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  1. Not to be THAT guy or anything but, what’s up the July giveaway? Entries closed on the 3rd and theres been no word ab it. Not pestering anyone ab it or anything but I think the community would like to know something. Maybe it’s just me
  2. Played on it yesterday, pretty solid setup. Anyway to make combat stance apply after death so you don’t have to re click it every time?
  3. My forums is fucked, every time I post it quotes a completely different thread
  4. Awww yeah Tanoa baby let’s goooo
  5. I’m pretty sure getting banned atleast once is a write of passage on this server. It’s not a matter of IF it’s a matter of when
  6. do you know who exactly owns it?
  7. Looking to buy 20-30 in bulk
  8. https://stats.olympus-entertainment.com/#/stats/players/76561198182522929 https://stats.olympus-entertainment.com/#/stats/players/76561198176226962 https://olympus-entertainment.com/profile/27860-notsodank/ https://olympus-entertainment.com/profile/28225-cooterbug/ Insided a gang then attempted to do the same to us, check these ID's before recruiting
  9. I don’t know who owns this if anyone can let me know I’ll give you 500k if the information turns out to be right
  10. You guys just need to take this shit to court, mfrs out here arguing like they got law degrees
  11. The APD in Arma 3 are such cowards, always hiding behind their Ghost Hawks with miniguns. They can't win a fight without using them, and it's honestly pathetic. Anytime things don't go their way, they just spam these overpowered choppers, making it impossible for civilians to stand a chance. Patrolling in armored, armed vehicles that civs can't do anything about? It's the biggest skill crutch ever and just plain cringe. The only counter is using Titans, which cost like five times more than the insurance on a Ghost Hawk. Instead of showing any real skill or strategy, they just rely on their OP toys. Get good, APD, and stop ruining the game with your lame tactics. Thanks for attending my ted talk and remember, tase them and rob the APD it hurts their egos :).
  12. I’m ngl, I woulda stripped that fuckers entire kit
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