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  1. Rockets aren't naturally coded to blow up anything bigger than a Quilen or SUV. They are coded to just fully disable ifirits and larger trucks, if they blow up thats just Arma
  2. Roster final call is Sunday for any changes needed so expect it Monday
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    2. Xeltini


      @Vertigo aye it was to troll the roommates 

    3. Vertigo


      1 minute ago, Xeltini said:

      @Vertigo aye it was to troll the roommates 

      Surreeeeee XD

    4. Ryan


      Damn the free time must be getting to ya @Last

  3. Civ Round Table 1-7-18

    So Jesse is recording our Civ Round Table Discussions for you all to watch and listen to so you guys have a better idea what we Civ Reps do at the meetings and have a better understanding of the whole thing. There is a APD and R&R Round table discussion as well however you will just be seeing the Civ side of things. I will be listing in the topics below whether the idea was Passed or Rejected, if it was rejected i will leave a time stamp in the section so you can go listen to the reasons as to why it was. A big thing for you guys to be aware of, this meeting Jesse forgot to turn on recording for himself that is why you can't hear any of his discussions unless it is through someone else's mic. Points that were mentioned at this meeting are the following: Gang Paychecks: Basically the gang leader could choose individual players or Gang Ranks as a whole to receive money daily to which the amount is chosen by the Gang Leader. Just a way to reward your members and use up some gang funds. *Passed* Confirmation Boxes: Nothing big, it's simply just a 'Are you sure' type of thing when you go to sell a vehicle in your garage or to Rob a Gas Station so you don't accidentally alert cops or prevent yourself from buying Redgulls etc. *Passed* Ability to turn in Contraband after 15mins: Most of you are aware of this issue where at 14:59 left in jail you are not able to turn in your contraband so all that time you just spent picking was for nothing. This change will allow you to still turn it in to get your time off your sentence but you obviously will not be able to continue picking. *Passed* Ability to see group/gang members on map while Processing/Picking: Quite simple and to the point, whenever you are processing or picking an item and you open the map you can not see any of your group/gang members until that Action has finished. *Passed* Redgull/House Search/Sieze Text: Whenever you pop a redgull or the notification pops up that a house is being seized it notifies you in the middle of your screen, the suggestions was to change the location of it because if you are looking through your Double Zoom in any scope it can block your view. *Rejected* (Jesse rejected this but his mic is not recorded) This is simply just not possible to move as it is a Bohemia thing and there is nothing Devs can do. Reduce CSAT Warpoint Cost to 4 from 5: Simple, reduce the cost of CSAT by 1. *Rejected* Discussion starts at 12:20. EpiPens Request from Gang mates show on Map: If your fellow gang mate dies and he 'Allows Epipen' it will show on the map via a marker. *Rejected* Discussion starts at 15:50 Vehicle Warpoint Shop: Being able to purchase Ifirits, Hunters, Orcas at a Warpoint Shop. *Rejected* This was rejected however some potential future implementations were discussed, starts at 20:15 Vigilantes at Gang Sheds and Warzone Island: Obviously we can not restrict players from going to certain parts of the map. *Rejected* There were ideas shared during this Heated discussion I will however let you guys take your two cents on the matter. Starts at 24:00 Pyrgos Pharmaceutical Location Moves, Cocaine Blackmarket and Pro moves, Shroom Field Move, Frog Pro Move: Sorry this was just basically all discussed as a whole, there is a potential map overhaul soon so not a lot of this was discussed with great detail. The beginning of all the discussion starts at 34:30 Pyrgos Pharmaceutical Location Moves was turned down for now until the event has been done more and we have a more accurate assessment of whether it needs any changes, Jesse provided most of the potential new changes but his mic as previously stated is muted in the video. Those changes included: Repairing of Escort Vehicles without Toolkit however it takes a little while longer, Spawning Escort Vehicles with Movement Tier. GPS Jammer used to slow the Location Update to other Civs and APD. Goodbye to 3rips Cartel (North of Church) Tempest Device Self Processing: Different versions and ideas of this were discussed however were Rejected. You guys can listen to all the different ideas yourself and put your own input in the comments below. Starts at 55:45 Well that was the whole meeting guys, I know I was more detailed about some things more than others but this was a long post and wanted to get it other with already. If you have any comments or your own suggestions towards any ideas said in the meeting please comment them and myself and the Staff will definitely be looking into them as options.
  4. @TheRealKyle Happy birthday you fucking cuck. Go wild

  5. I'm glad you guys did a terror and you didn't just blatantly rdm everything in sight.. but goddamnit this was hilarious
  6. Damn these requirements are solid
  7. Can't even be in Olympus TS without nibbas trying to give me a PO Test... smh @Pledge

    1. Pledge


      I'm going to make you a PO, one way or another. 

    2. Orgondo


      I'll get demoted.. One way or another.. Try me

    3. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      @Pledge hey lets pretend my name is orgondo and give me a PO test?

  8. Wow...That's a huge 07

  9. i didnt sell it yet im trying to sell it cause im bored of it


    1. Orgondo


      What the fuck are you talking about???

    2. swagalishesog


      u said something about me selling my shed on my post i didnt sell it yet


  10. Fixed it for you buddy!
  11. And I would never sell that shed considering we've made over $3bil from it so far
  12. Didnt he is referring to the one near Dp25 i believe. Not really good for anything considering the path from Ingredients to Shed is quite long; then shed to dealer is like 16km
  13. Taru is the best in my opinion because it's more armored than the Huron, Huron you can take the rotar or the engine with zero effort

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