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  1. Dante

    We don’t have crates anymore ^__^
  2. Ayyyyyyyy @Destruct that’s what I’m talking about 

  3. First person to guess my favorite fictional skateboard movie gets 2.5m in game. 

  4. the BOY @gomby!! @hawk too I guess ;D Congrats boys! Welcome to the aids.

  5. Happy Father’s Day to the fellas with children here. 

    1. Homicide


      Thanks Dude 

    2. Pledge


      Happy Fathers' Day!



    1. TheoryB


      wheres the photo booth c:

  7. Dante

    To be fair, that was the best loadout around 2 years ago. When I joined the server in March 2016 that was about the best loadout. The MK1 became a regular later on after a donation goal.
  8. Dante

    He literally joined TS after his perm and linked IPs with a staff member under alias in the channel.
  9. Dante

    Giving out IPs is not any better.
  10. Awesome admin


  11. @ChrisGG grats boi

    1. Homicide


      yea congrats man well deserved bud  

  12. Taking donations towards the Fallout 76 Pre-order funds. :wub:Im a needy bitch

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Dante


      Yeah in my 2 days off a week I actually completely forget about streaming :P

    3. Ryan


      Its all about the GRIND

    4. Dante


      King, you’re dense. Anyone who thinks I used a penny of the computer donations for a phone are simply retarded. I paid Z E R O dollars for my phone. I pay monthly for my phone. There was 0 down since I am a well qualified customer with my company. Not something a child would understand. Also, yes, I have done minimal. Doing the most all time tickets is minimal. I don’t expect to get anything from anybody for my role within the community. I make posts like these as if I’m anybody else, not because of my role. So, how about you shit talk facts and not the funny memes you’ve heard? Be original kid. 

      Also, abused them for? Asking for donations is not abusing. I don’t offer incentives. I do not lie about anything. Grow up bruh. 

  13. Dante

    It was only brought up because it was becoming a slight issue just like at BW when we had that issue when you were still Chief. Cops were starting to lock themselves in the dome before a fed. It’s the same principle as the BW. They still have every right to patrol the entire fed as much as they please. If the dome wasn’t locked behind them it would be different, but they’re still free to patrol and hide anywhere else they really want. Granted, I know BW was because they could defuse from the inside but it still has the same basic principle. Just to prevent the very few from abusing it is all because cops can actually lock themselves in the bomb room itself before this was implemented. Which would then be equivalent to the BW issue we had back then.

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