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  1. Zahzi

    o7 Boys

    @Kedar deserves to be mass downvoted for this!
  2. Zahzi

    Conquest - Server 3

  3. Zahzi

    Conquest - Server 3

  4. Zahzi

    Conquest - Server 3

  5. Zahzi

    Conquest - Server 3

  6. They aren't claimable/seizable. Unfortunately, the SAPD is against this idea
  7. Did you get over those flu like symptoms you were talking about yet?

  8. The MXC was added to the rebel outpost weapon shop for $50k.
  9. No cap medic P07s seem to be the best thing that's happened for the faction


  10. Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles APD Tools Grenades/Throwables are to be used only in tactical situations following proper engagement. Spike strips may be used on vehicles you are engaged with. The SDAR may be used without SGT approval if a suspect is in the water, or they are in an inaccessible area. (Unreachable roofs) Otherwise, Sergeants must approve. Do not carry one in a backpack unless conducting a boat patrol. Exception: Sergeants+ may carry an SDAR in their backpack. The SDAR is also the only APD approved weapon to be utilized within the "Kavala Roleplay Zone" Do not use gear not available to your rank in the APD Weapon, Clothing or Item shops. Do not use vehicles not available at your rank unless authorized by an officer with access to that vehicle Bait Appliances may only be used on vehicles owned by an APD member. Civilians will only be pardoned for being blindfolded if they inform the officer they are blindfolded and the officer chooses to ignore them. Vehicles Police vehicles must be secured or impounded, and are not to be left out Do not impound a vehicle before the situation is clear. Armored APD vehicles being utilized within the "Kavala Roleplay Zone" must be driven backwards.
  11. Update will be live on server 1 in 15m, will be pushed to 2 in ~2h.

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