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Altis Life Update - 2024-07-05 - July Update

Added: Evidence Locker Database Items seized by the APD will now be stored in a database until 2 AM EST Upon completion of the Evidence Locker Escort event items seized throughout the day will be placed in the evidence locker truck Blacklisted items (mainly Blackwater obtained items) still remain blacklisted and still have a 15 percent chance of being added to the evidence locker database The Evidence Locker database will

Altis Life Update - 2024-06-06 - June Update

Added: Blackjack dealer AI rework The dealer will no longer keep pulling after 17 The dealer will now always hold on a value 17 or above The dealer will only continue to hit at 17 if it is a "soft 17" Players will always be able to double down on their first hand Should generally be as fair/rigged as an actual casino  Blackmarket loadouts Alike rebel outposts, players able to create, manage and purch

Conquest Changelog - 4-16-24

Added: Steam Rich Presence™️ for all maps All maps now indicate what is being played by your friends for ease of access ex: Olympus Conquest -> Olympus Conquest (Altis) Players now receive Dopamine at the end of a round automatically Additional Carrier Rig for Clientmod users Added all existent Client Mod clothing to Rebel Clothing SWAT Carrier Lite (Snakeskin) to Spc. A3 2.14 Bandannas

Altis Life Update - 10th Anniversary

Added: 10th Anniversary CSAT Pilot Coveralls to Warpoint shop for 15WP Enhanced BW Loot chance Gold sell price increased by 10% Evidence Locker Rework Evidence Locker now has a buy-in fee ($500k) Money is taken directly from the starting player's bank Change Evidence Locker to be an escort-style event  Requires 7 Police to start Players must hold a

Conquest Changelog - 3-9-24

Added: Client Mod Weapons SCAR-H 7.62mm SR-25 7.62mm SR-10 7.62mm Sting 9mm to Rebel Weapon shops Porting for Ifrit (360 Smoke) SWAT Mar-10 to SWAT Point shop for 45 SP .338 LP magazines available for $15k or 1 SP Airdrop ENVGs added to Airdrop at 10% chance LRR .408 added to Airdrop at 10% chance Comes with 7x 7rnd magazines

Client Mod Update - 2023-10-18

Added: Added Compatibility with Olympus Megaquest Menu GUI now has buttons for Mission Downloader, Steam group, Forums Ghillie suit Top and Full Replaces Diving Goggle variants 300 Identity types w/ new Tattoos GPNVG replacers for Fullscreen NVG and Jungle NVG Additional Loadscreen assets Icons for the mod and description data SPAR default textures Flashlight model replaced IR Laser replaced Beanie v


Mako in Client Mod Development

Altis Life Update - 8/17/23 - August Content Update

Added: Login Rewards - Donation Goal Accessed through ;login or Y-menu below licenses Players are notified when a reward is eligible Rewards must be redeemed the day they are rolled from the UI Must play at least 15m before being able to roll daily reward Daily reset is 7:30 AM EST Rewards on milestone days exclusively use Milestone pools and default days use default pool Rewards are

Altis Life Update - 2023-05-26 May Hotfix

Added: ArmA Build Whitelisting Builds of ArmA that may be used on Olympus servers are now manually whitelisted to prevent Bohemia pushing bugs to profiling branch affecting us. You may still use the profiling branch (we will whitelist each build after confirming it's relatively bug-free). If you need to downgrade to an older version of profiling, we suggest using the official Bohemia Google Drive to do so. Since the latest builds have

Conquest Changelog - 2023-04-04

Added: Zargabad Adv. Rebel vehicles Ported new clothing UI Y inventory not dropping on death Chernarus 2035 added Utes as a zone Disabled damage on buildings within 150 meters of each flag Changed: SDAR's price increased to $35,000 End of $10 million pot bonus donation goal Enabled damage on some Kujari cap buildings Delayed removal of caps until 5-10 mins after conquest starts Automatic zone deletion on round


Weaz in Conquest Development

Altis Life Update - 2023-04-01 - April Update

Release Date: April 1st, 2023 - 3:00 AM EST   The in-game mission download speed has been lowered to alleviate some server network performance issues Please utilize our mission updater (Auto-Hotkey script) that is provided above   Added: Crafting Blueprints Blueprints are Illegal Blueprints have 1 Virtual weight Blueprints can be stored in any house or trunk Blueprints resell fo

Altis Life Update - 2023-03-10 - March Update

Get in faster and help reduce server lag by following the instructions here: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Olympus_Mission_Updater Release Time: 2023-03-10 - 5:00 AM EST   Added: Donation Goal (Ends 3/31) Temporary Federal Event Buff Federal Reserve Gold Bars sell for 25% more Enhanced drop rate and spawn rate for rare items in Blackwater Loot Map Search List for all ma

Altis Life Update - 2023-01-18 - January Update

Get in faster and help reduce server lag by following the instructions here: https://wiki.olympus-entertainment.com/wiki/Download_Mission_Files Added: Crafting - Phase 1 (Scrapping) Scrap Scrap can be stored inside of a House, Vehicle or Player Inventory Scrap in Player Inventory is dropped on death Scrap has no Virtual Weight To generate Scrap you can either scrap Gear, Vehicles or Virtual Items a


Mako in Altis Life Development

Altis Life Update - 2022-11-19 - November Content Patch

If you'd like to assist us in reducing server latency please follow the instructions to download the mission file HERE. Added: New Interaction 'Quip' Wheel Players can choose to either toggle the menu open or hold it open Opens a 360° menu with choices equally placed Ex: 4 options, 1 option every 90° Option for players to continue using 'Legacy' Interaction menu Players can close the menu with a single Ri
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