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  1. Sounds like that one night we had in 2016 together, crazy shit man be careful out there
  2. 1. In what ways would you buff the APD though? 2. I agree with this to an extent, but it would have to be something really unique to make it work well.
  3. Obviously they've been around for forever but they're nothing like they used to be, I feel like something needs to be done to spice things up for both Civs and the APD. I just can't think of anything off the top of my head that would help besides a full redesign of both. Any ideas so we can eventually get something rolling on the topic?
  4. did the same thing, but lost 236mil hahahaha
  5. Yes it has 2 miniguns, so does a hawk. It also takes hmm maybe like 2 9mm shot to rip its engine brother
  6. thats what im saying, and limited ammo with miniguns only you have to have some balls to pull it
  7. Call me special and talk all the shit you want, but hear me out and think about it before you flame me... just want to see other opinions on the topic - Armed Pawnee (MINIGUNS ONLY) - + added to blackwater vehicle spawn pool + Limited Ammo + Would boost blackwater robberies significantly + Would be extremely hard to get away with + Extremely easy to shoot someone out of one + 1 titan rocket and they go boom + another rare item for civs to work towards + would make for interesting situations on Olympus
  8. Happy birthday nerds

    @BumbaClat we shall hit the pub

    @Zahzi we shall dogfight over Kavala

    1. Jaster


      hi son hope you are well

    2. BumbaClat


      Thank you pub-master Dawn ❤️

  9. ...people could also end wars at any time my guy. So making some regulation to the second gang doesn't make much sense, there's also this thing called initiation where it allows you engage on whoever once you've initiated, my point is you can shoot people other than only "enemy gangs".

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