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  1. well deserved 1M @ Hurricane bless you🙏

    1. torre


      can't host my fan meets up anymore 😔

  2. if u want swat members maybe dont force em to join the apd.. no one can be asked to roleplay for 2 weeks

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    2. Tech
    3. Brookss


      Wave rule on SWAT is what ruined it. Having to wait 4 min between pushes for everyone to die and wait a respawn timer is ridiculous. Makes it so much less enjoyable.

    4. Peterr


      SWAT are only allowed to attend the Conquest Zones/participate in conquestif they are aligned with a gang. They are not allowed to attend as SWAT they must be aligned with a gang, helping defend & attack nodes. They should align with one gang and not switch as and when during the conquest, this is forbidden.

  3. @ Grandma Gary  happy bday u old fuck hope u get blacked out drunk❤️

  4. who else waiting for new world to drop so they could quit arma

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    2. vedalkenn


      A deformed elf and a fridge with legs attempted to be toxic about a genuine question. That's fucking depressing. 

      On a real note, New World looks fun but I hear theres a shit ton of bugs so I'm boutta wait before copping it.

    3. destruct




    4. Jordan540


      I had way too much fun in the beta I can’t wait for it to drop 

  5. day 2 of saying fix lag till its fixed🙄

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    2. proud


      ahahahah host conquest on a whole new server and cant fix the below 30 frames problem, PATHETIC DEV TEAM

    3. Silton


      @ proud  if you get less than 30 on s3 i think its a you problem. But s2 is cancer should be long gone

    4. Peterr


      proud 30 is a stretch bro you might get 60-70 with frame drops to 30. But yeah FPS still really bad something needs reverting.

  6. uranium in this new update, stop copying asylum n fix the fucking conquest lag🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

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    2. Martinezzz


      the funniest thing is that you say all this shit your 8 stone wet you fuckin muppet if you think im fat your off your fucking head

    3. proud


      ahahaha keep that myth in ur head only thing keeping that pedo smile on ur face, understandable why ur a virgin aswell no girl would wanna get crushed by the michelin man🤣 

      i know the insecurity ur feeling ahaha its pathetic just lose weight u fat knob ahahhaha

    4. Martinezzz


      ahaha your not worth my time you puff

  7. when u forget a name but tbf i also talked to u ab my problems n turns out ur advice along with many others turned out to be just what i needed.
  8. this thread deserves to burn in the deepest parts of hell
  9. @ Xlax  keep my old spot warm u deserve it❤️

  10. @ Grandma Gary 28k hours n IM STILL BETTER THEN U NAHHAHAH
  11. ngl this is a memed upon topic when it should be taken seriously. everyone's mindset is different, some people grow to not care when others grow to take things personally. im not trying to say this meaning to roast anyone, im saying this because its a genuine problem people hide. some people are just way more sensitive and it could be anything from how they were raised to how they were treated by ones they thought they could trust. obvy most of you all know how everyone likes to come in at my families tragic event but i dont let that ever get to me because i know the person telling me these things is hurt inside and expressing their anger in some fucked up way. in conclusion keep your head up kings, no matter what anyone says everyone is perfect in their own way, if you learn to love yourself then nothing else will matter.
  12. yall gotta fix the lag on conquests, s3s have been as laggy as s2s the past week

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    2. purge


      Out of all the languages he could've spoken, he chose to speak facts

    3. Masoooooooooon


      Yeah pretty sure the despawn script is fucked always seen a million ifrits about and a shit ton of y never despawning

    4. proud


      @ Martinezzz its laggy everywhere, in spawn gets laggier on caps, even while im waiting on the death screen to respawn the time is in like slow motion, if i get more info ill lyk asap

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