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  1. The Geforce Now ips are included in the VPN ban because of how easy it makes ban evading. Have your friend submit a ban appeal.
  2. If you're one of the people that received hacked cash, do not spend it. I'll be removing the amount you gained later tonight once you've logged out and any players with negative balances may receive bans.

  3. Put something in the trunk before leaving it- a lockpick or a water bottle or something
  4. Already a post today saying the same thing
  5. @Fedot Happy birthday, surprised I haven't seen you in the news yet :kappa: 

  6. When items (like RPG rockets) had been used or otherwise could not be tracked down, we took other assets (money, drugs) to make up for the value.
  7. You were banned for getting a warpoint balance of ~-900. All players that had negative warpoint balances had money/etc removed to cover the cost of rebuying points at 15k/point where the items/vehicles couldn't be recovered and received a ban proportionate to how many points were spent. From the rules: It's pretty clear that it's against the rules and quite time consuming to track down hacked gear, this is why we ban for it. If you've got the steamid of any of these people hmu and they'll get the same treatment you got. The people that just spent a few extra didn't get banned, it was the people that went hundreds into the negatives buying sups/vehicles/etc that got banned.
  8. Gang chat is referring to the "Gang Chat" you enable in the y-menu- basically the side chat you can see while dead that's there for shit talk.
  9. Chapter 8: Hostage / Player Robbing A player may be taken hostage for 15 minutes, after which they may choose to stay up to another 15 minutes or leave. Once a player has been taken hostage, you may not kill the player unless they do not follow your demands (within reason). Do not kill restrained players, this is Fail RP (Moved from CH18 and clarified) You cannot restrain someone outside of a redzone and then bring them into a redzone just to kill them. This is also FailRP. Exception: You may kill players that do not follow reasonable demands (for example "be quiet or die" is acceptable, but playing "simon says" or asking for the alphabet backwards is not) After a hostage situation/robbery the player must be unrestrained and released in a safe manner and also either within 1 kilometer of a garage or 1 kilometer from their point of restraint Player must also be healed/not limping If you rob a player you may not hold them for ransom and vice versa. You may not take the same person hostage more then once every 30 minutes. APD members outnumbered 3 to 1 with guns clearly pointed at them need to surrender and abide by the hostage rules. Members of the APD may not be restrained or excessively tased at Federal Reserves, Blackwater, Jail, or Pharmaceutical/Bank events. Chapter 16: Meta-Gaming You may not use information from one faction to switch over to a new faction and deal with the situation. If caught Ghosting servers it will be considered Meta-Gaming. This means you may not die on one server, swap to another, gear up, head back to the location on the last server then re-log to the previous server to re-engage the same players. If you wish to re-engage then do it properly from within the same server. Do not post information about player locations in side chat. Do not post situational information about other players in side/gang chat (Now includes things such as "Bob is in a ghosthawk", etc) You must wait 15 minutes before switching factions on the same server. If a member of your group or gang has a 'hit' on them, you can not kill them in order to claim their bounty. Chapter 18: Miscellaneous The below rules/guideline are things that do not fit into other areas but still need to be followed. Using the scroll-wheel or inventory option on a dead APD member or Civilian to attempt to get their weapon is not allowed. You may not drive a vehicle into the water to prevent it from being stolen, searched, ect You may not destroy property to prevent it being searched/raided. Extreme harassment may result in a ban. Switching to a different account after getting banned with your main account may result in both accounts being banned and for longer. If a player goes to the extent of using a game mechanic to prevent other players from playing the game, this can be considered as massive trolling. Anyone found to be doing nothing but trolling on the server in a severe manner may receive a ban. The RP window is 5 minutes so abide by this in regards to situations such as shooting, logging out, storing vehicles, ect. Killing someone in restraints is considered Fail RP. (This is just being moved to CH8) You cannot restrain someone outside of a redzone and then bring them into a redzone just to kill them. This is also FailRP. Exploiting is considered as abusing an in-game bug or using a game mechanic in a way that it's not intended to be used. Vaulting/restraining/escorting through windows is exploitng You may face administrative action for violating APD and Medic rules while on duty. Buying or selling any Olympus assets will result in administrative action. Assets include Olympus money, virtual/physical items and vehicles.
  10. Shoutout to % Richard who managed to spend 2337 of the 8k warpoints the hacker gave...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      Good thing i wasnt on.

    3. Millennium


      how long did it take him to spend all of this?

    4. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      Only a few hours

  11. Will be rolling back warpoints to a few hours ago (before the hacked points were given). Any purchases made since the rollback will be deducted.

    Players with negative balances may receive an exploiting ban.

  12. Congrats man. Well deserved. 

  13. Changelog has been updated with hotfix details. Will be pushed to the servers over the next few hours when the servers restart.

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