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  1. Zahzi

    How much?
  2. Zahzi

    Will we be getting comp for the ones in our garages?
  3. Zahzi

  4. Zahzi

    Oi, I have 11 crates. I don't want to do 11 sand runs!
  5. Zahzi

    I agree with you that it shouldn't be that easy to get a name, however, perfectly tracking a heli or plane that's low/close and travelling fast for 3 seconds is hard. If you have rangefinders/titan out, I see no problem with instantly getting the name of an air vehicle that's within a few km. It's still going to be easier to locate a heli at this range by using your eyes anyway.
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    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Shouldn't civ time be much higher for you? Or is this not you?

    2. Zahzi


      @Isaac NewtonThat's Google's time stats. I have like 3.1k or something on civ.

  7. Zahzi

    As someone who does almost nothing other than robbing, yes, you do figure out who does what. But you have to actually physically observe someone doing a run, and remember that in some form. This would allow me to have a much larger and more accurate idea of what EVERYBODY is doing in an automated way.
  8. Zahzi

    This might be true for some random player Y, but if they are well set up to do a run (houses/gangshed/etc) they will probably stick to that. Many large gangs have a lot of houses for the same thing. the availability of data external from the game should not influence what runs I do. I'm not saying that this is a perfect system, it doesn't give ESP, but it gives enough information to be useful. As I mentioned in my post, slowing it down is an improvement over live data (which is what we have currently as far as I can tell), however, it's still easy to see trends with 12-24 hr old data. If the amount of mushrooms that player X sells is consistently going up, I know damn well that they like mushrooms.
  9. Zahzi

    @Jesse @Aether is thinking exactly the same as I did when I first read this. My initial reaction was "woah. I can see what people are doing." It may seem too cumbersome to or impossible to gain much important information from this, but using a few simple scripts the whole thing can be automated and aggregated to be useful. I am going to list the process I would go through if I were to exploit this. Sure, ,you could do it manually, but why bother when you can automate it. I thought of this in the last few minutes since reading this, so it may be lacking in some details, but I'm just hoping to persuade you that these stats should be private per user. 1) Log into the server, or use someone who has. 2) Scrape view-source:https://steamcommunity.com/id/{{yourid}}/friends/players/ for the players currently on the server; this isn't too hard, in fact, I've done it in the past. 3a) Grab all the steam 64 ID from the urls if they don't have vanity URLS. 3b) Convert all vanity urls (eg https://steamcommunity.com/id/somewanker) to steam 64 ids (eg 76561198064919358) using something like https://steamid.eu/ with an api call like https://api.steamid.eu/request.php?api={KEY}&player={PLAYERNAME}&request_type=5&format=json At this point, I have a list of steamids of everyone on my server. What can I do with that? 4) Scrape the stats page of each player for whatever data I am interested in. Yes, you have cloudflare, but it's still not difficult to get around that. The rate of query can also be slowed down enough that it won't be too noticeable if you're not looking specifically for it, and still have the desired information. 5) Store this in a database with timestamps, etc 6) Profit: You now have a database that contains who does what, when, and how much. If I wanted to hunt gang [X], or player Y, all I have to do is aggregate all the information I've gathered from them in some nice way and observe that Y often does Mushrooms in the morning and sells in large quantities. Maybe i'll go check mushroom now. If you were to change this so that it only updated daily, it would be less effective, but still not insignificant at all. Again, I think this information should definitely not be available to everyone. I love stats. I think it's really cool to be able to see these stats, but I think that seeing the stats for another gang, another player is too far. The aggregation of this data would be fine, and still show what you seem to be aiming for (public proof that one run isn't "dead"). Stats like lockpicking, or speedbombs are fine. The sell quantities are nt. So why am I posting this if I think I could so easily exploit it and use it to my advantage? I have no doubt that I will not be the only person to think about doing this. Maybe not on a large scale, but even just individually checking players of interest has the potential to be a bit overpowered. The method I outlined above is not the only possibility, it's just the first one that I thought of using techniques that I have in the past. TLDR: This information should not all be public. It's pretty easy to create a few scripts/programs to aggregate this data and provide a stupid advantage. Please make it private to each user.
  10. Zahzi

    o7, 11/10 admin gone
  11. Zahzi



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