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  1. Ryan

    One of the chillest, most entertaining people to play with. Sad to see you go, and to those that have continued to ruin your shit IRL have really reached a new low.
  2. We are doing yet another giveaway, except this time the prize is doubled! 10 Mil giveaway is in the prize pool this time! Once agin requirements to enter are in the twitter post which you can find here: https://twitter.com/olympusserver/status/1108816924966817792?s=21 Want to stay updated on more giveaways like warpoints, BW vehicles/gear, or more money giveaways? Join our discord where we do daily giveaways! https://discordapp.com/invite/cqf5m8F
  3. Ryan

    Welcome to OS don’t let @Plumber or @Mercury bully you away
  4. Ryan

    Who is this ikiled guy? Seems like a ghost
  5. Odin

    Thanks Bae ;)

    1. DashTonic
    2. Odin


      I can't be killed, only temporarily banished.

  6. Which one is millennium again?








    :Kappa: Congrats @Millennium

    1. Millennium


      Which Ryan are you again? ty cutie

  7. Ryan

    All ima say for now is that summer is gonna be nutty.
  8. Ryan

    He downvoted one of my posts, had to show him what happens when you do I ain’t into that stuff no thx
  9. Ryan

    There is something in the works
  10. If you received money from the hacker this morning, and want to avoid getting a "Hacked Cash" or "See Olympus Staff" ban submit a general inquiry and we will handle it as quick as we can. Try to avoid using that money, or giving it out.

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    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      did that 

      plz no ban


    3. xanx


      Can confirm @De Fuk did multiple giveaways ! 

    4. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      yeah u got me :D

  11. Ryan

    o7 buddy. I will make sure to always fight for the #OlympusEquallity for as long as I’m staff. One of the chilliest OG members I’ve ever spoken to and will never forget the contributions you made. Have fun in your endeavors
  12. Ryan

    o7 buddy, thanks for everything you have done! Been a homie since day 1
  13. MY BOY @LukeTheSup Congrats buddy, proud of my son!


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