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Official Olympus Discord server is now live! https://discord.gg/cqf5m8F. We are in no way switching completely from teamspeak to discord so this is not required but we would love to see some of you guys hop in there so we can fill it up.


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  1. Orgondo

  2. Orgondo

    Truly in my 4 years one of the 3 Chiefs i actually liked and respected, even enjoyed you as Staff. Now you can enjoy retirement because tbh everything gets so much fucking more fun when you step away. Goodluck to ya man
  3. Cops will no longer be able to seize cop vehicles What the fuck am I suppose to do on cop now???
  4. Orgondo

    What objects are you planning on removing from the BW to make room for the Deerstands since there is already a ton of cover inside the walls? @DeadPooL
  5. Orgondo

    Make Quilens a War Point vehicle, deadass
  6. Orgondo

    God this was probably the most accurate one that ever got made, except for the Peter character, he's never been that skinny in his life.
  7. Orgondo

    As Civs during a Federal Event we actually have every right to just blow up the Vans. Straight from Dilis mouth, and the Olympus Rule Book. " Do not blow up or destroy vehicles for no reason. APD Vans give a clear advantage during a Fed, therefore Civs have a extremely clear reason to remove the threat. This is why APD aren't punished when they slam gates with hunters that have Civ vehicles blocking them.
  8. To be the new Dezree or not to be, lets find out her choice boys.

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    2. George White

      George White

      and what i can tell you with almost exact certainty is that you wouldnt say those words you told my wife a few min ago when i would be standing next to u... punk 

    3. SPBojo


      1 minute ago, George White said:

      and what i can tell you with almost exact certainty is that you wouldnt say those words you told my wife a few min ago when i would be standing next to u... punk 

      So what your saying is that your threatening a person right now? @Ryan HOW IS THIS OK?

    4. Orgondo
  9. Orgondo

    Good my dude, workin and sleeping. Rust in my free time, if I get this new job only working and sleeping with its overtime.
  10. Orgondo

    The whole council idea is pointless in my opinion because there aren't enough people who actually give a shit anymore or aren't fucking brain dead and can actually hold themselves in a Round Table Discussion. 90% of the people who have ran for Civ Rep would of never made it 10 minutes into a Round table because they don't know how to compromise, they would present their idea in a shit way and get slapped down by the Staff/Factions and that would be that because they wouldn't be able to come to a sensible agreement to please all factions, with ultimately their faction getting the bigger straw. I mean obviously i'm biased in this sense but in all complete honesty there will never be a civ rep that can come close to me or @Corporal Moob. No one really gives a shit anymore or if they do they're clueless with how to actually bring an idea to the table and present it to Staff or APD/R&R, with the ability to compromise things to push their idea forward. Not a single Non Staff member in this community has pushed more content into the server than me or Moob still to date, it's kind of depressing. @DeadPooL did a great job as Civ Rep when he first got on with me, despite what everyone said, he is truly a caring member of the community and wants to bring a positive change, and has done so.
  11. OS @DeadPooL that’ll be 10x bigger of a meme than Sgt.

    1. KrispyK


      cant strip his tags if he draws them on himself :hmm:

    2. iamvaltrix
    3. N7Zero


      imagine being a victim in civ rep meetings yet got promoted to leader of civ council meetings.. :FeelsBad:



  12. Orgondo

    Holy shit you're not dead.
  13. Orgondo

    I'm not lying when I say that, ask any of my guys. We try to bait medics into revives or whatever and they ignore us, we go hunt them down at hospitals and they tac respawn or just down right ignore us and get into helis and take off. Maybe Medics just don't like us personally but those are legit statistics for my group.
  14. Orgondo

    Less server quality = less money = More Donut money for Peter. ez

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