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  1. MAV

    It may do alright... The GPU will be fine, just the CPU may be a bottleneck for Arma.. give it a try and let us know how you make out!
  2. A big brained individual would plant the bomb on the jail then drive to pyrgos hq and wait for them to avoid getting an Aiding in a jail break charge...
  3. Workerman MAV here, can take minutes, hours, days... Depending on who and what you were banned for... If your on a 3 day and don't get a response in like 24 hours, you can submit a new appeal asking for an admin (if you do this under 24 hours, itll likely get kicked back to the mod)
  4. I think how the idea was brought up was to not troll the player by going out of your way after robbing them to leave them in East bumblefuck... Can't wait to rob a few cops and get pinched for the sole reason I had to drive them back to town!! Agreed with this, gang engagement works with everything else, no reason to not have it with titan... As long as the pilot knows the demands, the threat and whose involved ... It should be fine imo
  5. I mean making a wrapper around the forums wouldn't be too hard... But getting it into the app store / Google play would prove to be challenging ...
  6. MAV

    i mean, hes still implying his friend is innocent after he gets game banned... Corey and i have known each other for a long time... he should know I wouldn't perm someone unless they deserved it... (which clearly they did) Didn't mean it to sound condescending but don't @ me and tell me the reason your leaving is because I banned his HACKER friend as if i should feel bad for it...
  7. MAV

    Guy, your friend that was 'permed for scripting' was literally globaled for using dune.... lol... like are you retarded? Are you the naive that you believe that your buddy is the only person globaled for dune that didnt use it?
  8. lmao to all those who were globaled who begged to be unbanned swearing #ididntdonuttin

    1. Hadi Mokdad
    2. Acenator


      Mav, the ban hammer happy admin.

      Got a question about something that isnt on rule list? BANNED BY MAV.



    3. MAV


      soliciting buying money is not only against olympus rules, but is also against Bohimia's rules... jus saying.

  9. MAV

    O7 broski, always around and one of the more level headed folks on staff... You will be missed buddy
  10. MAV

    Get fucked beta chief @hawk
  11. MAV

    Smh my head

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