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  1. This is also to do with the player pop, when the servers are split so are the cops, server 2 should go back to closing on non peak times. @Ryan
  2. It is, we're just implementing it with SAPD initiation first so if it ends up busted it's easier to control.
  3. congrats on carrot kid

    1. proud


      reminds me of my shitter tags @Grandma Gary where they at

  4. Server 2 is up early given the high pop 😉

    1. swervy


      who wouldve guessed 1 big server is more playable than 2 dead ones?

      Chart, arrow, bar graph, exponential growth icon

  5. In the same manner as this weekend, no. Could some on/off peak schedule be implemented in the future (like server 3 used to be)? Potentially, but we're not sure yet. Server won't be permanently shut down any time soon
  6. Houses, vehicle names, etc should all be fixed on stats page & life control. Casino and conquest stats will be coming soon.

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    2. CocoisDead
    3. Zahzi


      5 hours ago, Kyle. said:

      idk i bought a house and soft logged and didnt own the house i bought

      Did you buy it before or after the hotfix?

      Did you buy it from another player via the auction feature or the market?

    4. Kyle.


      I made a comp request there’s a few videos of what happened

  7. Yeah, that's why we're only planning on potentially doing the one conquest on the populated server. The other conquests will probably be better since they get a fresh & mostly empty server
  8. We will be experimenting with server schedules (shutting down s2 offpeak) and performance (on server 1 with the recent changes) this weekend. Server 2 will experience downtime offpeak to push players to server 1 for testing. Sorry for any inconveniences. Details 2020-10-15 Server 2 will be offline until 8PM EST, then online until 2AM EST. 2020-10-16 Server 2 will be offline until 8PM EST, then online until 2AM EST. Conquest will be on server 2 @ 8PM EST. 2020-10-17 Server 2 will be offline until 6PM EST, then online until 2AM EST. Conquest will be on server 2 @ 6PM EST. 2020-10-18 Server 2 will be offline until 6PM EST, then online until 2AM EST. Conquest will be on server 2 @ 6PM EST. 2020-10-19 Server 2 will be offline until 8PM EST, then online until 2AM EST.
  9. Don't see how you think we're making this a monkey sink? We literally took conquest from server 1/2 and put it on s3 with 2x points and 2x initial pot to see what would happen. In all, close to 40m was spawned from thin air and the other 75 came from lost loadouts. Ultimately, I'm not very opposed to adding a bit to the initial pot given the duration of the fight, we may end up doing that - or maybe tweaking something different, idk what the best solution is. Remember that this is the first time we've actually used this mission, the purpose was literally to figure out what needed to change, so feel free to leave any other feedback you might have, we've heard the complaints about money. SFA got 7.2m, y'all got 29m with a 10% winning bonus. You had more than twice as many players as them. More players -> less money, pretty simple. Y'all got less money individually than you might on s1/s2 during smaller conquests because you had more people and only had 28% of the points (ie, the fight was split a lot). wym? Imagine fighting for an hour and a half and you don't get any money because you logged out? I'll pass. If you think posts like that are actually going to help encourage me (or any dev) to work more on a mission exclusively for cartel players, you might have the freezer temperature IQ.
  10. Zahzi

    Conquest - Server 3 (TESTING)

  11. We'll be testing the Malden mission file today on server 3 @ 6PM EST (assuming nothing comes up). There will probably be a few bugs, if there's anything too game breaking that we didn't already find in testing, we'll switch it back to the main server. There will most definitely be changes that need to be made, this is the initial test to help identify those changes, so constructive feedback is appreciated. This mission has a long way to go before it's "complete", but we need to do a test at some point. Ultimately, this mission won't be used for every conquest (more of a "special" thing for now). Details $20m initial point 10k points to win 5 captures points per zone, 2 rebels each 3 different sectors No second conquest is automatically started Money, warpoints, vehicles, etc are all synced with the live server Gear is saved, but not sync'd with the main servers Jail time is not sync'd, you can play even if you're arrested No cartels, no chopshops, etc. Just the capture points and rebels Safezone island that you can spawn at, gear up, etc until the conquest actually starts Can't take damage if you spawn there until you leave a 500m radius Scroll wheel to teleport to a conquest rebel
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