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  1. The good ole days @carl 


  2. My guy @Airborne going for the most tags he can get. Congrats qt

    1. Airborne
    2. Pledge


      Did someone say a lot of tags?

  3. Happy Birthday you old monkey @Grandma Gary, and dont forget... You said no balls.


  4. Congrats on being a meme @last:Last:

  5. Im glad @Fushigi has confidence! 


    1. Jester


      He actually got the kill lol

  6. Ryan

    literally googled it cause thats the first answer google would give
  7. Ryan

    On SSD keep the essentials such as windows or any main programs, as well as any large games that you want to use for a faster startup. Essentially, just dont fill the SSD past 80% capacity, this way there is room for anything that is necessary. For example, I have my steam, all of the games from steam, and any media files like shadowplay videos, etc on my HDD. On my SSD all there really is on there is my windows installation, and stuff like teamspeak or discord.
  8. Ryan

    This. Also it’s best to keep things off your SSD, granted there is space for installations, but typically you would want a secondary drive to install everything like steam, games, etc on so it doesn’t interfere with anything in the SSD.
  9. Grats on FTO nerd @Fake Grandma

    1. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Thanks scrub <3

    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      5 hours ago, Fake Grandma said:

      Thanks scrub <3

      Don’t you get like fake sgt rank when you become admin 

    3. Dante


      5 hours ago, Caleb Snackbar said:

      Don’t you get like fake sgt rank when you become admin 

      He has the option to take an admin rank or continue to grind for legit ranks. He chose the latter. 

  10. Ryan

    o7 to one of the lads
  11. Ryan

    you and me both
  12. Ryan

    WE MADE IT BOYS! Haha. No real talk though im gonna miss you buddy. The day @DeadPooL basically forced you to join my teamspeak was the start to a great friendship. You made me active af with those 30-40 hour weeks along with "The Boys" (You know who you are). You helped me through some dark times, had some deep convos on snap, and treated me like a brother. When everyone ditched me, I was always able to count on you and a few others to be there. Most people call our friendship a Johnson hop, but only the inner circle knows how it really is. o7 to a great senior and friend. If you need anything, such as another story time, you know my snap
  13. o7 @falcon, you were one of the boys. I will definitely miss you brother :( 

  14. CONGRATS TO THE BOYS @zoomzooooooom @hawk

    1. hawk


      Thanks friendly neighbour Ryan

    2. zoomzooooooom

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