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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. @Ryan scuffed some things on the forums, it'll get fixed, he promises.. In the meantime, just @ him with all your complaints in the status updates

  3. A temporary fix has been deployed for the login issue. A hotfix will be pushed later tonight.

    1. TheoryB


      tek suport got u

    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      Ya all still in space zahzi?

    3. Zahzi


      4 hours ago, De Fuk said:

      Ya all still in space zahzi?

      Yeah 🙂

  4. o7 @Fraali, was good having you around, can't believe you did that though smh

  5. Server has been updated for Arma 2.02.

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    2. The Original Maverick

      The Original Maverick

      S2 is updated but S1 shows 2.0 still

    3. Zahzi


      Try again - it restarted a couple minutes ago

    4. Linka


      Crazy I thought this was an arma 3 server 

  6. You aint got no legs, don't wanna hear it from you
  7. Conquest is on s3 today with 100% less drowning than yesterday.

  8. Changes Add Sahrani map Fix some map makers & angles Increase initial conquest pot to 17.5m Add garage fee to pull armed offroads/prowlers/qilin to discourage spamming aids All players receive dopamine when conquest ends Reduce delay between scheduled start time and actual start time Reduce precap "warmup" timer to 5m from 10m Remove loadout loading progress bar Performance tweaks
  9. S3 conquest on Malden today.

    S2 conquest on Altis tomorrow (due to potential gang blitz overlap)


  10. Both tech & I couldn't be around earlier in the day. Could've not bent the knee and not had a server or dev around if something went wrong
  11. Conquest today will be on s3

    1. CHEESE1


      what map is it homie?

    2. HooDi


      Tanoa or malden?

  12. Changes Included changes from the January update (textures, hints, etc)- hotfix for that coming soon Added Service stations near all rebels on Malden & Tanoa "Safe Redeploy" is now at the bottom of the scroll options Logging in and spawning directly at a rebel will no longer void your protection Temporarily disabled problematic code that caused network lag spikes under load

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