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  1. Added: No Signal Gang Uniform Changed: Reduced Conquest death timer from 2:15M -> 2:00M Reduced Conquest start timer from 10M -> 6M SWAT can now ;vote for Conquest maps Fixed: Gang Vehicles not showing in gang garages Gangsheds/Vehicles having restrained/ziptied UI box Messages kicking players Medic 911 dispatches deleting LIM Jeeps tasing instead of killing Cops ability to send people to jail during an active BW robbery "Not Enough Space" hint being spammed while pulling items out Bodies being deleted when dying inside of a blown up vehicle Loading a loadout being cheaper than listed Granit being 5WP instead of 10WP Neochori DMV client locality SWAT Uniforms not texturing Corporals and Patrol Officers receiving the same pay for arresting Some uniforms in Rebel Clothing shops not being able to be saved in a loadout O+ Weapon shops missing some color variants of weapons Gangbase drug sell increase kicking players Adaptive rendering zones in Nifi Conquest Various Olympus+ vehicle skins being purchasable without a subscription Conquest gear values not being properly updated Removed: Plague Gang Uniform and Vehicle RAID Gang Uniform Dior Gang Uniform As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it.
  2. no there is not a science to it just spam c and and get hit anyway
  3. that's not even lebron's twitter
  4. I took off my titles, put on freshspawn clothes, and made my name something you would see from a new player that just got the game. Within 5 seconds of walking into Kav square I’m RDM’ed by Silla. I spectate the guy that just RDM’ed me and he’s mowing down Joe in his new player offroad with only 3 minutes on the server. Joe logged off and probably never came back. Good one dude.
  5. @Smackkk $500k if you kill @Mike Lit while he’s on cop you must text or say, “Michael get on Apex” before he dies I’ll need a video of his death (btw this is in-game @FBI)

    @Carrot Kid boils his Oreos to "soften them up"

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Probably puts pineapple icecream on his pizza rolls too.


  7. I know it's not ideal, but if you're unable to view previous pages of status updates you can go here and view them all instead:


    1. Mr Josh

      Mr Josh

      It would be a shame if somebody made a new status update making this link unreachable 

  8. If your stats got yeeted during S3 conquest and you haven't thought to put in a ticket yet, do so! Preferably a General Inquiry with a title that stands out.

    1. buckie


      Go sift though the logs bone head

  9. 2ee58b037fdcf1674762f9f48586528d.png

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    2. Millennium
    3. Lime


      @Venomm deep covert operations hence the [REDACTED] name

    4. HeadLESS


      You posted it haha

  10. s2 conquest is so laggy can we get s3 conq already goddamn

    1. ThatNerdyGuy


      I was waiting for s4 conquest

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