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  1. Steam Game: @Jessy Steam Game: @Pharaoh Steam Game: @Jelly Donut Amazon Card: @Sauwercraud Amazon Card: @Daddy_Daquarius VIP Rank (+$50 towards account): @WALT™ VIP Rank (+$50 towards account): @Dicky VIP Rank (+$50 towards account): @Page Elite Rank (+$100 towards account): @Marcel Elite Rank (+$100 towards account): @RichardDixe Champion Tier (+$250 towards account): @poundcake Legendary Tier (+500 towards account): @Derek Congrats Boys, send me a PM for your prizes! More giveaways to come soon.
  2. Winner announced later today. Entries are closed now ladies
  3. Lies aint nobody steals from my tank and if they do I kill them right after. Prob delete it before one of us do ^_^ THIS SHIT AINT MINE I GOTTA LOGIN TO SPAWN THAT CRAP
  4. The bans tab currently shows your status on a ban. It won’t show you your ban history right now, it will only tell you if you are currently banned/show you the evidence of the ban.
  5. @Zahzi got a better insight on this then I do. I know the SR&R Requested to do theirs once a week, this way they can keep the “surprise factor” in their weekly posts for it. As for APD honest answer is I don’t know. It is possible we changed it back to a nightly basis, or kept it as is. Gonna have to wait for zahzi to answer that one.
  6. Believe it updates once a week. Yeah, told you this before I was even owner. Indeed carrot boy was debating on doing it, I told him to With new players coming on, wanted to get as much content out as possible to make them want to stay. Rather release something that’s already functioning and have zahzi work on it little by little, as opposed to just releasing it all at once.
  7. There was a public poll. He won that poll
  8. Everyone had some great submissions, I am glad to see the communities creativity come to light with some of those videos! Based off the poll our winner would be @Noahhh!! However, I do want to give a second, third and favorite video award. 1st place: @Noahhh! - 2nd Place: @thor - 3rd Place: @Cyanide - Community Favorite that didn't make it to finals: @i chop hatchbacks - Thank you all for your submissions, send me a forum PM for your prizes (second/third/favorite obviously dont have the same rewards as 1st place).
  9. Teamspeak, Website and all Server services should be back online. Sorry for the inconvenience 😞 

    1. Richard


      Did you delete my status update you bully??  

  10. @Outcast is a little rat and changed it when nobody was looking. It has been fixed. Thank you for showing me this error @Shades @Jelly Donut @Walrito @dkline reference the above ^
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