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  1. MAV

    I think that was always bohimia thing, but I could be wrong
  2. MAV

    awesome @CommanderSuki did your spidey senses tingle when he got that 3 piece?
  3. MAV

    Plot twist, he is the GOAT
  4. MAV

    wait, but... uh.... which part is false though?
  5. MAV

    itll probably be more like discord / browser based... havent looked into it, but thats the way things seem to be going.
  6. MAV

    offer for RPG
  7. @Ducimus been a long ass time back in the BFO haydays (sorry @codeyeti) Happy bday bro

  8. MAV

    @Homicide teach this man some proper english! Out of all seriousness though, you don't need to have the handbook on the forums open to cheat, if you took the test and failed (from your first post it seems like you may have) and verbatim wrote the answers of those questions down for the next test that is equally cheating... if you made a cheat sheet for the deputy test, that is cheating... i like to give some the benefit of the doubt when its warranted, but given your sentence structure and apparent general tenuous grasp of the English language, there is NO way you could memorize section, subsections and all the verbatim rules...
  9. MAV

    why would anyone engage on someone wearing a sui vest lol literally has 5 seconds to go boom...
  10. MAV

    Y I K E S
  11. MAV

    That's what I'm thinking? I'm genuinely worried that if you hurt yourself you may call a friend asking what the number for 9-1-1 is
  12. MAV

    when you could buy them they cost 600k each... so...
  13. MAV

    yay new and exciting ways to AFK hours
  14. MAV

    Get 1000 posts and you can customize that!

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