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  1. Ryan

    Good old days

    You ape I was talking about @TayK
  2. Ryan

    Good old days

    ^ also those days we boosted your ego a little too much and turned you into a re re, which got you permed more then once mistakes have been made
  3. check pms when you get a chance son

  4. Ryan

    yo you're too easy to carry on COD Mobile

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    2. Elements


      ryan prob sweats on a emulator

    3. Mason Harrison
    4. Skys


      I sweat on an emulator 24/7

  5. Hello ladies, So as you know we got a bunch of stuff coming out and I want to make sure they are up and running as well as working smoothly before we fully release something. As you can imagine, testing things on a dev server with 2-3 people as opposed to a full server environment gives us different results and getting feedback for a bunch of ideas/changes outside of a meeting is impossible without making constant posts. We also want to give civilian life an extra form of direct communication with Olympus (however its not intended for spamming and asking about bans/reports). So, we created a discord (yes I know another one) that people can join to get the opportunity to see and test things first. Unfortunately we are only opening this discord to Gang Leaders for now, could be gang rank 4+. This does not mean we will keep it this way, we just want to test this out and see how it goes. What to expect from this discord: Announcements for potential events we plan on hosting (Ex Cartel Events) Feedback and suggestions to be posted on there before its posted on the forums Opportunity to test things such as gang wars early to make sure its functional before the actual event Ability to communicate with other gangs, see if anyone else is available for fights on cap Eh, if I dont see you guys shit talk each other ill be disappointed Establish a better communication with staff/development Some more stuff I probably forgot to put here Essentially this is a quicker feedback system for us, and gives gangs the opportunity to help us out. To clarify the first bullet, this does not mean we wont announce things on the forums, it essentially means if we have an idea will see how people feel about it in that discord if need be. To be invited into this discord you can either PM me or submit a general inquiry. Thanks
  6. @Viper Welcome back qt 🙂 

    I expect more Best of Olympus now


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    2. JuanDeaged


      Yay welcome back can’t wait for the plane to rape me 

      ahhh ha ha

    3. Xeltini


      I see who's your favorite friend 

    4. Viper


      Thanks everyone, check my recent status update 😉


  7. Olympus Developer Applications We're currently looking to fill some developer positions for Olympus. This can be at a "Contributor" level or full-fledged "Developer" level depending on the requirements you meet and what you're looking to get out of the experience. If you're interested in applying for either role please read below and submit an application in the support section of the forums for "Staff Application" then select the desired position. Please note that all developer & contributor positions are unpaid positions. Those who have applied previously are welcome to re-apply. I highly suggest putting good effort into your application for best results. We would rather have quality vs quantity. Developers: Developers are seen as staff members. They are invited to staff meetings, seen as staff on the directory and within the game, have staff perks, generous rewards, and significant payouts. However, Developers are expected to commit more to the mission file. They should be well versed in SQF and basic concepts should be understood fully. They are also expected to act as staff. Contributors: Contributors are not seen as staff. They are not invited to staff meetings and do not see rewards to the degree that staff do. However, they do receive rewards for their work and are expected to maintain a level of activity (not as heavy as Developers). They may still be learning SQF and basic concepts should be understood to a moderate degree. They are not expected to act as staff, however they are expected to act with maturity. Requirements: 17+ Years of Age (exemptions can be made, however there is a level of maturity expected) Basic knowledge of SQF (ability to create a script to perform on demand basically) Knowledge of nearly all potential loop structures and formatting for them Knowledge of different variable types (Global/Local/Public) and how they function in Arma 3 General understanding of scopes General understanding of the different data types available for Arma 3 Basic knowledge of Multiplayer/Dedicated Server Environments for Arma 3 Basic knowledge of MySQL as well as able to form general SQL query statements (for server-side database queries) Basic Arma 3 GUI design knowledge Basic knowledge of GitHub or other version control repository provider (GitLab, BitBucket, etc) Ability to demonstrate the above before acceptance Preferences: 18+ Years of Age Knowledge and experience with other coding languages. Basic knowledge of a programming language Experience with SQF Development Experience with the Olympus Community Experience with the Olympus ArmA servers Good Reputation on Olympus Strong Database Knowledge Ability to show unique and creative styles in reference to Altis Life, coding, and problem-solving **This cannot be stressed enough when it comes to work examples** In your staff application, please answer the following questions: Why do you feel you are a good pick for the development team? Why do you think you should be picked over others. What makes you an ideal asset? Are you familiar with any other coding languages? What is your programming background (if any)? What is your schedule like in a typical week? How well do you work with a team? Can you work well under pressure? (There will be times when at least a slight crunch time is expected) How would you describe yourself? How would others describe you? Anything else you would like to add? Applications should not be posted as a reply. They should be submitted as a "Staff Application" under the support tab If you have any questions or wish for more information regarding either of the positions feel free to PM me. Thanks, Olympus Development Team
  8. Him and Zahzi have taken the reigns last month I got faith in these boys
  9. Main only got corporal for his events change my mind :kappa:

    grats bud @Main

    1. NokiaStrong
    2. Main


      @Ryan Who approved the prize pools 10 mins before the event... :kappa: Thanks man

    3. Elements


      i agree, bad server

  10. o7 buddy, thanks for everything you have done so far on Olympus. Also appreciate you sticking around until you felt the other boys were ready to be on their own. Don’t be a stranger
  11. Glad we turned this nice post into a roast session. If any of you want to read the suggestion you can, locking this before shit gets more out of hand. @an overweight giant retard’s comment could of been portrayed in more the one way, some saw it as offensive, some took it as a serious Suggestion, while others thought it was a joke. However you want to see it is up to you, but the beef ain’t happening in here.
  12. Strae


  13. ryan please fucking look at what i sent you please please im sorry for spamming man and im sorry about my friends

    1. Zurph


      Yeah @Ryan you are kinda disrespecting my friend

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