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  1. One person on olympus has enough oly cash to sell for over a grand. And if anyone is dumb enough to kill themselves over a couple hundred bucks, id love to watch
  2. if you kill yourself over olympus cash your pretty fucking stupid...hopefully not stupid enough to miss your empty head
  3. ill sell you nothing because your worth nothing
  4. Cya anime kid u were always a good laugh
  5. "Twas the nizzle before christmizzle, and all through the hizzle."

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      32 minutes ago, Gf. said:

      merry Christmas to your mam and your cat mr louis

      Don’t use my real name D

    3. Nurse Lou

      Nurse Lou

      please tell me your name isnt louis @Page

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  6. This was TI and Tree and Ruby and Tree for a good while. Main reason we dont fight is because im not tryna cover my gang on dildo and have some asshole roll up behind me in a hatchback when im tryna rip horseshoe.
  7. @kev has retarded prices but might be able to talk him down
  8. @Hylos congrats fat slut

    1. Hylos


      Thanks brother appreciate it

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