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    Happy Birthday Buddy!

    1. Orgondo


      The fact that you found this is gold. Lol thanks

  2. More Pedo drama?? Hypeeeee

  3. If anyone plays the new PUBG event. 4 Paladins can out heal the damage from the blue zones, up to the 6th one. Easy top 3 finishes lolol

  4. I make sure they're 18+ first, fuck.
  5. he can be out on bond while awaiting trial/the feds building a case.
  6. All these new players really don’t know about the old school shit. Smh. Pinkstreak and Ebzekro takes the fucking cake.
  7. Good luck with this. Sr. RnR wanted to strangle me when I tried to get Y inv added to the crate. Now you can even refill mags which shocked me.
  8. Wait you were still around? o7 i suppose. I’m back in Illinois so next time I go to the Castle you are showing up bitch boy
  9. I have 1 tapped more people in the fucking toes than square in the head. This game is absolutely dogshit so you will never have accurate results.
  10. Why do I have to redownload the mission file everytime I log into S1?

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    2. Orgondo


      Like the 3rd time today 

    3. Strae


      Bank really do be broken tho

    4. Zahzi
  11. Actually insanely fun event. Good Job. Almost held 3rd the whole time with just 4 people, until DB brought out the fucking Huron lolol

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