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  1. If it's from this community, maybe a few whales here and there.
  2. I've heard this one before, I wonder where from
  3. So ur gonna have a cruise in ur pool in ur backyard?
  4. He wasn't joking you know, jaconite was actually drunk off his ass and couldn't say a correct sentence without laughing or falling off his chair
  5. Now now, meeting up with friends is fine, but this is the internet, where ANYONE can see this. It's almost like u have no concern in the world, idk about u but I enjoy life. Maybe meeting up at a park wouldn't be bad (still wouldn't go cuz I ain't meeting people that ik over the internet) but thats safer than being 100 miles from the nearest shore line with people ur meeting for the first time... ALSO u paying or what? Because if people were to go they wouldn't wanna pay like 2k
  6. Just outa curiosity when did u think this was a good idea? Randoms meeting randoms to go on a cruise? Like lol ik were a community but think of reality Ok I'm most of the toxicity, and I enjoy my seat there, but it's like u think I'm 100% of the toxicity. Like neck urself
  7. But then how will mcdillis satisfaction go up? As long as I keep it to a level... exception is u tho
  8. Still tryna sell S2 war zone house (800m from rebel) (0 crater)

    If u wanna buy it u gotta PM me

    1. DeadPool


      Gonna be useles when warzone rebel is moved 

    2. Savage


      Guess u and the house have something in common, both useless

  9. It's almost like u think I'm the only one against this. Like lol look back at the comments, everyone quotes me but other people also talk smack... Also when I said Leslie will sink the boat, u commented "just stop" But when monkeysz said the same AND his big ass lips will make him float, u said "lel" Y 1 K 3 S Oh and same with @Julian, quotes me but not monkeysz Y 1 K 3 S
  10. Thanks I guess, but advice not accepted. Also u know him as a nice guy, I know him as a "Cock Rider".
  11. #@hawk for support team lead id rather have a toxic Canadian rather then a inactive cock rider
  12. Roasts and facts are 2 different things. Mine falls under the "facts" category. Also I'll just get @Grandma Gary to spawn me in a ghost hawk irl and that boat will sink in seconds
  13. If leslie goes I'm not going cuz I don't want the boat to sink
  14. @Egnazio grats dick sucking trap lord


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