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  1. instructions unclear accidentally applied for dev
  2. need overwatch gamers hmu

    1. Kden


      Why the racism ban the q doesn't count

  3. can't get killed if i don't play
  4. Ghosthawk giveaway is up on the Olympus Discord btw

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Millennium


      3 minutes ago, CaloomClark said:

      What denthead banned me from oly discord smh

      I don't think u would win it since u got permed....

    3. CaloomClark


      Now i can’t win the fucking ghosthawk man wtf. Wym i got perm’d im on the server rn???🤫🤫🤫 @Headless

    4. Azeh


      Thanks Civac

  5. ok lol ur actually still fuming over a server u ragequit over a month ago move on dude
  6. that's crazy cause I don't remember asking
  7. As others have said before, the rules on Olympus are pretty clearly written and don't leave much up to individual interpretation. From my recent experiences on Asylum it seems that rules are pulled out of thin air, especially regarding the APD. It also seems that the player base on Olympus generally accept when they get rightfully caught by the APD and don't cause too much of a scene. Even if they do, you're able to go into a 'Support' channel on TeamSpeak and speak with the other player in the situation along with a Support Team member (who generally have a solid grasp of the rules) and hash it out there. On Asylum I've noticed that a lot of people cannot deal with spending 5 minutes in jail and scream their heads off claiming every possible rule break in the world had occurred when they get caught. The lack of proper documentation of the APD handbook, combined with no immediate outlet for handling the situation 'out of RP', ruins a lot of situations on Asylum in my opinion. Another big out-of-game difference would be each server's wiki page. Olympus' wiki was recently made by @Noahhh! (with help from others) and can be found here. All rule changes are reflected on the wiki and help to provide quick and accurate information for new and old players alike. I would highly recommend checking it out. On another note, cops on Olympus are overpowered. I would say #ChangeMyMind, but you simply can't. On Asylum I constantly hear cops complaining that everything is sided against them (in favor of civilians). You won't hear that too often on Olympus.
  8. You care about Mod, I don't care about Lead We are not the same
  9. @Millennium I don't see Moderator in the prizes
  10. Thoughts on making 0 craters more like 0.5 craters?

  11. Ever wanted a cool feature added to the server? What about something you would like to see removed/changed? How about deleting the medic faction entirely? It's your chance to be heard!


    1. Azeh


      Yes!!! :pogchamp:

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