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  1. I couped him guys im now the new lead dev, you wont be missed @Zahzi

    @Civak ill miss you qt

  2. ^ This, gang wars had a new mission file for the last 2
  3. Take all the time you need man, this game shouldnt be your priority. Sending my regards
  4. Ryan


    Based off hearsay from insiders, Arma 4 will be using DayZ's "Enfusion" engine. Aka it wont even be 100% sqf coding like Arma 3 is.
  5. Ryan


    Mainly this ^ Arma is a dying game but summer is usually our peak times. Regardless, all the Atlis Life servers took a hit this season, not just Olympus. With this pandemic, our summer pop came a bit earlier then anticipated, and when time came to go outside people started to prefer that over video games (understandably) Compared to other servers, I seem to believe our rule set is the easiest and probably most straight forward. Guess its personal opinion though. Arma 4 for Olympus will happen. We actually started brainstorming ideas for how we want to develop this server. yeah fuck @ThatNerdyGuy
  6. 👀3e1875a662baa7f2a58a91ea624c93e8.gif

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    2. Cale


      add in double downing and splitting

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Medics are going to love this

    4. Tech


      @Cale Double downing is already in. Splitting won't be in the release but I do plan on it eventually.

      @swervy Donation goal said roulette, slots, blackjack. Texas hold em is fun as fuck but would probably take more hours of dev work and testing then already spent on the initial 3 games.

  7. @Ryan I really like your new profile picture.

    1. Monks


      @Ryan fuck yo profile picture














































      jk wub u ❤️

  8. 🙂 d955c601e0b172c0517cf667f35c03d4.gif

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    2. Toasty


      If those goes live right now I might, and just might, log on to Arma3

    3. Deluxe


      is green 14x?

    4. Tech


      @Deluxe as of right now, yes.

  9. For those that have been asking, as of today the donation rewards page has been updated to majority of what you receive. There may be a few things that are not listed that we missed but we will be updating them overtime. Shoutout to @Noahhh! for helping us out 🙂 

  10. Ryan

    new hud

    When I tried doing this last year this is the answer I got ^_^ Would of been done by now if we took our time on it
  11. Ryan

    new hud

    Although I have always wanted to update the HUD, this one aint it chief It feels too cluttered, takes up a lot of the screen. Stuff like the donor level I feel like we can just include within the Y menu if its really necessary. A good HUD has a clean fresh look, with as little as possible on the screen. TLDR this^
  12. Happy Birthday lad 🙂 

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