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Altis Life Update - 2022-4-15 - April Content Update

Added: Automated Gang/Group Tags APD members are now tagged as "Police |" Medics are now automatically tagged with [Medic] Players may now chose their own Gang/Group during the creation process Gang Leaders will receive 2 tag confirmation before setting a tag All individuals that join your gang/group will have a tag applied to their name Gangs that are created/change tags display in their c

Conquest Changelog - 2022-04-15

Added: Boonie hats to SWAT clothing shop Deck crew vest to warpoint shop for 1wp Map Stratis Added "Airbase Holdout" sector Bottom rebel spawn for Kamino Klash and Airstation Mike-26 will spawn players on the side facing the zone with the car pull Tanoa Added "Bua Bua" sector Altis Additional capture point to 3 point sectors (Sofia, Ghost Hotel,

Altis Life Update - 2022-2-23 - February Hotfix Update

Added: Added medic roadkits to Corporal+ Added spotlight object for greater roleplay  Textures APD Black Orca Skin for Sgt+ Changed: Items like GPS & Map will automatically be equipped when pulled from a house inventory  Deputies and POs automatically gain access to lethals while within the airdrop zones similar to warzone lethals If the Deputy/PO leaves the area or the airdrop ends, lethals are automatically removed after 5 min

Conquest Changelog - 2022-02-09

Add: Experimental tweaks to potentially mitigate network lag at the beginning of conquest - please consider manually downloading the mission file too Functionality for admins to change max points (for r3s) Some gang textures Vehicle engines turn off when dismounting Anti-explosion script for vehicles: vehicles with drivers should no longer explode to non projectile damage Change: Updated texture rotation from live server Group cap cooldown redu

Altis Life Update - 2022-2-6 - February Content Update

Added: Vehicle Airdrop The Vehicle Airdrop is an autonomous event that will happen on the server in the same manner as an airdrop Vehicles will need to be repaired, refueled, lockpicked and rearmed (in the case of armed vehicles) Vehicles will have a tracking circle after leaving the airdrop zone until claimed Lootpool and rarity Xian - Extremely Rare Ghosthawk - Rare Armed Huron - Rare

Conquest Changelog 1/28/22

Add: NETWORK, PERFORMANCE AND CLIENT OPTIMIZATIONS!! Kujari Additional vehicle spawner to Afofo Stratis Additional vehicle pull to Southern Rebel Black and CTRG T4 Vest variants to Warpoint Clothing Black Variants of all weapons to Olympus+ Subscribers Confirmation to safe redeploy while your respawn timer is still up Change: Kujari Kawiya Rebels moved closer to caps Ari

Conquest Changelog - 2022-1-8

Added Added disputes. Use ;disputes or the new button in the y menu to access them. Bipods and flashlights for SWAT 75 round RPK mags added to war point store for 5 war points each. Added Tier 4 vest to war point shop for 10 war points.  88th Division Gang Uniform You now get put into your vehicle when you pull it from a rebel. Changed SWAT and Rebels share NPC's now Rebel's were changed in size accordingly, players should have more roo

Conquest Changelog - 2021-12-22

Added Textures from mid December Altis Life update Missing gang textures SWAT NPCs to Tanoa hub   Changed Smoke changes based on poll results Names are slightly more visible and visible from slightly further away (~2-3m change) Fog is 25% less thick Players whitelisted as SWAT can login regardless of cop whitelist Map markers for group members 3 point zones now have a 3000 point max again   Fixed S


Weaz in Conquest Development

Altis Life Update - 2021-12-19 - December Content Patch 🦌🦌🦌🛷🎅

Added: Christmas has come to Altis! 🔔 Christmas themed music has been added to Gas Stations and the Casinos 🎄 Christmas Trees have been added to every major town 🎁 Presents will generate as you play and can be opened via a scroll wheel action These will spawn at your nearest major town (Kavala, Athira, Pyrgos, Sofia) Presents rewards will be put in your bank account Presents can stack up


Mako in Altis Life Development

Conquest Changelog 12/4/21

Add: Smokes now generate a blur & limit view distance Updated gang textures Change: Ifrit glass now takes additional damage 70% increase on the main front panel 20% increase on the front side panels Reduced warmup intermission from 6 minutes to 3 minutes Time will no longer change during Conquest Aerial vehicles have been removed from shops Armed vehicle pull price has been increased by 3x .50 & Upgraded


Mako in Altis Life Development

Altis Life Update - 2021-12-1 - December Update

Added: Tutorial - a framework for future Quests An interactive step-by-step guide to doing a Silver run for new players Players are rewarded $250,000 for completion Players may only complete the Tutorial once Players must be in Athira to start the Tutorial Players participating in the Tutorial will have a Yellow name Players participating in the Tutorial may not be initiated upon or robbed during this time (


Doc in Altis Life Development

Altis Life Update - 2021-11-3 - November Hotfix Update

Add: AKM (Flashlight) to rebel weapon shops Color variants of the CAR-95 & CAR-95B for Donors Sidechat command ;players which allows players to view how many people are currently online Suppressors color variants for Donors Available in the Rebel Warpoint shop Green color variants for the SRT Donor $250 Helicopter Pilot Helmets for Deputy+ May only be utilized by the Pilot/Co-Pilot for aerial patrols iPod Gang Uniform



Altis Life Hotfix - 2021-10-21

Add: Cruise Control Hotkey'd to "B" Once activated will take the current speed and continue to cruise at the set speed until brakes are applied or another speed has been set Lockpicking/Slim Jim is now able to be bound Custom Action 5 Patrol Officer Arsenal Additions CMR - $75,000 MXC - $55,000 Bipods - $10,000 Phraggers Gang Uniform 100% Honest Farmers Gang Uniform Dabob Hatchb



Altis Life Update - 2021-10-17 - October Content Update

Added: New sAPD Whitelist - @Senior APD Member Captain Equivalent weapon & vehicle shops to a Dep. Chief Gangsheds are now able to be bolt cut open Unarmed Jeep to Deputy+ Hummingbird to Patrol Officer+  Only 1 hummingbird can be used at a time Additional aerial vehicles can be pulled by a Corporal+ without affecting the hummingbird limit  Cannot be used to raid a redzone unless APD has PC or t


Doc in Altis Life Development

Altis Life Update - 2021-09-08 - September Content Update

Added: Radioactive Fallout - Map Design:@ ZeRo Radioactive fallout occurs randomly around the map depending on player population The Radioactive Fallout zone can last for up to 30 minutes or until 500 Radioactive Material is gathered Beware the fallout zone as the incoming missiles will destroy the surrounding area Radioactive Material can be harvested from nearby broken barrels in the "Fallout Zone" Radioactive Materi



Altis Life Update - 2021-08-03 - August Content Update

Added: APD Undercover Active Duty sAPD can go undercover which will mask their identity as a normal civilian  Undercover Agents can reveal/hide their identity at any time if required Only two undercovers can be active at a time Able change their in-game name at APD HQs in order to assist them in their role Undercovers have access to the normal civilians and rebel clothing at their store Undercovers will not h

Altis Life Update - 2021-07-09 - July Content Update

Added: Conquest "Hotzones" 1 zone is converted to a Hotzone that rewards double the points Alternates randomly between points, there is a 3 minute notification stating which point will be selected Hotzone exists for 7 minutes after which it presents a notification and selects a new point FAK+ Virtual First aid kits & FAK+ added to all general stores/markets Does not make a healing icon appear on your scoll actions

🥶 June Coldfix Update 🥶

Added: No Signal Gang Uniform Changed: Reduced Conquest death timer from 2:15M -> 2:00M Reduced Conquest start timer from 10M -> 6M SWAT can now ;vote for Conquest maps Fixed: Gang Vehicles not showing in gang garages Gangsheds/Vehicles having restrained/ziptied UI box Messages kicking players Medic 911 dispatches deleting LIM Jeeps tasing instead of killing Cops ability to send people to jail during an active BW

Altis Life Update - 06/01/2021 - June Content Update

Added: Olympus Plus A monthly subscription that gives you access to multiple in-game and out-of-game rewards and also helps with the upkeep of our servers just like donations. In-Game Rewards: Ability to call in a server wide airdrop rebel outposts  You can only request airdrop if there are 60+ players online Access to weapon skins from $50 and $30 donor tiers  Ex: Promet skins, Gre

Altis Life Update - 04/01/2021 - April 1st Content Update

Added: Tractor Jump Cool sound effect when you press "g"🧢👨🏾‍🦱 Terrorism in Altis has increased tenfold Kavala Rebel Kavala Big Tower Other things 😉 Changed: Repairing any vehicle is now faster RnR can now use MK1's, Mk18's, and .50 caliber offroads directly from the APD evidence pool to protect the citizens of Altis. Quadbike is now armed and dangerous Kavala is now a redzone Other things 😉 Fixed: Every existi



Mid Month Update - March 2021 - Change Log

We have decided to attempt to increase our update frequency, while lowering the amount of content each update. Due to this, it should be the start of what we hope to be a step forward for Olympus, allowing for faster deployment of content and fixes.   Anyways, to the actual change log! Added: Additional 2.5% increase in arrest price per 100 arrests after achieving T5 vigi Restrained players names now display as Orange Terrain & view distance toggle (Cu



Altis Life Update - 03/01/2021 - March Content Update

Added: S.W.A.T. A team of competitive APD members who attend Conquests & help balance the disparity between gangs Adaptive vehicle & weapon shops There is a maximum of 10 SWAT Members allowed at Conquest.  SWAT spawn at conquest rebel like civilians When the Capture Point is captured by the SWAT Team it will be set to APD but APD will gain no points. Example - Capture Point Bravo - SFA would change to Capture Point Bravo



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