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  1. you can install halo now

    1. cHROME.


      come play with me and dandy and winchester!

    2. zoomzooooooom



      ill be there in 5 hours 

    3. cHROME.


      Well be waiting for you buddy

  2. being toxic is the best part of this game and other fps games chatting shit in sidechat is getting more and more creative over the years
  3. @EatMeth happy birthday sweetie pie 

  4. December 3rd halo dab nae nae


  5. hello olympians, as diablo 4 comes closer i am looking for absolute losers to come join my guild

    that is it thank you

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SystemChips


      When it drops I will be more than down to join the guild and grind it night and day

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I doubt it'll be before Shadowlands.  It was only announced so next Blizzcon will be the release date and tag along mobile release.

      Exciting stuff.

    4. Orgondo


      Shadowlands was just announced and it will be out in November like always. Definitely will be before Shadowlands guaranteed 

  6. "college is fun" goodbye sweetie pie, don't drink to many corona's
  7. if the server is lagging its @Mako's fault 

  8. blood pressure over 50 because of current staff go outside lol
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