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  1. @Wintersyoure welcome for making you play again :) grats breh. 

  2. Kawhi is actually cold as fuck. 

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    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Until the last 2 minutes apparently smh my head

    3. Emad


      Fuk warriors but I still gotta give it to chicken curry for that fade away shot smfh 

    4. Dante


      All I’m saying is Kahwi triple covered shooting over Lowry wide open tbh 

  3. yikes @Outcastyoure a rat again. @Ryan @destruct good stuff big gays

    1. destruct


      Thanks el penguino

    2. Ryan


      Thanks bigger gay :wub:

  4. #NeverUnblacklistDeadpool


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    2. Col3



    3. p a t

      p a t

      52 minutes ago, Col3 said:


      that's rough.

    4. Dante


      Imagine making bad jokes because you’re a child omegalul 

  5. Dante

    @ikiled Honestly part of the crew that drove me up the fucking walls when I was Sr admin. We never became friends and honestly we didn’t get along very well. That being said, it was fun to watch you grow up the ranks of development and do an amazing job for the server. You were the first dev that ever came to APD (me personally) and ask what I was looking for with development for APD and really work close with me and opened a big line of communication. Most impressed I’ve been with any dev (besides Jesse being super dev babe). So, I thank you for that experience. Sucks to hear dev vs administration is still going on. Since it helped push me out the door, I know the exhaustion. o7 man. Good luck with whatever you do next.
  6. Dante

    He’ll never become a true shit poster with your direction.
  7. Dante

    I didn’t think you knew how to find tickets. I thought you just went through BM and hit unban every 5th person on the list or some shit
  8. @Ryan happy birthday gangbeasts bot @TheCmdrRex HB to the only relevant ryan on Olympus and the ryan with the biggest 4head

    and HB to the boy @gomby the man who made people quit APD with his SGT promo lmao

    1. Danger


      Always a bully!! :wub:

    2. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  9. Dante

    Honestly, a tactic against milking was way past due. This isn’t the way though. Something similar or like the way @DeadPool mentioned. As of now, it can be used completely out of the milking aspect. I.E. A regular wave goes through and the second someone is last they put their hands up to bring in another wave immediately. Should be a more distinct criteria for them to surrender rather than simply being last alive IMO @Pledge
  10. Dante

    SOME staff have sense and eyeballs. You can clearly tell when it’s an accident and not ban. When I was staff can’t say how many reports I denied because it was clearly an accident with no malicious intent. If a guy runs in the way of a car and the guy is trying to avoid him then the dude goes space surfing, he’s definitely not getting banned. Unless it’s @KGB JOSH prob cuz he’s retarded
  11. You were a pussy. After that talk you started not being a pussy. You’re welcome. Promo convo was literally like “great Sgt. Does everything right. But is a pussy.” Then I volunteered to talk to you about not being a pussy anymore. Then alas.. no more pussy!
  12. BRO. Lmao. I’ve heard awful APD comms and N O T H I N G matches doing a fucking fed in plague with @Panda :) @Analdo and @buckie in a channel. I’ve never wanted to rip my own fucking ears off like those days. To think panda went from that kid to SGT is a milestone on its own. At least in cop channels if a Sgt + says shut the fuck Up they shut up or get ripped. In a civ channel you tell someone to shut up and they just get louder lmao.
  13. Dante

    I dont see anything here about downvoting. Horse shit.
  14. Dante

    @Staff Rats fix this man's poll
  15. Dante

    Should make the voting for multiple choices.

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