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  1. When you run someone over to save yourself from being shot, you just keep driving off. You can't keep running them over, and you can't shoot them while they're down or right after they're back up.
  2. The price of the MX-SW is being reduced on both factions.
  3. R&R Roundtable Reduce payout to 15k per revive, make civilians pay the full amount APD Roundtable (approved stuff only) Reduce Spar16S price to 150k from 250k Reduce MX SW price to 185k from 215k Add benched hellcat for 325k (civ & sgt+). Reduce the default hellcat price to 275k. Buff Taru & Huron armor to engine and fuel slightly Add 60 flares to armed plane and either radar or notification of incoming rocket (both civ and cop) Make group map markers indicate the direction the player is facing Add custom action key to bloodbags, reduce cooldown to 120 seconds Remove the remaining twin from BW (and possible some other small map changes to balance the unbreakable walls) Bank auto repair after 15 minutes Civ Roundtable Approved Give a bonus warpoint when killing an enemy gang member is killed on warzone Add a tier 5 vigilante 200 arrests required 75% bounty payout (same as tier 4) Mk20c Sand Variant (Same stats as spar16) Allows the purchase of doorless prowler light w/ vigilante skin Adds the option to spawn at the Athira Vigi Outpost When someone has their kidney removed, show the name of the player who removed it Add to server rules, exception 8.7.1 “Members of the APD may be restrained, but not robbed, when they surrender themselves at a federal event”' Conquest event stats (once implemented) On Hold Warpoint tweaks - details to come Denied Allow RPGs to be purchased at weapon shop in rebels Safe box for houses that would hold a small number of items and can't be searched by the APD PDW quadbikes - @Ryan with your hatemail Warpoints for lethal kills at a federal event You can find the public roster for the @Civilian Council here If you're interested in applying for the Civilian Council, you can find information here:
  4. Congrats bro

  5. Server 2 is back up

  6. We're aware that new vehicles can't ever be pulled from garages. Turns out that Olympus just hit 1 million vehicles and Arma 3 doesn't like big numbers. We're looking into a fix and will hopefully push it soon.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. MAV


      Just wipe all the fuckers who are permed accounts as a stop gap fix while figuring out an actual fix

    3. MAV


      Or at least their garage... This is like Y2K Arma style

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Alright boys simple solution: free RPG rockets for month of October let’s hit that donation goal, smash like and subscribe see you next time

  7. Olympus missiles are nerfed and won't really damage the actual vehicle. In default arma, it takes a handful (depends where the missile hits) before it's damaged to the point that control is difficult or impossible.
  8. Just titan it TBH it might take more for a medic Xi'an since medics have the scuffed armor
  9. "Grinding" to PO? Easy, not even a grind. Going higher than that? Definitely more of a grind. You need 100s of hours just to get to corp and have to really grind. If you feel like vigilantes aren't being represented in the council well, why don't you apply yourself? Maybe now that you get a reduced rate for criminals not paying their ticket you might see the APD roleplaying more to encourage players to pay their tickets. Thinking about it, there is basically no incentive at all to paying a ticket since jail time is such a joke right now Yeah, back in the day when cops got 20% for arresting and 100% for a ticket being paid, there was far more of an incentive to roleplay and try to get the civ to pay their ticket by being chill, giving a bit of discount, etc. Also jail time was significantly longer, so that probably contributed to the dynamic. Would be cool if this helps at all.
  10. Please direct all negative feelings about the updates towards @Mako. He broke it.

  11. Another hotfix will be going live shortly with a bunch of stuff removed temporarily to try to determine the cause of the shit performance.

  12. Hotfix #1 is live. This will hopefully fix server performance, but it'll be hard to tell until we have high pop.

    If this doesn't work, we have a few other things to try.

  13. @Mako Sorry, that was phrased poorly. Defibs will be added for cash in the hotfix, Qilins will be added for warpoints in the hotfix. Weed maybe needed some buffing, but I personally don't like moving processors around much
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