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  1. They were either reverted, or if they ended up getting sold to someone else we forced them to use it till it blows up as a punishment.
  2. Server pop is great now, and has been for a while but that doesnt mean it will last all year round. Both Olympus and Asylum have had great numbers for a long time, however @ClintBeastwood from Asylum pretty much described it the same way I would with server pop. "August - Nov - Good Student Month cant be bothered to play games. (Population hovers 80-90 Peak) December - Jan - I'm off school fuck it lets game (100+ peak) February - April - Back to School fuck me (80-90 Peak) May - June - Finals boy... fuck (70-80 Peak) July - August - Summer FUCK YA (100+ Peak)" Re opening server 3 doesnt solve much besides a temporary fix. Id rather have a few people try to spam in as opposed to 3 half filled servers.
  3. Saying this now if it turns into the shit show I believe it will turn into this is getting a fat
  4. Woah buddy that ain’t a regular dev that’s my shadow owner you’re looking at, when I’m lazy he does my work for me
  5. 😆

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    2. Ziggyuwu


      23 minutes ago, Panda 🙂 said:

      somebody get this guy a AA sponsor

      don't judge the man for hitting the bottle

    3. rabid


      ryan phone here guys hello!

      olympus paypal app yeet 🦍

    4. Parker R

      Parker R

      Lemi play GW mate


  7. 12 man rosters isn’t a requirement it’s a maximum. The minimum we’re looking for is 8
  8. if you weren’t allowed to play in last gang wars, PM me to see if your good for this one. 

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    2. Drippp


      Who’s @Headless? Probably some dogshit contributor hoping to dick suck his way into the actual staff team because lord knows he’s not getting it based off his skills as a designer nooooo

    3. Headless
    4. Vcx


      @Drippp that sounds like most of the mods and support team members in Olympus     









  9. We still living in the past bruh FUCK YOU MEAN
  10. They didn’t even get their uniform yet they get to keep their uniform for a full month once it’s out. Prob next hotfix/update.
  11. Date, Time, Place: Gang Wars XVI will be live at 12:00 PM EST on February 8th, 2020 Gang Wars leader meeting will be at 12:00 PM EST February 1st, 2020 Submit your rosters HERE RULES: Individuals who have been banned in the past for lag-switching, combat exploiting, or scripts will be disqualified instantly. You may not be currently banned on Olympus Servers if attempting to participate. If you try to evade, your account will be permanently banned, and your teammates disqualified. You must have a reasonable amount of playtime on our servers 3 weeks prior to the gang wars date. Rosters must have a minimum of 8 players, with a maximum of 12. Subs lists are restricted to 3 players. If you do not include correct player IDs, your gang will be disqualified. At any point during Gang Wars if I feel that a player is out of bounds, exploiting, cheating, or in some way not fulfilling the equal fighting game play intended for Gang Wars, they will be killed, disqualified, and their gang disqualified. This is at my discretion. Any player found impeding the process of Gang Wars in anyway will be subject to administrative action on Olympus Servers. This is at my discretion. Don’t bring on players who are ineligible, banned, or who do not meet the rules stated above. INFORMATION When applying, make sure that your player list is complete WITH SUBS AND THEIR PLAYER IDS. Players with less than 200 hours on Olympus entertainment servers WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. This Gang Wars will be our 16th, and also a different style considering the mission file changes we will be implementing from the last one 1st place will receive GW Winner tags in TeamSpeak and on the forums, Gang Uniform in game, Gang Title of your choice, $50 million in game gang funds, 150 Warpoints per player that took part in game and a billboard in Kavala with a roster list and gang picture taken. (This will be a month after Gang Wars XV winner billboard) 2nd place will receive $35 million in game gang funds, 100 Warpoints per player that took part in game and a nice pat on the back 3rd place will receive $15 million in game gang funds and 50 Warpoints per player that took part in game MVP: The MVP of Gang Wars XVI will be decided by the people keeping track of points. Criteria includes possible plays made, kill count, and overall performance. This player will receive 5 million in game money, a custom in-game title that displays Gang Wars MVP, and a pick of any blackwater loot item (including ghosthawks and armed hurons). IF you would like to be one of the people streaming and/or keeping track of points, please send a PM to me and @Main.
  12. This was a weak exit, so far the only exits that I think are worth mentioning are @Dominick Ramos’s and Hadis. Only some of the @Retired Staff would know why ^_^ Also @Grandma Gary you a hoe
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