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  1. how much do you want to get out of it
  2. nah i do that by myself lmfao
  3. the server is dying and i dont really think its olympus in general i really think its the game itself thats dying off, arma was released 8 years ago so i think a lot of people have quit the game in general just wanted to see if people think the same way i do or not
  4. Ight so hear me out, theres like 4 gangs that will get on cap and when you pull up to fight they either run or run into the water and start swimming around until you leave or kill them some how, anyway what im trying to say is we should make that shit against the rules fr fr, sharking on cap is the dumbest most un fun shit ever prove me wrong
  5. 5 mill per house or best offer
  6. its been real its been fun and it has been real fun, thanks for everyone that made this server fun over the past 6 years.... servers been amazing to me and ive made so many memories here yall take it easy love everyone of you cartel shitters that cant hit me while im standing still then get a lucky frag then talk shit, GG's see ya shitters
  7. read the title and shoot me an offer shitters @ThatNerdyGuy
  8. 15 mill has been the best offer right now, if you can beat it let me know
  9. msg me on disc @Abraham#4462

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