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  1. The homie @buckie happy birthday mr  toxic 

    1. buckie


      Thank you mr top 3 admins of all time 

  2. @Shabiki v2 lmao you really do be upset about a downvote huh? Have at it buddy I just log in for the memes

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    2. Shabiki v2

      Shabiki v2

      fuck all of u. u r just as bad as the apd if u arent already one

    3. destruct



    4. ooooooooo


      Lmao bro you got it all wrong. Dante isn’t a simp lol



      Hes just a faggot

  3. @Stuuurrt really went back for round 2. One of the gods of the minimals 😂 

    1. ooooooooo


      One of the other gods got SA 👀

    2. Stuuurrt


      Das kinda fucked up.

  4. Not enough staff used it too back then. It was usually the same few on every application. Then @Mercury’s/ @Plumber’s random ass outdated opinion on people they hadn’t talked to in ages
  5. You weren’t the first one to roll up the CoC when I said no lmao but I kinda remember this. I feel like everyone gave you shit about it too for being dense now is owner fucking heck
  6. Idr this at all but GET FUCKED prob deserved it if me and @iPopsicle both agreed. Loser.
  7. Insurance + mods purchasable during vehicle purchase Option to "buy and modify" which will put you in your vehicle with the modshop men holy shit, that was something we discussed and approved when I was an admin. About time it actually makes it in the game.
  8. Happy birthday to the homie @JuanDeaged

  9. Dante

    o7 Boys

    Funniest and most annoying person to be in a channel with of all time. Happy for ya to get outta the arma game even if it took your pc breaking. Much love plague brother
  10. @SPBojo hbd buddy 

    1. SPBojo


      Cheers bud!

  11. @Montez you old fuck 

    1. Montez


      fax lmao

  12. @Ryan give me admin back thx 

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    2. Creepy
    3. Zurph


      One of the best admins

    4. Dante


      @Ryan people have spoken sry ill await the addition to my tags 

  13. This. Every time there’s a Chief change there’s always a new chance at appealing. Make sure you know why you’re blacklisted and work with that in your argument rather than playing dumb. Goes a long way.
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