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  1. thats the exclusive homie discount
  2. 13k a peice does that sound good to you.
  3. cheese!!!!! I GOT 700 if u wanna buy em
  4. selling wp

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DABESTeva
    3. G F

      G F

      I’ll take some

    4. Cale


      DABOUTISTACHEES, +rep +rep good trader

  5. keep my name out your mouth retard
  6. happy b day @Orgondo

    1. Orgondo


      Ayy thank ya duder!

  7. 🐷

    1. swervy


      woah there bobber james

  8. yea now i know the server has gone to shit jesus christ 

  9. need a better Christmas card on the forums 

    1. G F

      G F

      u should make another one

  10. o7 my son didn't @ me but it's cool
  11. stop fucking posting shit u annoying fuck and you know what makes it worse u have numbers in ur name
  12. happy birthday cheese boy ❤️ 🎉

    1. DABESTeva


      cheese boy and pizza boy on an adventure thru life

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