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  1. This was always one of the best videos because of the pure accuracy.
  2. All these new-gen kids not knowing who you are lol. Don’t come back bro. Shit is stale
  3. Anyone have Shadowlands Beta access I can use for a week? I’ll hook you up.

  4. Honestly the old shit from 2015-2017 was just Gold af. Any of the movie reworks and quality memes.
  5. I still keep myself updated on this hell hole and I got to say i'm disappointed in you all. Really hasn't been any juicy drama lately. Someone start a coup or some shit

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Orgondo


      @Grandma Gary Round 4 and I still probably won’t get the server access required to make shit happen. Feelsbadman. 

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      @Ryan would 100% hook you up.  I hear he likes men with beards so unless you converted to full time lady boy you are already in there.

    4. Orgondo


      You should know me better than that. The hair stays long. Check the snap bby gurl

  6. LF NA cracked fraggers for Rust. If you can’t spray 100m np don’t hmu. 

    1. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Modded or vanilla

    2. Orgondo


      Stevious Large. Modded vanilla. 95% just clans so Moose/Fied style roams. 

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      When’s wipe



    Happy Birthday Buddy!

    1. Orgondo


      The fact that you found this is gold. Lol thanks

  8. More Pedo drama?? Hypeeeee

  9. If anyone plays the new PUBG event. 4 Paladins can out heal the damage from the blue zones, up to the 6th one. Easy top 3 finishes lolol

  10. I make sure they're 18+ first, fuck.
  11. he can be out on bond while awaiting trial/the feds building a case.
  12. All these new players really don’t know about the old school shit. Smh. Pinkstreak and Ebzekro takes the fucking cake.
  13. Good luck with this. Sr. RnR wanted to strangle me when I tried to get Y inv added to the crate. Now you can even refill mags which shocked me.
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