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  1. Congrats @hawk :D I TOLD YOU BUDDY 

  2. Ryan

    There is in fact a hard heated debate in teamspeak.
  3. Man steps in for a day and gets Serenity kids perm banned for ddosing. Who knows what he can do next
  4. Ryan

    There’s a simple solution here... close your eyes. BOOM, you don’t see the rule change/responses. Easy
  5. Happy Birthday to one of the day 1’s @Viper Don’t use all that birthday money on planes now :Kappa:

    1. Viper


      To late :Kappa: but thanks  for putting up with me for so long :taylor:

  6. Ryan

    Have not seen that at all but ok I guess lmao
  7. Ryan

    True true, but it’s in their name

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