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  1. tbh you can just ignore the Infamous guy he does the same thing on asylum forums, copy pasting code he searched for and arguing with their devs, it’s a waste of breath with him
  2. https://olympus-entertainment.com/profile/22040-civak/?status=58111&type=status
  3. Servers have been updated for the 1.98 hotfix. You will need to restart/update your game before being able to connect. According to Bohemia the vehicle desync shouldn't be as bad now.


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    2. Creepy
    3. Monks
    4. Mighty


      @Monks so thats what happened? I was so confused why you just rammed the ghosthawk lol

  4. I can't wait to be getting chased by the cops, one hand on the wheel, as I shoot up as much heroin as I can. Edit: Before the fun police come crying that wouldn't even be possible since you can only use it with broken legs!
  5. We were looking at a higher percent initially. Sadly it would make betting somewhat pointless. i.e. Bet 10 mil and win. You receive 9.9 mil. Bet another 10 mil and lose. You lost 100k even though you went 1/1. If that percent was higher, like 10%, you would lose 1 mil when going 1/1 in 10 mil bets.
  6. hmu if anyone is looking to buy


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    2. Revise


      around 70 usd

    3. Drippp


      Am I the only person who doesn’t see the hype behind this game?

    4. Elements


      its better than arma

  7. 48 hours later


    1. zoomzooooooom


      damn i wished i knew what that screen looked like 

    2. Elements


      did u only watch one streamer on one account for 48 hours cus im doing that

    3. destruct


      12 minutes ago, Elements said:

      did u only watch one streamer on one account for 48 hours cus im doing that

      I did this and got in

  8. when you look at who actually voted, there are a bunch of random no-name no-pfp people voting for Noah and then actual members of the community voting for Thor it do be like that sometimes
  9. Right next to my Ctrl key. I always stay zoomed out with it.
  10. Who wants the update pushed today? Enough upvotes and I'll do it. Fuck @Zahzi.

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    2. Civak


      lol can we hit 50

    3. Monks


      Ill upvote if you give me 10m 💀

    4. ChillX


      Time to make some alts

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