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  1. Of all time it’s mad close between Boy Meets World, Psych, and How I met your mother. Recently ish Dexter, Shameless, and the end of the fucking world have been some favorites.
  2. I think he means if they google him and find this thread to see he was paying for a fake recommendation
  3. tHis IsNt rEAl liFe
  4. Aye fuck everyone trying to belittle your kills. That hype was 10/10. I’ve posted about shitting on lesser gangs in similar situations que in the time @Hot Pocket and I thought we were fucked by BFO
  5. Snuggle piglets dropped and ambition was DQd for having multiple members under the time requirements.
  6. I’ve personally never seen a car blocking the taxi shop. You can pull a car there. It’s where I default to pull vehicles on the way to Athira rebel anyways to avoid any vigis or cops anyways.
  7. Happy birthday @Dante

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  8. Happy Birthday! Dont ban me off the forums for stating facts next time

  9. Happy birthday my man! Hope you have a good day!! 


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