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  1. Congrats @AstralC

    On a side note:
    Developer applications are still open as we look to recruit new talent to the team. Get those apps in boys.

    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      Can't wait to be working alongside you man!

    2. Civak


      @Mason Statham surprisingly your app was better than some!

    3. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      @Civak thanks man I didn't want to go too tryhard since I didn't want you thinking I was over qualified

  2. Developer applications have been updated.

    If you already know SQF, your chances at being accepted are pretty damn good. However, you may apply with zero knowledge of SQF as long as you are fluent in another programming language and have a desire to learn. If you have been on the fence before because of a lack of proficiency in SQF, now is your best chance. Get those apps in.

    1. maxg


      @Decimus its time brother..

    2. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham


      35 badges fam sign me up as senior dev

  3. where are all the admins at?

    geez man can we get some soon?!?!?!

  4. Changelog in-game is cut off because I used an ampersand instead of typing "and".
  5. Added P90 to Rebel Weapon Shop for $70k PO lethals in warzone Killing cops in warzone counts toward killstreak Dopamine Shot $100k 10 weight Purchasable at Rebel, Vigi, Rescue Market (for non-medics only), and from Dope Crates Can be used on a body that died while on dope, allowing for the player to be epi'd again 30 minute cooldown Urban Pilot Coveralls to Rebel Clothing Shop Buffed gold sell price & BW loot spawn for the month Senior Designer @Mako is KOS for the month Titles for successful Titan hits Federal Reserve jump spots Changed Reduced Cop P90 price from $100k to $70k PO+ pay 100% of loadout price for dying in warzone Reduced spawn rate of low-tier weapons and sights from BW loot pool Warpoints for killing cops in warzone scales by rank Increased betting cap from $5,000,000 to $50,000,000 Confirmation for bets over $5 million Reduced Medic revive payout from $20k to $15k Reduced price of the APD Chief's Y-32 Xi'an from $10,000,000 to $5,000,000 Reduce price of trucks by ~25% Minor Altis Bank layout changes Blackwater walls are indestructible Federal Reserve gate 4 accessible by vehicles Reduced Cop/Vigi arrest payout Fixed Cop and Rebel NPC loadouts are back Medics infinitely repairing NPCs for cash Pulling vehicles with an ID of 7 digits Removed Remaining NPC tags that were causing errors Trees, bushes, and rocks from Lithium Mine Insurance for the Y-32 Xi'an As always if a bug is found please submit a support ticket about it under "Bug Report". Nothing can be fixed if we aren't aware of it. We can not continue to do updates like this without your support. You can help here. Hotfix #1 Remove NPC things again to maybe fix performance Hotfix #2 Fixed being kicked off when selling gold bars Added Heli Crew Helmet (Black) to Rebel Clothing Added Urban Pilot Coveralls to allowed loadout save gear Hotfix #3 Added Add 10% claim discount when a player holds arms cartel Add 15k kills title Add hitman titles Add black crew helmet to rebel Fixed Fix misuse charge blocking texts incorrectly. Now it only prevents the player from texting while they have the charge (pardoning will allow texting again, soft-logging won't Fix bank vault Fix plane garages Fix logging for house inventories Fix logging for certain admin cmds & admin chat
  6. need 1 for R6 tournament hmu on TS3 asap

  7. just casually 3 queued and we get this shitter @Elements on our team.....


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Elements


      fuck u weaz you always shoot me before you even load into my eyes

    3. Weaz
    4. KrispyK


      Imagine still playing china game

  8. great news for everyone

    in the next hotfix @Mako will be KOS for a month since he broke the server

  9. quick everyone spam @Zahzi and wake him up so we can push the fix for server performance

  10. Other way around. It was something that was meant to be happening but wasn't.
  11. tl;dr September update is here- if you have any issues or find any bugs please submit a Bug Report or contact @Civak, @Zahzi, or @Pledge thx 👁️💋👁️

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