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  1. JAMIE

  2. JAMIE

    no shit its just stuff that helps.
  3. JAMIE

    Unfortunately its the reality of it and you just have to move smarter. Making this post is just boasting up the person who is doing it and now will prob do it more and have more joy while doing it. Try to change your IP (assuming you can figure this out but ask if you cant) get a VPN The link really isn't a method to get free gold on squirt knight its a link to hit you off all night.
  4. The ddos and donts of Olympus.

  5. JAMIE

    Seen a watch mojo video on most toxic gaming communities/hardest game to learn arma was on the list, so I looked into it and was my 2nd pc game I got...... Found Olympus from rubberducks youtube, Only reason in the beginning I stuck with Olympus was that you didn't need a ATM card and the map wasn't aids.
  6. "Ima router tap you"

    1. Millennium
    2. Skys


      Did google engage in game or something

  7. pull me 

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      ur alive

    2. Eggmasta


      New phone, who dis?

  8. Ur name is lovely

  9. JAMIE

  10. JAMIE


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