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  1. Ryan


    o7 Homie. I dont think I need to go into any details about what we discussed behind the scenes months ago, whether its about IRL or Olympus. You helped me through some hard times and I hope I did the same for you. When we had to let you go the first time it was a very tough decision to make, but im glad you came back for the second time to prove people wrong. If you ever need anything from me, you know where to message me (that is when I go back to actively reading messages, currently MIA lol). Wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors, and I am sad to see you go You have definitely been one of the most active, influencial community members at the time. Involving everyone, wether its through interviews, mass recruiting, or overall Community Wiki. That little spark is what this server needed at the time, and to this day we are still doing some of the things you implemented. If life didnt come in the way, id definitely enjoy having our long conversations we used to have again. Maybe one day we can see a WTFI Ryan episode, for some old time nostalgia. Till then,
  2. Ryan


    wtf why you exposing me like that o-o
  3. Hey man let’s not forget how many hours I spent talking to you and giving you advice on what you should look out for and do. I even stepped away from work for some of those moments. You know how to message me if you truly need me
  4. Absolutely love this thread. Came out of hiding just to respond to this thread, because its something I preach a lot believe it or not. Believe it or not, regardless of what people think of me or how my life is outside the internet, I personally have been struggling with mental health for the last 3-4 years, this year being the worst of it. When it comes to my online relationships I would also sit down and talk to @ Viper , @ Xeltini , @ last , @ Phizx , and @ Panda :) on a daily basis and most of the time it would last for weeks on end. Before I found people to speak to outside of this community, if I didnt have these guys I dont know where I would be by now, and its why ill always call them my day 1 homies. This year has been tough on a lot of people... hell ill even be the one to admit its the reason why Olympus sees me come and go from time to time, or even hear me speak about drinking alcohol non stop. Its been a real struggle and im currently in the process of dealing with what is currently my peak of problems. Now remember, people on the internet act completely different as opposed to how they are in real life. Someone could be having a really rough day with peak anxiety and stress, and wants to go home to have some relief. The last thing they want is to login and have someone yelling at them to go kill themselves just because you made them lose a loadout. Having someone to talk to, or even addressing the problem, is the best thing you can do, or even start to do. Now I cant promise to reply to PM's as I rarely check them, but if you happen to send me something and I do end up seeing it, I will try my best to respond as well. Remember guys, you are not alone, and if there is one thing I have noticed with this community for the last 6-7 years I have been part of it, its that when someone really needs the help, there is always another person here willing to do so.
  5. yo this guy is a crackhead that only developed AC on Olympus for literally 4+ months, if anyone can do it, even beyond BE, its him
  6. ^^ Practically nailed it. TS Will always be Olympus's primary use of communication within the community outside the forums. First and foremost, because of the way its structured and organized with permissions. Discord does not have as much options in what we can/cant customize. Second being the fact that you have to add people as a friend to private message them on Discord, unless they leave their DM's open. With teamspeak you do not. I will say I have always hated discord in its early days, but recently ive found it quite useful for communication with certain aspects of staff, as well as the giveaways, support tickets, etc. I am slowly adding new things to the Discord as well, as most of our new players are using that anyway. Goal is to get our Discord partnered at some point, so ill probably start hard focusing that soon.
  7. For those of you who lost Olympus+ in the last day or so, Paypal had a bug where they did not renew the sub once expired. It should be fixed now. If you lost the sub and want to keep Olympus+ you would have to resubscribe. If you still have any problems make sure to making a donation request ticket.

    @Olympus Plus

  8. Due to high demand, users can now purchase credits for other users in the store. You may use these credits on anything that's purchasable on Olympus. You may do this by following this or clicking here:


    Once the code is redeemed, anything you purchase in the shop will look like this:




    Enjoy 🥳

    1. Claysive


      Can you toss me 100? 

  9. I have donated $15.00 to the server. I hope this can be compensation for your recent DoorDash order error.


    1. Ryan


      Ill accept this... for now... 👀

    2. xJake758


      hey you messed up my order where's my compensation

    3. Peterr
  10. you messed up my order you bastards

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DoorDash


      We still provide better service than UberEats!

    3. Monks


      @ Rafa real talk doordash has some of the best customer service I've ever seen. at least with my encounters anyways, uber eats has good service as well but is inferior due to its ability to turn 10 dollars worth of food to a 25 dollar order lol

    4. Rafa


      @ Monks im with you on that. They're really pleasant.

  11. When I had Trident, and making money was 10x worse then it was now, Kev literally led our gang to $100+Mil in gang funds through runs and feds in less than a week. People just need to get creative
  12. To kick off our new Olympus+ service, we are going to be doing a giveaway on our discord You can join our discord here: https://discord.com/invite/GmCzG4W Information regarding Olympus+: GL to everyone

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