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  1. @hawk where u been stupid I miss ur sayin sorry ery 5 minutes bitch ass

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Proud
    3. Vcx


      Kid you literally say you quit Arma and you have a life 50 times a week but then you have a private story for Arma and you got your girlfriend that has the same haircut as your brother everyone is waiting for you to ask your mom to drive you to jerrod's house 

    4. Proud


      Woah so hostile, if u think everything u said is true, then u must be a giant fan me me! It’s ok, I have a lot of those, if u want an autograph just shoot me a private message anytime.

  2. ok im not being literal u lispy big nosed retard, the point im trying to prove is if ur not os, then mind ur fuckin business
  3. bro if u think im reading all of that ur buggin tf out i read some of it and in conclusion, is it any of ur business what really happened? just like, for example, the US Government doesnt release some things publicly, same with olympus OS. Think of OS as olympus' government, if they dont want to release something publicly then they dont have to, and u cant really force em in conclusion, dwbi and mind ur own fuckin business n let ryan deal with it without ur complaining of the situation.
  4. so like is there a date on when the gw is?

  5. i fucks with this new forum page

  6. imagine canceling gang wars bcuz of some water smh

  7. had to get big on em niggas, bruce banner

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    2. Proud


      @Ryan such a fan worrying about whether i quit or not

      and then theres nerdy which hasnt hopped off my cock in 20 years, the fuckin 3'11 basketball kid with glasses bigger than his head

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      @Proud you're a 12 year old who lives in a bunk bed. You're the biggest waste of a corporal test I've ever +1'd.

    4. Proud


      and after my 2k+ hours on this server id think ppl like u would spit some facts about me instead of a fake age and an old meme. all ik is that to this day u still look like u work an office job talking about some tech support and u sound like u visit the library ona daily

      basically u some bitch ass nigga thats only worth something on an arma 3 altis life server lmaooooooooooo

      ps: only reason cops sometimes won those giant bw's n feds is cuz i was corporal, all u ever did was bitch about their numbers n force deputies to drive u so hush tf up n go back to gettin tucked in by ur street sign shaped bitch of a mother

  8. @Ryan 100 mil or im leaking ur nudes

    dont ask how i got em

    1. Ryan


      Considering I never took any, post them pussy 

    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      1 hour ago, Ryan said:

      Considering I never took any, post them pussy 

      Who said you had to take them?

  9. @nomadox wheres the fuckin prime roster??? smhhhh
  10. happy bday @carstensen ily pink hair <3

  11. forget how easy this server is smh

    1. Millennium


      yeah man all 19k active players are too easy.

      also didn't you o7 y you coming back.

    2. Dab


      look at you goofy ass dweeb

  12. well ig since eryone saying u quit i can say the same right? didnt u quit? wait nvm no point in asking, ur too irrelevant for anyone to notice or even care
  13. thats it, im pullin up to ur house, goin to ur pc, giving myself 100 mil, and then stealing 1 of ur 27 lambos
  14. after i get my 100 fuckin mil
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