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  1. So, like, who wants to hook me up with some designs for my stream? I have 0 artistic abilities (SHOCKER RIGHT?!) and my shit is so bland and I need something to take away the shit quality I stream ^__^ PM me if youre willing. Will pay in-game. 

    1. KrispyK


      il design for you if you make it so cops cant sit in bombroom and pre knock down walls before rebels enter.

  2. Dante

    Nobody will ever give a more relaxed P.O. test. Good luck man. You will be undoubtedly missed.
  3. @snipeZ. The perfect example of improvement and persistency. Congrats bud. 

    1. snipeZ


      Thanks Dante :lol:

  4. My man @gomby happy birthday 

  5. It’s not your birthday yet so happy birthday in 35 minutes @TheCmdrRex. The Rattest of them all. Oh and to Olympus Santa @Ryan happy birthday I guess 

  6. They made us roleplay during job training today. Little did they know... B)

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    2. Homicide





      Edited by Homicide
    3. Dante


      You guys are so gay 

    4. Homicide


      YEA I KNOW lol


  7. Happy birthday, man!

  8. Go spend the day with your Moms you rotten kids. 

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    2. Orgondo


      My mom is 300 miles away for a reason

    3. lou25000


      my mom was at the bar all day

    4. Orgondo


      I'd love to show your mom some appreciation today @lou25000

  9. Welcome my man @codeyeti

    1. Homicide


      Did he get developer yay 

  10. Dante

    Intent. That’s the easiest answer. If it’s clear you were going for cops, it’s one thing. If you do it and you’re clearly attempting to take your gangmates, it is not OK.
  11. Penguins arent champs anymore. Need new cover photo D;

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    2. Jester


      Well shit

    3. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      vegas going all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

      oh yea 


    4. Pledge


      Revenge for the flyers

  12. Here’s to our monthly FUCK YEAH @DashTonic:wub:

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    2. DashTonic
    3. N7Zero


      give @DashTonic fedot's ghosthawk

    4. MAV


      23 minutes ago, N7Zero said:

      give @DashTonic fedot's ghosthawk


  13. I’m referring to the present time command. I have/had no control over previous reigns. Really dumb that the handbook didn’t say Sgt+ at the time though lmao. But, if there is seriously an accountability issue with the PRESENT sAPD, I’m all ears. PM if you don’t want it public.
  14. Can I have an example? I’d like to know where the sAPD lacks accountability. If there is a TRUE issue with facts, it shouldn’t be hidden. If you know something we don’t.. the floor is yours.

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