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  1. DABESTeva

    o7 my dude love u i can't read what u said for some reason
  2. DABESTeva


    my boy my dot head always will be o7 and u better come in ts time to time still
  3. DABESTeva

    good shit
  4. DABESTeva

    o7 my boi
  5. DABESTeva

    come back
  6. DABESTeva

    lmao that kid is on drugs or something and i thought i was a retard.
  7. @bastro happy birthday you mofo come back

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    2. indian


      37 minutes ago, Zakaloko said:

      go to sleep @Evann

      go to sleep @Zakaloko

    3. Zakaloko
    4. bastro



  8. DABESTeva

    selling envgs
  9. DABESTeva

    o7 homie u a real one
  10. DABESTeva

    o7 u da homie
  11. Hacker server 2 

    1. Ravin :)
    2. BigManSloppyJoe


      Its not me Im at work

  12. DABESTeva

  13. great server 

  14. staff u got a hacker banning everyone 


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