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  1. @communistjosh fuck you

    1. Mighty


      I agree, hes a fucking cunt

    2. communistjosh


      I agree, hes a fucking cunt

  2. Dante

    YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT! Happy to see you moving on man. I know we didnt develop a close friendship as staff but I always respected the amount of work you did and the opinions you had. Keep them BMW snaps coming babe. Snap me anytime dude. Go do great things
  3. Dante

    Bet lemme clean my house out and ill lead the way for ya
  4. Dante

    When are you going to get your retarded ass off these forums? Its a dead game, remember? DM offers Im sayin'
  5. Dante

    Offer in a DM yeah sorry I had 2500% of my storage used from chief and admin. Just deleted like a thousand messages. Should be good now.
  6. Dante

    I sense too much abuse from you so im sorry denied
  7. Dante

    Since I was a career cop I dont have a whole bunch, but I honestly dont see myself refreshing my houses much down the line, so DM me any offers ya got. I also have a Ghosthawk I MIGHT let go of for the right price. Server 1 house with 3 pilot coveralls. I was too lazy to take another screenshot since I had already left the server Server 2 houses with content that will be posted below. I also have minimal cop stuff but its like PO shit so w/e I refreshed the houses so I have time. Id rather this shit go to people rather than it just disappear for nothing. NOTE: Special purpose suit is NOT for sale. This was a staff spawned in uniform when I first got Senior Admin. Even if I sold it staff would RIP that shit in a heartbeat. So dont waste your time. I forgot to move it out of the picture.
  8. Dante

    @FULTKING get fucked
  9. Dante

    It’s the fourth failed deputy test that blacklists you. 1= 1 day wait. 2= one week wait. 3= one month wait. 4= blacklist. Doesn’t happen very often. PO test is typically eligible every week until you eventually get it or quit.
  10. Happy birthday [VX] @J O E

    1. J O E

      J O E

      Cheers buddy 

  11. Dante

    Scratch everything I said. Tyler may actually not be a huge gay boy. @Peter Long I think he may have actually slept with a woman now. I actually believe it. I’m proud.
  12. Dante

    I don’t hold a role but I don’t exactly know how to go away.
  13. Just noticed you got sr support. From going out with a bang for some reject server to coming back and getting sr support. What a guy. Good stuff bud. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jester


      and.... removed from senior already for doxing :Kappa:

    3. communistjosh


      Damn I missed the dox :( 

    4. Hunter


      Did Hadi just Dox Dante? Wtf

  14. Dante

    What a damn genuine person. DB are people too. Who woulda knew
  15. Dante

    I clearly enjoyed the thousand DMs

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