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  1. Africa


    me and shiv came back to film Ymoa but got perm after 1 day of film. #to much tension #ymoa movie on halt #kavala rat @Shiv1
  2. Where you at bro Send ip
  3. bro if i saw u in real life in fuckin iraq id slap the shit outta u bro @Shiv1
  4. Who u talking about? @Shiv1? Is the server whitelisted now I saw player count and was like fuck that I'm play som other shit Who? Fuck up retard Really never knew that?
  5. Who Y'all need to do something to make people play agian
  6. they gonna get wiped in kavala even without rdm
  7. can we make kavala RDM ON WEEKENDS PLZ
  8. looking to buy a dms and a mar10 or any other sniper if they added in bw.
  9. what about people who got given money legit e.g from a friend shit is so broken wtf

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