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  1. Zahzi

    Haha, no real surprise. He's done me for 18m in the past. Kitui v2 right here boys.
  2. Zahzi

    Our goal is to have salvage be on the low end of the legals. Before we nerfed it the first time, stats showed that it was performing comparably to meth and moonshine, so we nerfed SDV storage and got new stats a month later. It's still very high up there. Competing with coke, and above all the legals. Since it's safe, keeps people hidden under water, and involves a lot less effort than other runs (lots of afking), we want to push it to the low end of legals so it's a run that only new players participate in, so we slashed the price 20% and will reevaluate it again a few weeks after the change is implemented. If it turns out that we hit it too hard, we'll adjust the price again. If too many people are still doing it, we'll nerf it some more.
  3. Guess it's an o7 boys...1555429508.png


    Fucking hackers have evolved.

    1. Mr Majestic

      Mr Majestic

      they finally got me too


  4. Sorry should have specified, this is the daily average value. It's easier to think about this way and makes it comparable to our past data.
  5. Grouped the runs together (eg processed frog and acid are under one). A bit easier to look at.
  6. Zahzi

    Right? Here's the outcome of 5000 trials of 100 5 mil bets. The horizontal axis is how much you would have left, and the vertical axis is how many trials ended within 10m of that value. The chance that you end up back at zero is higher than winning or losing 150m, but that's still a possibility. It's pretty symmetrical. In fact, the more trails run, the more symmetrical it would be, meaning you're just as likely to win 100m as lose it. Seems pretty 50/50 to me. Funny how math works.
  7. #FreeZoomZoom

  8. Zahzi

    zoom #1
  9. @rapidaax 

    pls fix


    1. rapidaax


      It will whenever a map update comes out the last one wasn’t map.

  10. o7 to all the o7 posts

  11. Zahzi

    lmao, fucking @Metro big rat. I snagged it when he said he was gonna remove it...
  12. Zahzi

  13. 1551318169.jpgWhy are half the legal processors the wrong color on the map now?


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