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  1. RIP Juice WRLD u will be missed 😪

  2. "yO bAn CaLlUm HeS cHeAtInG" *wipes tears*

    1. Vcx


      I wouldn't be surprised if he was y'all niggas suck 

    2. Mason Statham
  3. im getting quoted by sum fat fucking egg hush tf up n know ur place kavala clown
  4. yea i got 50% off on a life only a 2 day thing tho cuz if u play arma u automatically dont got a life
  5. yea its aii its understandable u cant trash talk the 7 ppl on ur servers on thanks giving break so u come here
  6. heard @carstensen is a professional arma 3 player
  7. Ok so ur telling me that asy gets more then 30 pop on vacation weekends? I think the fuck not Go back to asy n help them out they seem to need it
  8. ayyyeeee @DABESTeva happy bday bro ❤️💪

    1. DABESTeva


      yes sir thx g 💪🏻✊🏻

  9. Lemme help you out. @Mitch (IFRIT) maybe if you could have a good development team and a good anti cheat ur servers woulda never died but fucking badacuck cant do that and can barely run a server, asy got ruined the second the 2 retards bought it without any experience and tried to bring it back to life. The highest i seen ur pop at was 13, 10 of those were cops. Ur server died the second u let @Monkeysz n Co. bitch you around in on ur own server.
  10. Proud


    hes jewish
  11. DAMN AND U @ED HIM LMAOOOOOOO good shit son give it to em
  12. if i dont win ur lambo gettin stolen fgt
  13. an owner thats focused on cartel life?

    i think im inlove

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