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  1. Dont forget, gang wars rosters are due by Friday this week!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ryan


      PID's and Gang Tag is all I need really @Mason Statham

    3. Noahhh!


      The original post says there is a sub limit of 3, can I exceed that by a small amount (by 2 or 3) if I shout you out in my next boomtage?

    4. Noahhh!


      I can make sure you have all the PIDs for everyone, that's not a problem at all. 

  2. Certain exceptions for people can be made, but if you are someone that has lets say 80 hours on the server and seem to have no activity in the last week or 2 then I wont even consider letting them slide.
  3. i need big boy admin 

  4. can i get off restrictions

  5. Anyone here that streams and has really high quality transitions and shit that wants to be part of a project hmu 

  6. You say "demand" as if we are obligated to do giveaways at all We do them because we feel like giving to the community, not everyone will like whats being given out however thats why the giveaways are optional. Too much of something devalues it on the market. Look at the ghosthawk for example, it used to be an extremely rare vehicle that nobody wanted to pull due to the fear of losing it, now its like candy to most people.
  7. Ryan


    This^ or After Effects CC 2019. Both solid
  8. As long as I see some activity from now till the day of gang wars I dont care about what your activity was previously
  9. Try opening it with Razer cortex
  10. Congrats @Breaker for winning the $250 Donor Congrats @Vcx for winning the $10 Mil If you didnt win this one boys, dont worry. We are going to start up our discord giveaways again, where we would be giving out blackwater gear/vehicles, in game donors, money, warpoints and more. Hit up our discord to be part of those future giveaways, I believe we are doing a ghosthawk giveaway on there now . https://discord.gg/GmCzG4W
  11. Yo im feeling nice today for thanksgiving, first 25 people to reply to this that arent on the money leader board gets a mil each. Enjoy 🙂 

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    2. Coconut


      Happy thank giving bud.

    3. Clout Cobain

      Clout Cobain

      please gimmie the money Happy thanksgiving everybody


    4. Ryan


      Everyone has been paid, to those that havent, better luck next time 😛 

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