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  1. All in all, we want to see the APD move towards the more roleplay side of things, as opposed to the money grinder reputation yall have. The leniency you guys have towards situations is now much larger. Anything is suitable as long as its roleplayed properly and within the server rules
  2. Pretty sure that’s a manual thing staff is doing kek
  3. Hit the nail on the head! also.. noticed wrong!
  4. Oh, that’s not as bad compared to the usual. I take it back sir @Grandma Gary
  5. There will be maintenance on the forums this weekend. We will be trying to update it to the new version, with a slightly different dark theme. We have held off on this update for months, because our current dark theme has not been updated to the new forum software, and has since been discontinued with the development for it. We will try to make it look as similar as possible but there will be some obvious changes. Announcement has been made as a reminder at the top of the forums. 

  6. That’s kind of crazy how you happened to watch me, @Grandma Gary or @Fraali do these things, notify us in staff dispatch about it, and when I personally teleported to you and told you it’s not a hacker it’s 3 of the highest ranking staff on the server screwing around, that you ignored it and tried to put it into a post for it to validate your argument ^_^
  7. knowing @Mako, any piece of drip will be role player approved good sir
  8. There is no official zone for it, hence why its not in the rules. If its quite obvious they are going to that cartel to fight you, then if its beyond 500 meters by just slightly we obviously wont ban for it. If its something as simple as driving past right, and they get tapped out then thats when we'd say its RDM. Being that this cartel is fairly deep, you should be able to easily tell whos coming and who isnt.
  9. Id say its scenario based, but typically id give it at least 500m from the cartel itself. Thats not a set number, but a general area you want to stay in.
  10. Seems the issues have arised from the latest Arma update, should hopefully be fixed soon
  11. Grats @Slumberjack


    Happy Birthday @Claysive you old fart

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