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  1. zoomzooooooom

    i got 2 @'s kys kid lolx D
  2. oh i know some big exploits that im not telling this rex guy just msg me 

  3. damn the computer feels hella weird wtf

  4. zoomzooooooom


    damn another military simulator roleplay cartel gangster has falling ill to a perm
  5. john wick was a banger 

    1. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      Where u been zoomer

    2. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Csat is op

    3. ThatNerdyGuy


      +1 those fucking dogs

  6. happs ryans have a good one eh

    1. Danger


      Hi zooooom

    2. Corps


      This man just had a stroke

    3. Ryan


      Thanks qt :wub:

  7. zoomzooooooom

    military simulator roleplay server to pretend to be a “gang member” or progress through internet ranks on a internet police force yuh
  8. zoomzooooooom

    this deadpool guy just wants to be unblacklisted, I think personally when it comes to smaller groups and gangs(15 or less) should just go back to the old rule because it would be fucking busted because thats the only way the smaller groups could actually win feds with strategy’s like that, and like 20-25+ the current rule stays in affect to balance the odds. Just my take on it, I totally agree with the rule change but eventually the big group of people will stop doing feds and it will go back to the dry state that it was in with no one doing any federal event besides the random people and groups and they’ll just get ass blasted with waves of zombies.
  9. zoomzooooooom

    when @rabeed and DB and some other people stop doing feds, how will this affect like the smaller gangs/groups?? I can’t really see doing this against 15 civs but with 30 civs sure.
  10. corona man has been promoted

  11. funny thing is they literally did nothing wrong

    1. Proud


      thats what im saying but mercury is the big mad!!

  12. zoomzooooooom

    ahh the good ole “I’m downloading a game” trick

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