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  1. need a gang hmu for a carry

    1. Monks
    2. proud


      nvm i’m joining sfa

  2. proud

    cya boys

    hes a pussy, he threatened to send some vids to my cities police department cuz i was flaming him, there is no bigger pussy out there then mong, he is the pussiest you get.
  3. proud

    cya boys

    ok calm down mr crowe i listened to u to get u to stop msging me at a ratio of 20:1 ur finally permed so fuck off
  4. eta on next best of oly?

    @Ryan @Viper

    1. Ryan


      I got nothing to do with it chief, thats all @Viper

    2. Monks


      ong @Viper drop it already

  5. conquest tonight?

  6. alt f4ing on vigis in therisa should be allowed

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Peterr


      @Skateezy Thoughts about this?

    3. Vigi easy money

      Vigi easy money

      +1 just makes my job easier 

  7. "Cuz that typa shit dont phase a player, this typa shit is what make a hater"😈

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. mong



    3. Lou


      i genuinely feel sorry for you proud

    4. Greenbum


      ur so fucking cringe its insane

  8. unknown.png

    ^theres no conquest tonight right? this is what eu's conflict times look like

    na's conflict times have same day but different time, and the correct time

    1. Jig


      days are messed up it should say 16 of july if its passed 12 am for eu the need to add a day

    2. Strae
    3. Masoooooooooon


      Pretty sure that screenshot is mine the dates aren't accurate since the times are aids IG.

      They use to work but idk what happened 

  9. 8pm cst lmao eu's gotta sleep
  10. conquest tomorrow 4th of july? nah no one will be on, anyone tryna get a conquest today?

    1. thomaslorddd


      Even tho tomorrow is the only day i can play PROUD IS MY NIGGI

    2. Headless
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