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  1. https://medal.tv/clips/35548632/d1337Qrpa1Pm

    why tf do we all still play a game in which this is possible

    1. monsterr


      bro after arma 2.0 update kids just fucking tank so 3, 4, 7 fucking headshots.

  2. oly needs sum unplanned conquests

    1. monsterr


      just make it spawn after a restart if x amount of players are on

  3. @ArX  happy bday lad

  4. why is oly dying? oh idk maybe cuz whenever anyone makes a suggestion, staff like to throw it off of a 1000 ft high bridge and then they wonder why oly has the least pop out of the 4 main rp servers atm. just a thought tho
  5. yall should do s3 for conq today

  6. @Headless ur gonna say we start shit when for the past 4 months they been making fun of my family and all u said is "sorry for them to u" and the second i start making fun of em back u start calling me the clown? ur lookin in one big ass mirror u fucking clown

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    2. billdroid


      Ur a faggot

    3. Monks


      No cap ain't ever seen proud do anything but complain :feelsbadman:

    4. Silton


      5 hours ago, Headless said:

      While I am trying to stop it and follow our ban procedures you are fueling the fire and going out of your way to instigate and bait people. Take a break from the forums and talk to me when you are ready to speak rationally.


  7. d7cb34daacf83551c8fb4deb415d3bb0.png

    @Jimmy00 being banned hurts ur mental health?? AHAHHAHA WE KNOW UR ADDICTED

  8. f7a38d0dede0b93b7a36533c110e6edd.png

    hes addicted cant ever get off @Truthy @Truthyy @Truthyyy

  9. nobody:
    absolutely nobody:

    sinity niggas when 8 of em get banned: ce862a01262d7d3bb127859bd2ffb025.png

  10. @Headless @Ryan now that the cheaters r globalled how about another gang wars?

    1. Headless


      Lets do it! @proud

    2. proud



  11. 8 sinity members with globaled accounts? @Jimmy00 what happened???

  12. dayz>arma3

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    2. dog:)
    3. Millennium


      That looks like a horrible server @dog:)

    4. proud


      @ThatNerdyGuy no just not playing oly till ur frames r sorted, cant fight when it feels like a fucking slide show. suggestion @Ryan, use s3 for conquests.

      @Millennium its a good ass server w nwaf fights n if u wanna fight our 8 man total group hop on 🙂

  13. respect that, was annoying to get out of my long ass hair at the time
  14. tis was a valiant effort at an unban
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