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  1. Orgondo

    Big scammer -rep
  2. Orgondo

    Cartels, LOL
  3. Faerlina to demolish the streamers. Come get clapped by me on Classic bitches.

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    2. B R A N D O

      B R A N D O

      imagine not playing grobbulus

    3. Bloodmoon


      Herod is the play

    4. Orgondo


      Herod is a 8hr que enjoy

  4. @an overweight giant retard Let see if you can beat your old record.

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    2. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      who knows

      log on and you might see

    3. Orgondo


      I dont have to refresh my houses for another 2 weeks, so have to wait til then

    4. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      shit hopefully i make it till then

  5. Orgondo

    Goodluck with that
  6. Orgondo

    Do it pls were done for wipe
  7. Orgondo

    Big scammer would not recommend

  9. and this is why i still check the forums from time to time, thank you guys LOL


    1. N7Zero


      more content than the game itself :Kappa:

    2. Orgondo



  10. Orgondo

    @Corporal Moob Time to bring Pete back
  11. Orgondo

    titleText improvements. Basically whenever you drink a redgull, get a cop lethal, someone bolt cuts the fed, etc. there is white text that appears in the middle of your screen. The proposed change is that the text type would be changed from PLAIN to PLAIN DOWN, so the text is roughly 5/6 of the way down your screen. In addition, the color of the text along with the shadow would be decided by your HUD color settings. Size increase to 1.5. - Passed if able to be done If i remember right this is a straight Arma feature therefore unable to be altered. Tried getting the text removed in general long ago but if i remember right it was unable to be changed because of that fact.
  12. Yes 80%+ Winrate is quite absurdly high however no Civ changes in my mind actually correlate to that success rate, while the Fed group does sometimes have honestly wayyy too many people in it making it impossible to lose, the Feds and BWs ive joined in on this past week the numbers really weren't that high. The Cop skill level nowadays compared to the past is outrageously lower, without trying to sound like a complete dick but stating facts, there's truthfully only about 6 Corp+ (There's a couple others however they are a Fed group players) APD members that can actually shoot a fucking gun, resulting in literally nothing getting done by the APD during a Fed. I do believe the PO lethal change was absolutely necessary and tbh wouldn't care if it stayed around if it was just monitored closely and not abused. I don't know what "Nerfs" you could do to Civs to try and create a balance without fucking the whole Faction because at this point the APD members just truthfully need to get better, I watch some cops do some pretty fucking stupid shit throughout an Event that just blows my mind. Don't even try to say if it was even numbers the APD would win or anything braindead like that considering just a few days ago I did a fucking 5v19, bomb blew and the APD lost 2 ghosthawks... Only reason we didnt get away with the gold was because a Hawk fell on the dome and blew it up.
  13. Orgondo


    Imagine paying $75/mo for cheats and still being dogshit...
  14. Fun Fact: 4/20/17-1/13/19 303,875,000$ in Recorded Comp to my members over the years. Mind you, there's probably another 75mil or so in unrecorded comps. Don't say me and @Cats ain't generous.

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    2. Proud


      fuck u I remember that lmaoooooooooo

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Thats probably not even close to the amount I've cost Tree ^_^

    4. Linka


      can i join tree

  15. Orgondo

    You retards are paying 2-2.5mil for a Mar 10 LETHAL LOL, yall fucking fried.

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