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  1. eta on update? zzz

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Masoooooooooon


      Update would of been pushed by now if you guys accepted my senior developer app smh

    3. Monks


      ikr these fuckin noob devs are so slow zzz

    4. Tech


      @Trimorphious Is eating breakfast while @Mako is requesting additional features


      Update coming 8/20/20

  2. @Dingle Pooper hbd you dirty canadian

  3. @Kedar I hope your elevator's cable breaks retard

  4. Winds be blowin hard this month


    1. Masoooooooooon


      This do be looking like headless's cartel he made.

    2. Millennium


      The one place with the best frames boutta have 0 frames

    3. Vcx


      Is that your crack house for developers zahzi 

  5. Two more gang uniform slots are open


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    2. Peterr


      Can we get a olympus battlepass already mann

    3. Lou


      "going fast hml"

    4. 21Cabbage


      would it be possible to get a full replica of a SS Sturmmann outfit 

  6. Web developer applications are open! We're looking for somebody that's interested in working on life control and stats page. This could potentially evolve to other things in the future (eg forums, etc) depending on your interest and performance, Requirements Experience with web development in any language/framework is critical Experience with relational databases (MySQL/MariaDB preferred) Experience with Python Experience with HTML Additionally, experience with a templating language is preferred (but not required) - eg Django's, Twig, Jinja2 Experience with Django strongly preferred (or at least the ability and willingness to learn) Basic experience with JQuery (not super critical) Basic experience with git (easy to learn if you aren't familiar) Familiarity with Docker is preferred, but not required Application Submit a ticket under "Developer/Designer applications" with the title formatted as "Name - Web Developer Application". In your application, include an assessment of your knowledge/experience with the above requirements (it's okay if you don't meet all of them, just be honest). Also, include a brief description of why you would like the position and why you'd be a good choice. Additionally, include some examples of previous work; I'll accept examples that make use of other languages/frameworks than specified in the requirements if it shows you know what you're doing, but the more you submit the better . Please include a demo/description of each example as well as a link to the source code (if you're willing to share it). Position Depending on your ability, you'll either start as a contributor or skip straight to developer. If you have any questions about the application or position, feel free to send me a PM.
  7. How would people feel about a screen blur when standing in/on smokes? 



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    2. Silton


      37 minutes ago, Peterr said:

      This would be a good effect if there was a server 3 (which already has been declinced) but since we only have 2 servers both of them being to both civs, cops and medics it will be hard to implement something like this without affecting the other hence the APD replies in this status update. So a -1 if it ain't on a s3

      It was but no one came so we started doing on S1&2. 

    3. Truthy


      It’s cancer on gta some monkey driving upto you and pop flashing you with a frit

    4. skroodZ


      no dont ever do it gta destroyed the server by doing it its so bad people use it as flashbangs

  8. Chapter 22: Event Specific Rules No changes to the event rules really, just collecting them here from dev blogs and past staff meetings for conquest & airdrop.
  9. Hotfix will be live on s2 in ~1h, s1 in ~3h. Gang invites and a bunch of other shit is fixed.. Also green cop vests for the SRT uniform. 

    1. Venoooom


      Also green cop vests for the SRT uniform.  +1

    2. Noahhh!


      Thank you so much. I haven't been able to invite all my new corn picking slaves to the gang ffs.

  10. @Hurricane 🙏 sorry to hear sir 🙏

  11. @Trimorphious to free up space for other new textures looks like the post never got updated... @Solomon has the details. tldr processing more shit makes the speed increase, if you stop processing for awhile the speed buff resets. is this a new hunter you bought or was it in your garage before?
  12. After a fed, jail, or bw completes, there is a 15 minutes cooldown before the bank or a fed, jail, bw can be started again.
  13. Not everything that's planned makes it into the very next update.
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