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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Zahzi

    Remember to at least mumble the first two syllables in "vigilante" before you start tazing somebody. Bonus points if you make it all the way to "hands up"
  2. Zahzi

  3. Zahzi

  4. Zahzi

    Already have a buyer on s1 for the mxs. Do you want the mxms/spars?
  5. Zahzi

  6. Zahzi

    I have - 12 mx - 3 mxm - 2 spar 16 - 2 lvl 4 vests also some 4-fives/zubrs/p07s
  7. Zahzi

    I use OBS to stream to an unlisted youtube stream using the H.264 encoder from my GPU (both Nvidia and AMD have one). I used to have it setup as a replay buffer so that I could just save the last x minutes.
  8. Zahzi

    At least @Mr Majestic was wearing his demolition uniform:
  9. Zahzi

    or like, not DDoSing your school for fun?
  10. Zahzi

    How much?
  11. Zahzi

    Will we be getting comp for the ones in our garages?
  12. Zahzi


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