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  1. Happy bday qt @Strikke

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MAV


      Woh woh I was Cpl. MAV

    3. Strikke


      Recruit MAV *

    4. MAV


      ill give you a pass since its your birthday

  2. MAV

    100% burn... Drowning takes roughly 3-4 minutes before your unconscious... However burning, before your bodies nerve endings even burn off you'll go into shock in under a minute causing a large burst of adrenaline and also pain suppression... Then you pass out... Now for drowning, it's relatively painless at first, which means you get to sit there for the first ~2 minutes comfortably knowing your going to die...thinking about it and knowing pain and panic is inevitable... With burning, all you can think about for the first 30seconds is ouch.. then after that your in la la Land until your dead... So for me I'd rather take the pain up front then drift away.. then have to think about how much pain I'm about to be in and panic for 2ish minutes, then experience the pain...
  3. MAV

    i thinking more about like being reported by... or banned because of... but yeah i get it.. just was a bad meme i suppose
  4. MAV

    uhhhh if thats supposed to be me, my beard is far superior
  5. MAV

    +fucking 1 lmao
  6. MAV

    fucking this, there were 2 that left... choose a new leader and reform... you still would have 400 members i dont think trident was ever as cringe as some of the shit they pulled...plus trident usually had 'some' decent players..
  7. MAV

    ill buy for 2.5m
  8. MAV

    correct, thats cause someone is triggered and bored in jail waiting for their timer to be up so they make a forum post about how vigi's suck.... when in fact you got outplayed...
  9. MAV

    there is also a poll every week about this topic.... vigi's are easy to avoid.... leave kavala/pyro/athera and youre gucci
  10. MAV

    i have indeed... thats why i said it...
  11. MAV

    Will watch... Will be dogshit
  12. MAV

    Yeah TBH, change those values to take a swig/chug then it's a solid drinking game... Don't feel like dying the first time I play! Dash the new VX raptor... Change my mind
  13. You getting online?

    1. Ferris Bueller

      Ferris Bueller

      If you dont want to give me the 10 mil just say so. I dont want to keep trying to catch you online or bug you.

    2. MAV


      just message me when im in ts and not idle... you seem to always message me when im afk...

    3. Ferris Bueller

      Ferris Bueller

      I’m just always busy but I’ll try to catch you MAV. Still love ya anyways ;)


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