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  1. o7 my dude love u i can't read what u said for some reason
  2. DABESTeva


    my boy my dot head always will be o7 and u better come in ts time to time still
  3. lmao that kid is on drugs or something and i thought i was a retard.
  4. @bastro happy birthday you mofo come back

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    2. indian


      37 minutes ago, Zakaloko said:

      go to sleep @Evann

      go to sleep @Zakaloko

    3. Zakaloko
    4. bastro
  5. selling envgs
  6. o7 homie u a real one
  7. Hacker server 2 

    1. Ravin :)
    2. BigManSloppyJoe


      Its not me Im at work

  8. great server 

  9. staff u got a hacker banning everyone 

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