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  1. Orgondo

    Lag and desync are no where even close to how shitty it was back then, and half the issue back then was all the Group Chatting exploiting. Plus our server quality and Armas quality itself is 100x better than what it was in 2015
  2. I'm actually crying at this Oddkast shit yall did, dear god you ruined this man.

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    2. Ryan


      Join us, @DashToxic and I got the media share ready :) 

    3. Ryan


      Top 4 clips:






    4. DashToxic


      @Ryan to f he opens up the email I gonna do more then media player

  3. Orgondo

    Not officially, make it happen
  4. Orgondo

    From Forever Deputy to a Senior position, RIP

    1. communistjosh


      Does a native american show up for the last option?

  6. Orgondo

    HUGE jail changes. ATC towers are now worth a shit.
  7. 2min delay LOL. Sorry to all the teams fighting in GW today who are Defending and getting sniped to no ends.

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      is all you do is bitch and complain? 

  8. Orgondo

    LOL the fact you made a post about it is GOLD, good for you man
  9. Orgondo

    1. Never had a strong opinion on this matter however was denied based on Rebels would never have to leave the island, and as Dili said if this passes Cops will be allowed to raid Warzone more so get ready for that shit storm to happen again. (Also Ifirits would need to be at least 75wp imo since a type kill is 6-15pts) 2. Think this would be good however up to the design team and Dili if they want to add to the server file size. 3. Myself and everyone has been wanting this for a long time, however we have been at our Max Server File size for a long time now and this would simply just add alot more to it so this will be 100% up to Design and Dili to make that call. 4. Make it not Asylum basically and fuck it who cares, add it 5. First part yes to the robbery, no to the manslaughter if it exceeds 5. Agree to the second part. 6. Honestly unless you're going to Vigi a 1.5mil+ bounty it's not worth switching for atm so I really don't see a price increase necessary, also a increased Rebel License price would fuck newer players. 7. Considering drugs aren't ran anymore because Legal is just better and safer by 1000% unless its 4am this isn't a necessary change, Drugs will only be a better money making option once something happens to the cop issues. 8. Gangs aren't pushing with ifirits anymore because they are lazy and don't want to push as a gang, they want to quilen slam banana, vendor or window by themselves to get Clips. And frankly unless you make them the same price as quilens (which ain't happening) they will always be deemed 'Too expensive'. 9. If setup properly this could be a really cool feature, been discussed before but it would just need developer time. 10. Only issues this will cause is with APD so fuck'em 11. Would be nice 12. Never going to get passed. Purely a dogshit suggestion. 13. Now with this idea it has to be very carefully made, because if the server just starts generating "Random" money like it did back in Pre Wipe days then there will be far too much money in the economy and another wipe will be on the tables again. So in that case the "Generating Money" would have to be the money directly coming from Gang Tax cuts when drugs are sold. I don't like the idea of Dirty Money and then having to process it because that will just led to some random camping the Dirty Money processor, so make a happy median and it might be somewhat of an okay idea.
  10. Orgondo

    Play Cop.
  11. Orgondo

    Ethan Hardin laying it down, thats my boii
  12. Orgondo

    Warpoint bonus is unnecessary look at the stats page, you think Warpoint Gain is an issue?? Ifirit Rent is an interesting idea however
  13. Orgondo

    Shut up and get on Rust
  14. Orgondo

    Then that's their issue, not the staffs, if you're too lazy to do 1 hour of runs to profit yourself 1mil (4hours of fighting) then tough shit. Type 115 vs a geared player is EASILY 6-12 WP

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