to listen and scrutinize what your about to say... lol.. fun times man, but the tree grows on...
  2. MAV

    O7 homie you were a real one
  3. MAV

    what chu need got 21 mags for the spar16-s's
  4. Not snaking more like after he sells I have 3
  5. MAV

    Csats should not be sold for money, that would be op... Would be down for covers to be sold for like 15 wp
  6. MAV

  7. MAV

    Honestly I fuck with 1, 2 or 3. Probably in that order though
  8. MAV

    @Ignis going to be mad at you @DashTonic
  9. MAV

    was . no balled, i win

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