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  1. happy birthday! @codeYeTi get all the sniffs u can get


  2. @Hoonter ''HAVE FUN BEING A PO" cringy virgin

    1. Hoonter


      nooooooo i am getting attacked by Dabesteva

    2. Airborne


      Hoonter gets fucked in the ass on the regular so he is indeed not a virgin

    3. ooooooooo
  3. sold it all already sorry
  4. how tf do u get permed u idiot
  5. chilllll its his bday we already did enough damage let him be now
  6. .338 suppressor mar 10 dms
  7. happy bday @Brolaf thx for the 30 mil loadout

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brolaf


      thanks bro

    3. Billeh


      you really lost the mar-10 i sold you.......... 

    4. Billeh
  8. happy bday @Strae my biggest fan.

    finally legal too 🙂

  9. why are you so mean to me

  10. playing slideshow on conquest rn do events during conquest seems right

  11. happy bday @G F cheese boy

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