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  1. Dante

    I’ve said something similar in the past as something I wish was possible. Mine was mostly revolving around federal events hoping that pre-bomb there would be so many cop slots and once one started it would open up to prevent having so many stacks during regular play time but as far as I know and have been told over the years, it’s simply not physically possible. There’s also different perspectives to look at it in your scenario because let’s say yes, 30 civs only 6 cops. Well what it 18 of those 30 are the same gang and decided to do a fed or what have you - it simply would disrupt balance the opposite direction. I feel you and the others frustration, but thet fix doesn’t seem possible anyways and really not logical all around.
  2. @communistjosh I heard you were football stupid. 

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    2. communistjosh


      Didnt have a team around him :dejaywink:

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      Is that why he got benched?

    4. communistjosh


      Cant risk the GOAT getting hurt duhhh

  3. Dante

    Your investigative skills are lackluster. I would never have the p90 be my Chief item.
  4. Post all of your streams at least 5 times a day. I heard @SPBojois a huge fan 

    1. tacosmell


      me @Tb:) and @Soulz are on it

    2. Tb:)


      @tacosmell i removed all mine cause i didnt want them to get pissed xD ill just post highlights i guess

  5. @Sociopathic it’ll be a BMTH kind of day. Happy birthday friend. 

  6. Dante

    After I submitted it I was like damn I said honest a lot. Maybe nobody will notice. Fuck You.
  7. Dante

    Honestly a big fan of the Apple Music layout and stuff. I used Spotify for years but honestly stopped paying my subscription because I honestly enjoyed Apple Music better during my free trial. I still like Spotify, I’ve just gotten used to Apple Music tbh.
  8. I lost one mar 10 suppressor the day I got Chief. Never again.
  9. On an LOA, please redirect all your APD complaints to @OutCast. See yall, happy new years. 

  10. @ComradeGooniehappy birthday fella. Thanks for letting me blow up your heli during my first flight test :wub:

    1. Drama


      Sounds familiar @destruct ;)

    2. communistjosh


      You saw a titan on the radar and you tried to evade it :Kappa:

  11. So, I know a lot of career cops are going to be upset with the handbook updates. Thats fine. My overall goal will always be balance while still being able to efficiently still be a cop in game. This creates some more balance. ;) 

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    2. Arigato


      1 hour ago, J O E said:

      He is saying that if an admin was playing cop and did this it would be a no go

      Is that why 2 admins and 1 sapd member pulled 6 hawks at the end of a blackwater? It was seen as ok. There’s no double standard. It’s fucked all the way through :Kappa:

    3. Bo


       You're missing the point. just because something happens one time does not mean that it has become a standard. it is different when the 6 ghost-hawks are earned and used correctly. but when me , luke ,sec,messy, and sho are fighting spawned shit EVERYDAY( or atleast everyother day) and fighting with no viable way to fight back effectively, it gets ridiculous. you cant even pretend the APD gets to spawn in blackfishes and fuel trucks and hunters. with good reason, i could not imagine the backlash from the civs if they got the same treatment we got... tree complains cause i have flashbangs. they have (most of the time) at the veryleast; 2x our numbers, they also got tasers, better guns, better spawns, better positions, ifrits, helis (on demand) , 50 cals, titans, then on top of that admins are spawning shit in for the civ's. all im saying is,,, after all that, ur still going to take away our sdars and ventures into the warzone and make longer timers...Civs are getting buffed while cops are getting nerfed???Civs already make a ton more money than cop factions,and you are then going to give them a bunch more toys that anything under a sergeant are worthless at fighting 

      example: civs just got a reduction in ifrits, they got war points added for killing cops, and then, u are going to take more from the already under powered cops... 

      I personally feel like, 7.62 , titans, and the ablility to have armed vehicles is fair enough for the way it was. now factor in they have ifrits, armed air vehicles, tasers, less strict rules, blackfishes, and more people, and alot more money,and then add on the top of that, we have to fight admins spawning shit in.We should be the one getting some buffs

      I have a simple question that needs answered. Where is the line drawn(exactly) ,that makes the cops free gear, worth having to fight against all of the civilians extra(advantageous) gear? Hope making a post like this doesnt keep me from getting up in the apd. 

      Sorry for any errors. only took a short period of time to proof it.

    4. Millennium


      I feel like im in school again pls stop with the essays @Bo


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