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  1. zoomzooooooom

    when u got me unpermed it was litty titty youre a real one dog, also you bought me a chair because ur probably the nicest person ive ran into we gonna play halo tho on mommy and em o7
  2. post rosters @drama 

    1. rapidaax


      He's driving across the country 

  3. TwlwOEn.png

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    2. HyperGoat


      just give him the head title at this point, words of a leader :Kappa: 

    3. Big Steve

      Big Steve

      Damn I'm jealous my app wasn't that good

    4. Aunt Jemima
  4. zoomzooooooom

    i cant vote both drama and ryan
  5. theyre going to roll out the halo games in the collection, you only need to buy the collection and everything else is included (halo 1,2,3,4, eventually reach) also they confirmed reach will be happening but after they see the response that the community gives on the pc verison 

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    2. mur


      halo 3 on split screen, that was like 2 years of my childhood 

    3. sped


      when is this going to bless us

    4. RubberDuck


      reach was my shit, i cant wait. And 3 with the flood

      Image result for uhhhhh yeah gif

  6. sandman didnt step down hes still on the sapd sheets right now


    1. Drippp


      This was a very informative video. Thanks for sharing

    2. TheoryB



    3. Elements.


      na na niiii oh shit sorry good job

  8. zoomzooooooom

    u ratted my mar10 stupid retard
  9. zoomzooooooom

  10. black people

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    2. maxg
    3. JuanDeaged


      one big family with a really big bucket of KFC

    4. Ryan


      n word 


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