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  1. So about that ganglife....


























    totally didn’t make this so I can see the same convo again

    1. Savage


      Same shit #free sunnayyy, elements, Appache, and rp slayer o no some1 said some shit looks like I shit talk back and the comvo goes on for a day

    2. loser123


      1 hour ago, Savage said:



  2. Cow Manure is in a great location, can easily do runs out of my house that’s like 20 meters from it
  3. Gang life ain’t dead, it’s just on vacation. Working on a little vid, gonna do some good shit this week. If you have any clips of anything at all that you want to share, feel free to post them down below. 

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    2. Ryan


      Aunt Jemima was working on it, then stopped. @Kyle^ :) is handling it now. @Apathy

    3. obeymatt


      I’m sure gang life will be back in the summer tbh , when kids are off school and have nothing better to do along with the steam summer sale I’m sure it will be boomin 

    4. Jaster


      @obeymatt hopefully people will be unpermed by then aswell 

  4. 72
  5. Congrats on corp @Kurt @codeyeti

  6. Happy Birthday @Fushigi 


    btw go rope

  7. twitch.tv/ryannathant
  8. Congrats @Stuuurrt

    1. Stuuurrt


      "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today. " :FeelsBad::FeelsBad: Thanks

  9. You monkey @thor. told ya you’d get it. Congrats. 


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