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  1. Due to popular demand, starting on the next update in November, Server 2 will be closed during non peak times. Server 2 will always be a server on Olympus and will not go anywhere, ever. However we will be keeping it locked during non peak times. If pop shows its needed to be open earlier, we will do that as well. Im making this post ahead of time to allow people to make any changes they want to make in regards to housing and items. HOWEVER, to those that main Server 2, with runs and housing/gang sheds, we are working on implementing a system that allows you to access your Server 2 properties/inventories while on Server 1. Once its figured out, we will update you guys on that. New times: Weekdays: 5:30 PM EST - 5:30 AM EST Weekends: TBD, however it is likely going to be earlier. Maybe opening around 2-3, will update this post when we figured it out. These times are temporary and are subject to change. We want to see how this will go for the next month or so. I anticipate to have S2 open all the time during the holidays. FAQ's from the last closing: No you are not doomed/will not lose money with this No you dont lose your items No your deed wont expire on houses Yes we are going to figure out a way for S2 to use their stuff/properties on S1 No S2 isn't going down permanently Yes times can be adjusted if we see fit
  2. Physical classes are 10x better. Not only does it make your life easier, but you also get actual social interaction instead of sitting at home all day.
  3. There may be a lot of things that I can say recently I disagree with @Mr GOAT on, with the drama and everything. But if there's one thing ill applaud is his care for Olympus. You may only see certain things he has done that you may or may not like, but behind the scenes he was always on top of things as both chief and admin, being exceptionally great in both departments. He has definitely helped bring the sAPD back into good shape ever since his return, and left it in a very good standing. He was not removed, he quit because of disagreements he had as of recent and decided to step away. So whoever started this "he was fired" rumor needs to start getting their information straight from the source.
  4. Grats lad 🙂  @Fraali

    1. Fraali


      Thank you!

  5. Im glad someone finally read what I said... its almost like some people here read only what they want to read... ffs
  6. Well when I was approached regarding it, they stated it was to specifically balance the civ vs apd numbers, instead of having a perma 25 stacks of cops. If you see/feel that this ability is abused in the future, feel free to hit up the chiefs and they will handle it appropriately im sure.
  7. Honestly, im gonna have to disagree with you on this one chief. As of recent, ive noticed the sAPD have been more then fair with players and the balance aspect of things. A prime example would be how as soon as we announced the S2 downtime, they approached me to make a change for federal events in order to give Civs a better chance. TLDR the change states the a sAPD member can split off cops from an event in order to limit the cops responding and give civs a chance.
  8. Tbh we didn’t think about the time zones. We’re just testing some new performance updates for s1 with a full server. If servers show to fill earlier then anticipated we will adjust the times for the next few days. You guys are still free to play on S1, just won’t have access to your houses obviously.
  9. Its literally a few days... yall actually tripping over one weekend of downtime? lol
  10. S2 aint going away for a LONGGGGG time. I got no intentions on getting rid of it, especially since its my main server as well
  11. Dude... you weren’t supposed to tell them
  12. Drama aside... Anyone watching this Khabib vs Gaethje fight this saturday? Who yall betting on?

    Personally, calling Khabib will take it 😛 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ventar


      He has a background in div 1 wrestling but I have not seen him on the ground much in UFC, he usually throws a few punches then a lethal knee to the forehead or jaw. Crazy precision and timing though he is totally in control of the fight and basically moves on his own terms when fighting, That being said Khabib isn't like anyone he has fought so far so this will be his toughest opponent by far.

    3. Ryan


      @Ventar Ah gotcha. Seems like we gonna have a nice show then lmfao 

    4. Greenbum
  13. There will be rules in place for this when its released. For example, if you get engaged and run in there just to avoid being killed, you would get banned. If your wanted and go there to avoid engagement etc
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